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There is a new sheriff in town and by the looks of their product presentation, they are trying to be the next Aspire. They are called Ovancl. The tank I received from them is called the Espole and it is. . . you guessed it, another Sub Ohm tank! What makes this different from the other 8,649 sub ohm tanks on the market right now? I couldn’t tell you. Just kidding, the Espole has a rather interesting unique triple airflow system. Yea the TFV4 has quad-airflow but this tank is going to be Reminiscent of the Aspire Atlantis, The airflow control is what sets this tank apart.


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Ovancl Espole Specs and Features

Ovancl Espole Kit Content
Ovancl Espole Kit Content
  • Ovancl Espole Sub Ohm Tank
  • 0.5ohm and Ni200 0.1ohm BVC coil
  • Extra 3.5 ml Pyrex Tank
  • Model: Ovancl Espole Sub Ohm tank
  • Material: stainless steel .pyrex glass
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm(50W-80W),0.5ohm(30W-50W)
  • Brand: Ovancl espole tank
  • Feature: triangle airflow control system
  • Diameter: L76.2mm/ D24mm
  • Drip tip: airflow control bored drip tip
  • Coil: OCC, BVC
  • Packing: Ovancl espole tank gift box
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils: Replaceable

Notable Remarks


Ovancl Espole Organic Puff Cotton
Ovancl Espole Organic Puff Cotton

The flavor was decent at around 30 watts but at 50 is where it really comes alive. Fortunately it’s top airflow is what allows you to reach high wattages without the mouthpiece overheating. The Espole uses Puff organic cotton, which is nice but there is definitely a little break-in time. The coils are compatible with the Aspire Atlantis which means it is also reverse-compatible with Aspire heads, which is great because they are very easy to find at almost any vape shop. I’m going to find out if it is also compatible with the Triton RBA section as I am a rebuildable kind of guy. I will have to keep you posted on that one.


Ovancl Espole OCC
Ovancl Espole OCC

If you have ever used an Atlantis or any similar type of sub ohm tank then you can expect the same type of vapor production with this tank. The massive airflow slots may even allow for increased vapor production but essentially this thing is a modified Atlantis. (Just sayin’.) When the Atlantis came out, it was unlike anything out there. This tank only builds on that legacy. The Espole allows anyone to chuck clouds all day long without ever having to build a coil. Some people just don’t have time for that kind of stuff.

The Espole is definitely a cloud chasing device.


Ovancl Espole Pin
Ovancl Espole Pin

The machining on this device is not bad at all. Is it up there with Aspire? Honestly I don’t know for sure, but from what I can see the thing looks solid and works well. For the price tag it is a well-machined item no doubt. It also came to me clean with little machine oil.


Ovancl Espole Taken Apart
Ovancl Espole Taken Apart

Sort of a good news bad news situation. The Espole has not one but three MASSIVE airflow slots, plus the mouthpiece has additional top-airflow functionality. Unfortunately, both airflow control rings are very weak and will spin around every single time you put it in your pocket. This is something I would love to see fixed because the amount of airflow is awesome and the heatsink design makes for a nice cool vape. It even makes a good sound when you vape, no whistling.


  • Solid but not heavy
  • Takes Atlantis coils
  • Huge airflow
  • Good machining
  • Simple and consistent
  • Handles high wattages


  • Airflow controls are way too loose
  • Must use higher wattage (30W and above)
  • Heavily influenced by the Atlantis


Ok, overall there really isn’t much wrong with this tank. However, if you already own an Atlantis or a Triton, I can’t really figure out enough of a reason for you to go out and buy it. The airflow has a lot of potential but unfortunately the control ring is extremely loose and that is the major downfall of this device. This tank, although based heavily off the Atlantis can be a contender in the realm of Sub Ohm tanks, only after they fix the airflow design. Other than that, it is essentially a modified Atlantis, which is great if you don’t already own one.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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