Top 3 Vapes to Help You Stop Smoking This Year

It's that time to start a new chapter. You're already on your way.


Keep your New Year's resolution

You‘re ready to quit smoking. Good! It’s one of the best decisions you can make. Maybe you’ve made a New Year’s resolution or a promise to someone who loves you. Maybe it’s just time! Either which way, you’re choosing to make a big change in 2018. It’s a change that may just save your life. Our list is here help. We’ve extensively tested the vape products in this article, and we strongly believe they will give you one helluva shot at beginning a smoke-free life.

Even if you’ve tried vaping before, many smokers’ only experience with vaping is with e-cigs owned by tobacco companies, like Blu, MarkTen, or Vuse. If you’ve only had experience with those products, it’s possible to give up and think that vaping just didn’t work well enough. That’s a shame. There are numerous, quality vape products (made by real vape companies) that can give a smoker a great chance at success.

But we won’t bombard you with a long, complex list. We kept it simple. You won’t need to know any industry speak or vape jargon, and there should be nothing too confusing to understand. There’s something here for every budget, and these three kits will come ready to use with no additional purchase to start. So…

Are you ready?

Three quality choices

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Similar draw as a cigarette
  • Satisfying hit you can feel in your chest
  • High nicotine (5%)
  • Quality tasting flavors
  • Consistent performance
  • No leaking
  • One year warranty on battery
  • Cons
  • Cannot use while charging (no pass-thru)
  • Currently only one nicotine choice
  • Small e-liquid capacity
  • The JUUL is by far the leading beginner kit on the market. We consider it the #1 vape to help you quit the habit. Although it looks like a little flash drive, this is very popular and high-quality e-cigarette. It’s formulated specifically for smokers who need to feel that hit of nicotine to the chest to eliminate the cravings – and it sure does deliver.

    There are a variety of tasty and true-to-life flavors available too. Included in the starter kit are the four staple flavors: Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee, Mint, and Tobacco. Each flavor has it’s fanbase that will tell you it’s the best. Which do you think you’ll like most?

    The beauty of the JUUL is that it’s one of the simplest and most effective kits to use. It consists of a tiny charger, a battery and a small pod that contains the nicotine-infused flavored liquid (aka e-juice). To begin, it takes one simple step of inserting a pod into battery. It clicks into place and then you’re ready! Puff on it when you want to get a warm and flavorful hit of nicotine. The JUUL uses a clever technology that ensures every hit will be the same, and it automatically activates when it senses you drawing on it. The hit may just surprise you with how good it is at simulating a cigarette. And the vapor output will not cause a scene either – it’s on par with the amount of smoke from a cigarette…but it doesn’t stink!

    It’s a small and lightweight vape that can easily be concealed. It won’t weigh your pockets down or be cumbersome to carry. It’s only about 95 mm long (3 ¾”) and it weighs about 14 grams (just a few grams more than two quarters). It’s so light, you may not even feel it in your pocket.

    Its light weight is due to its small battery. But a full charge will last a few hours on its own with heavy usage. It takes less than an hour to charge once it’s depleted, but make sure you have another on stand-by or charge it up before it depletes fully. When you are trying to kick cigarettes, you must be prepared for those feelings you know are going to come. If your battery is dead, you’ll be without. With a little planning, you can stay ready to silence those cravings with a single puff.

    Starter kit price: $49

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quality flavors
  • Capable of large vapor output
  • Universal USB charging
  • Can use while charging (pass-thru)
  • No leaking
  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual
  • Open draw (like a hookah)
  • Available in different colors
  • 4.2 mL capacity is substantial for this style
  • Cons
  • No high-nicotine options
  • Only one flavor in starter kit
  • The Aspire Gusto Mini has a lot going for it. It’s small enough to be concealed in most adult hands, it’s simple to use, it comes with lower nicotine strengths, and it puts out a lot of vapor. If you’ve ever been intrigued at the prospect of blowing small clouds of vapor, this little device can oblige you! And it won’t take any tinkering to achieve. It doesn’t produce obnoxious sized clouds, but it makes much more vapor than a cigarette can produce smoke.

