ROK Legend Vape Pen Review

ROK Legend
ROK Legend

ROK Legend Intro

ROK Universal is a UK e-cigarette company that deliver all across Europe. ROK sell UK made e-liquids alongside mini e-cigs, disposables, e-cigars and their famous ego, the ROK Legend. Orders over £50 qualify for next day delivery.

In this review we will be reviewing the ROK Legend ego type e-cigarette which costs £24.99.


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ROK Legend Specs and Features

ROK Legend Kit Content
ROK Legend Kit Content
  • Rechargeable e cigarette battery (900 mAh)
  • Tank/Clearomizer with a whopping 2.4ml capacity
  • Screw top lid
  • Robust USB recharge lead
  • Easy to follow instructions

Notable Remarks

ROK Legend Kit Content
ROK Legend Kit Content

We really liked the ROK legend. In our opinion this is one of the nicest looking vape pens out there. In comes in a nice classy box and a fantastic looking stainless steel finish. It also features a nice lid to protect your mouth piece from getting dirty. The whole kit had a really high quality feel about it.

The ROK Legend has a 900mAh battery which has a good battery life on it. You can get through at least a couple of days of vaping on one charge. The vapor production was decent and so was the throat hit. We used the black currant e-liquid and it was delicious.

The ROK Legend tank itself is really good. It was super easy to pour the e-liquids into and the atomizers/coils are replaceable. ROK offer 5 replacement atomizers for a reasonable £9.99 and we would definitely recommend purchasing a set so you don’t run out of coils. We also like the fact that the tank doesn’t have those ml lines on it which makes it look nicer. This tank only has two little black lines to indicate the half way line and max filling level, which is good.

The ROK Legend comes with a 510 connection so you can also fit other 510 tanks onto it. The button on the ROK legend lights up different colours depending on its charge level. Green means it’s over 55% charged, Yellow 55%-25% and Red is under 25%. This is a good little feature as often with egos you don’t know how much battery life you have left.

Overall we really liked the ROK legend. It is a great looking, high quality and easy to use kit. It’s a great kit for any beginner or those who want more power and a better battery life than a mini e-cigarette. The kit itself is fairly basic and you just get the one battery, one tank and a USB charger. It would be nice to maybe have a slightly more expensive kit with some additional features like replacement atomizers, car charger, wall adapter, e-liquids and perhaps an extra battery.


  • Looks awesome with its stainless steel finish
  • Easy to pour tank with replaceable coils
  • Good battery power (900mAh) and battery life
  • Good amount of vapor production
  • The ROK Legend comes with a nice steel lid
  • Button lights up different colours depending on its battery life left


The ROK Legend is brilliant and at £24.99 it is a reasonable price for such a superb ego. Our only negative was as mentioned that the kit itself is fairly simple and it would be nice if there was a kit available with some additional features. We would also like ROK to introduce a wall adaptor and a car charger for the USB charger to make charging more accessible.

Recommended Additional Purchases

We would recommend getting a pack of 5 extra atomizers for the kit and perhaps another tank if you are going to have multiple flavours on the go.

I would recommend getting 3 or 4 different e-liquids as well. The black currant flavour was our favourite. Check out our ROK e-liquid review for more info on their e-liquids.

The battery life was really good but it might be worth getting another so you don’t ever run out and can still vape whilst the other battery is charging.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
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  • Car3fr33

    Purchased two of these pens and both completely stopped working within 6 weeks with minimal daily use. New tank was put on after 3-4 weeks but the battery part is awful. So much for “The ROK legend vape pen…performs flawlessly.”. Hugely disappointing.

    • This review is a bit out of date, please head over to our main page and look through some newer products. Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out well, there are better pens, eGos and mods on the market.