    The kit comes with your choice of two flavors: Tribeca (a renowned vanilla and caramel flavored tobacco), or Sub-Zero (an uncompromising menthol vape sure to please menthol smokers); other flavors are available for separate purchases. All the Gusto Mini flavors come in 4.2 mL pods in either 0.6% (6 mg) or 1.2% (12 mg) nicotine. Although those are much lower percentages than something like the JUUL, you can generate about 3x the amount of vapor as the JUUL. This is due to a more powerful battery and more airflow. This makes the draw much less like a cigarette and close to something like a hookah. The bottom line is that the Aspire Gusto works well and if you’re looking to retain the hand-to-mouth action, but would like to step down your nicotine consumption, you will be able to much easier with this device. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

    Fitted with a 900 mAh battery you can get a lot of vaping time before you need to charge it. You’ll likely only need to charge this once a day, and since it has pass-thru charging (you can vape while it’s plugged in), you’ll never have to wait. The extra battery life and pass-thru capability provides an extra level of security that you can utilize in your efforts to quit smoking in the new year.

    Starter kit price: $20.18

  • Soft hit
  • Easy to use
  • 1.8% (18 mg) and 5% (50 mg) nicotine options
  • On/off button
  • Stylish carbon fiber design in black or blue
  • Cigarette-style draw
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Cons
  • Limited flavor options
  • Only one flavor in starter kit
  • The hit feels light
  • The SMPO is a high-quality little vape kit. It has a hefty 650 mAh battery that can get you through most of the day, and it’s got universal-USB pass-thru charging. Its rounded and flattened body feels great in the hand or in the pocket, and its mouthpiece is ergonomically recessed in the perfect way for lips. Although it looks like a carbon-fiber wrapped key fob, its consistency of performance is why it’s on this list. It takes many cues from the JUUL (same system of plug-in-play) and for good reason – the JUUL set the modern standard for these kinds of devices.

    Like the JUUL, it uses an effective technology to ensure consistent and flavorful hits every time with its automatic draw. And it produces a healthy amount of vapor for its size. The hit of the SMPO feels soft as you’re inhaling – even in the 50 mg option. If you don’t want to feel the sensation as much when you take a hit, the SMPO would be ideal for you.

    The 1.8 mL pods come in two nicotine strengths – 1.8% (18 mg) and 5.0% (50 mg) – which is good if you not only want to quit smoking, but also want the option to lower your nicotine intake if you start vaping.

    There are only three flavors: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, and Full Fruit. The main con we’ve found with the SMPO is that the flavor choices could be better. And there’s only three of them. While taste is subjective, we only recommend the Full Fruit and Menthol flavor. Unfortunately, the Classic Tobacco comes with the kit. Our goal with these recommendations was to recommend the starter kit itself. Take our subjective opinion of the flavors with a grain of salt. The bottom line is the SMPO is a really good option for trying to kick the habit (but don’t judge it solely on the flavor the starter kit comes with… although, you may just like it).

    Starter kit price: $33.99

    You can do it!

    Can we promise you’ll be able to keep your New Year’s resolution by switching to vaping? No. We do promise that these kinds of products have helped lots of other smokers like you.Millions of people have switched from cigarettes to vapes. In fact, according to the CDC (an organization not known for loving vaping), e-cigs are the single most popular current quit-smoking product!

    Even if vaping doesn’t work for you right away, keep vaping. Studies show that smokers who vape regularly are more likely to try to quit, and more likely to succeed.

    If you want to learn more about the differences between vaping and smoking, we got you covered. If you need someone to talk to, join a vaping forum like E-Cigarette Forum (ECF), Vaping Underground, or Reddit (e-cig sub-forums), or post a question in our comments section. If you’re more inclined to speak to someone face to face, get to your nearest vape shop and begin there. You’ll meet people who were once where you are right now. Everyone in the vaping community is rooting for you.

    Jeremy Mann

    My name is Jeremy and I’m the chief editor here at Vaping360. I reside in southeast Michigan and I’ve been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010.

    • Michael Abrams

      The other device getting a lot of attention these days is the Phix. I would be interested to see your take on how it compares to the Juul.

      • Jeremy

        Hi Michael,

        It’s tricky. I had been a HUGE fan of the Phix. I was in Germany, London, and China a few months ago and the Phix stayed with me. I adore their toabcco flavor. But the more I used it, the more I started experiencing issues with the pods. Inconsistent and burnt hits started happening too regularly. I haven’t bought any new pods since my last purchase yielded 50% duds (and those pods are not cheap.)

        Aside from the Gusto, the SMPO and JUUL both have temperature control that helps safeguard against the bad hits. The Gusto doesn’t have that, but the hits have been incredibly consistent.

        I tired to keep this article simple so that the choices would be clear. I hope that goal was achieved. Either way…

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

        If I may ask, have you tried any of these three devices on this page?

        • Michael Abrams

          Thanks for the detailed reply. I like the Juul, but lately those have had coil issues too. Either they leak as soon as taken out of the pack, don’t quite make good contact, or don’t vape well. I would say 40% of the pods have had one issue or another. Would be nice if a lower mg form of salts could be adapted for sub ohm tanks.

          • Jeremy

            I can attest to that previously being my experinece with JUUL, but they update the device a lot. We’ll soon run our update to the aritlce and present some changes made to the device we’ve found.

            All my last pods (15 packs or so) with the JUUL from the past few moonths have had absolutely no leaking or off hits. I honestly can’t think of one time it was a bad hit. But.. In the early days with the JUUL, I did have leaking. Not anymore. I’ve been really impressed with it lately. But I know everyone has their own experieinces.

    • kevin gordon

      so happy managed to stop smoking been six months now for me use joyetech penguin 8ml tank good battery i realy like vaping now, so much to learn juices coils devices but good hobby feeling better, dont smell like old ashtray. i did try other devices but were to much for me

      • Jeremy

        Congratulations! That is incredible news.

        I have the Penguin and think it is a solid device. I gave one to my DHL guy and he’s been using it too (trying to quit). I would recommend it in a second to anyone that *already* has ejuice or is ready to take the plunge into open systems.

        What nicotine strength are you using in that device? It sure puts out a lot of vapor.

        Again, congratulations.

        • kevin gordon

          love it

    • Jim McDonald

      I know you were trying to keep the choices limited here, but I’ve always liked the NJOY Daily — which is also the only popular “one-piece” cigalike not owned by a cigarette company.

      • Jeremy

        I was going to put that in here. I went to Wallgreens while writing this to refresh my memorie of what they were like. Interstingly, while buying them I met a lady checking out that was speaking to the cashiere about trying desperately to quit smoking (she was buying cigarettes).

        I told her why I was there. Then, I opened my NJOY Daily (before my reciept even printed) and let her hit it while in the store. She was impressed and kinda shook at the encounter.

        But when I got home, after awhile I started getting bad hits. I dunno. It’s a good device, it’s disposable and easily the simplest vape device on the market (no moving parts at all). But, the hits are questionable. Still, I agree that it’s the best “one-piece” ecig that I’ve seen… but not good enough for this list.

    • Jeremy

      Have you tired the Dolphin? I still haven’t tried that one yet! You got me wanting to try it now since I did like the Penguin so much.

      Thanks for letting me know. I think I will pick up another Penguin too (I don’t think I’ll ever get mine back from my DHL guy. LOL)

      p.s. If the article is rearranged (with JUUL above the intro), it’s a editorial issue from an edit. It’s fixed but the cache has to catch up.

    • Adam

      Hey Jeremy, have you heard about the Enovap?

      • Jeremy

        Hi Adam,

        Yes, I have heard of the Enovap… as of maybe a week ago. It looks interesting for sure! Hopefully it actually will be. Thanks for reminding me about it. I will look into it some more.

        Have you tried it by chance?

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

        • Adam

          Jeremy, I have tried it. I got in touch with Enovap after I attended the Paris Vape Expo last year because this is the *exact* product I’ve been looking for since starting vaping early 2017. I contacted them and went along and had a play with it for real (even though it was still a last-stage prototype at that point).

          I need more nicotine in the morning – otherwise I’m a really messy grump – but I can’t be bothered with changing a tank, or worse a liquid. So the ability of the Enovap to be able to increase or decrease the nicotine level instantly is just great for me. I also wanted to be able to track my consumption. My current Smok R-Steam shows me the number of puffs I’ve had (since last battery change) but that’s just a meaningless stat, useless. The Enovap actually shows you how much liquid and nicotine you’ve consumed via the connected app.

          All in all I was well impressed with it and really can’t wait to get my hands on the final release product.

          • Jeremy

            Nice! Thanks for sharing. Do you do reviews? I was just getting comfortable. I wanted to read more! 😉

            I reached out to them yesterday. Hopefully I’ll be able to test it.

            A few questions about it:

            How’s the throat hit?
            Hows the draw?
            What PG/VG ratio is best?
            Has it given you ANY burnt hits?
            Is the app/tech compicated or intuituive?

            Any (more) info would be appreicated.


            • Adam

              Heh, I’m a frustrated writer at heart – I just never have the time, nor the energy, nor the actual pen-to-paper words.

              The key thing about it is that the nic levels are adjustable on-the-fly, between whatever you’ve put in tank 1 and tank 2. So 0mg in tank 1 and 6mg in tank 2 will allow you to adjust anywhere from 0mg to 6mg. (Once you fill the tanks with your preferred juices you have to tell it what nic levels are in each tank). If you want more hit you can put the level up, or for less, down again.

              Throat Hit – Because you can adjust it as you like it (and assuming that you’ve got good levels of nicotine in each tank) there should be no reason you’ll not get your desired throat hit each time.

              Draw – The draw is good too – there’s a good amount of air coming through. Think roughly Cleito airflow to the Nautilus airflow.

              PG/VG – It’s designed for 50/50 but can handle up to 20/80.

              Hits – I’ve had very few burned hits. A few as the coils eventually die, as normal.

              App – The app is intuitive, simple to use. Connected to the device via Bluetooth.

              Um, what else can I say? I really like the design and the shape / size when I first met them the first thing I did with the Enovap was put it in my trouser pocket. It’s got an aluminium body case and a really nice leather cover too, which gives it a real feel of quality.

    • Mary Todd

      You didn’t mention the Suorin Drop and Air devices, or the MI-Pod. These devices work great and the pods are easy to fill. Even a new vapor can easily fill the 2ml pods with nic salts, and the choice of flavors is quite large and growing. The Suorins, as well as the MI-Pod, are very easy to use and provide that tight hit similar to cigarettes.
      By only mentioning closed systems, you are relegating new vapors to very few choices of vape juices, many of them not even close to the fantastic flavors of juices provided by companies such as Solace, Mr Salt-E, Naked 100, Savage, and many others. I have tried the SMPO and loved the hit, but the vape juice tasted like a bad cigarette.
      Price wise, the devices I’ve mentioned are all around $35 to $40 retail. A 15ml bottle of Nic Salt juice will cost $10 to $15, but holds the equivalent of 15+ Juul pods, and 7+ Gusto or SMPO pods. Juul Pods range in price from $4 per pod (in a 4 pod pack) to $10 or more per pod at gas stations, convenience stores and smoke shops. Comparing the lowest price Juul pods to Nic Salt vape juice, Juul pods are 4 to 6 times more expensive than vape juice for either the Suorin or MI-Pod devices at best, and 10 times more expensive at the worst.
      To summarize, the devices you mentioned are significantly higher priced overall, have a very limited selection of flavors, and one of them, the Aspire Gusto, won’t be as effective in providing enough nicotine to stop the new vapor from craving cigarettes and ultimately quitting cigarettes.

      I am a former 35+ year cigarette smoker and have been vaping for over 4 years.

      • Jeremy

        Wow! That is awesome. 35+ years and you kicked! Congratulations.

        If you really want to save money, I’d skip all the pod systems you and I mentioned (refiillable or closed) and use an RDA and a box mod. Those savings crush any pod system that relagates a vaper to having to buy any kind of pods over and over again.

        But if someone needs help quickly (the reason I wrote this article), I went with closed systems. It’s only a start. I started on closed-systems back in 2010 on the SafeCig — though I didn’t stay there, thank goodness! 🙂

        Since you mentioned the Suorin products and nic salts:

        For the Suorin Air:
        For the Suorin Drop:
        For Nicotine Salts:

        Thanks for reading and responding. Congrats again.

        • Mary Todd

          Just to mention, right now I am vaping on my Minikin 2 at 65 watts and have a Dead Rabbit RDA on top. I currently am vaping Killer Kustard by Vapetasia at 6mg nic. The only reason I mentioned the pod devices is because your article was about easy to use devices for the beginner. I am far from a beginner, and just wanted to share info about similar small and easy to use devices. 🙂

          • Jeremy

            Uh oh, we got a dripper in the house! LOL. Drip on, Mary. 🙂

            And I didn’t think you were a beginner (not that something is wrong with that.) You already stated how long you have been vaping, and, to be honest, I couldn’t care less about what you use. As long as it makes you happy, I’m happy!

            When I said “If *you* really want to save money,” I meant the unviersal “you,” but I should’ve said “if *someone* really wants…”

            That was poor phrasing on my part.

            Vape on, Mary. Thanks for posting.