SMOK R40 kit review

The R40 Kit is an old skool 40W mod and tank combo from SMOK. How does it hold up against the latest cutting-edge gear? Check our review to find out.


SMOK R40 kit Intro

In this review we take a look at the SMOK R40 Kit which pairs the SMOK R40 TC mod with the Micro Basic Tank. The R40 is a 40 watt temp control box with an internal 1900mAh battery that SMOK touts as an all day device – “An hour charging a whole day vaping.”

The R40 Kit includes the stainless steel Micro Basic Tank, which is a special edition of the TFV4 tank. With four adjustable bottom airflow slots, the 22mm tank holds 2.8 ml and comes with two drip tips: a short angled black delrin tip for the higher wattage crowd and a taller, stainless steel tip the will likely appeal to MTL vapers.

Wait, MTL vapers?

That’s right, the R40 Kit ships with two coils in the box. A 0.6Ω dual core clapton rated at 20-40W and a 1.2Ω single core MTL clapton rated at 18-40W. The obvious physical difference is the air inlets at the bottom of the two coils. The dual core sub ohm coil has two large air slots, while the the MTL coil has 4 small holes drilled into the center pole, which should greatly restrict the airflow for mouth to lung enthusiasts.

The front panel of the R40 features a nice clicky fire button, -/+ adjustment buttons, and an OLED screen. The USB port is located on the bottom plate, next to five battery vent holes.

The R40 mod is made from aluminum and zinc alloys, and is available in black, red, white, and silver. Retail price is $69.99 and can be found as low as $34 on line.

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SMOK R40 kit Gallery

SMOK R40 kit Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • R40 TC box mod
  • Micro Basic Tank (22mm)
  • One 0.6Ω CLP2 fused clapton dual core coil (installed)
  • One 1.2Ω Micro MTL single clapton core coil
  • SMOK vape band
  • USB charging and upgrading cable
  • Spare o-rings
  • User manual

Specifications - R40 mod

  • Size: 75mm x 38mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 108g
  • Material: Aluminum alloy & zinc alloy
  • Battery: 1900mAh internal
  • Thread: 510

Specifications - Micro Basic tank

  • Size: 52mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 52.7g
  • Material: Glass & stainless steel

Notable Remarks


When I saw the R40 TC mod, I immediately thought of my old SMOK Xpro 50 from a couple of years ago. It is an old square design that looks a bit dated, especially when you compare the R40 to some current SMOK boxes like the Alien, Osub, H-Priv and G-Priv. The R40 is just plain old skool.

The R40 is small, and fits into the fifth pocket on my jeans, though not as curvy or svelte (nor nearly as sexy) as the Osub 40W Kit I recently reviewed. The satin finish of the red review sample is pleasantly smooth to the touch.

To be fair, this is an older mod and likely a transitional piece from SMOK coming between the old Xpro and the latest SMOK mods listed above. Still, it offers a decent capacity battery, and a full featured temperature control suite with TCR and adjustable initial resistance. It also uses SMOK’s intuitive icon menu system found on their latest mods. Here’s a list of menu icon functions:

  • Mode – VW/TC
  • Coil type – single or dual (Ti/Ni/SS)
  • TC preheat (Soft/Norm/Hard)
  • Screen timeout
  • Puff counter
  • Screen rotation
  • TCR
  • Initial resistance adjustment
  • Power off

The Micro Basic Tank thumbs its nose at the EU market with a 2.8ml capacity and no child-proof cap. I’m thinking it was designed before the regs kicked in.



OK, the first thing I had to try was the MTL performance of the Micro Basic tank, so I installed the 1.2Ω Micro MTL coil and filled the tank. I didn’t prime the coil but waited for it to soak up some liquid.

Starting at 18W (the lower rating of the coil) and the airflow wide open, I took my first hit, and was disappointed. The draw is far too loose for a good MTL hit. More like a restricted lung hit. I dialed down the bottom airflow and tried again. Pretty much the same. I had to nearly close the airflow to get something that kind of gave a MTL hit, but even then it was not optimal.

Moving on to the 0.6Ω dual core clapton, I dialed up the wattage to 30W and got a nice warm flavorful vape. Not tons of vapor, but satisfying. I went to the 40W limit of the R40 and the vape was very good with a bit more vapor and consistent vapor.

Not to be remiss, I used an 18mm “flavor” RDA with a 0.10Ω nickel coil to put the mod through it’s temp control drill. Vaping at 250℃ and the effect set to “norm”. I did not adjust the TCR or set the initial resistance as the SMOK settings seemed on point and the R40 gave me a warm flavorful vape.


  • Good vapor
  • Good flavor
  • 2.8ml tank capacity
  • Smallish size
  • Easy to use
  • Nice finish
  • 1900mAh battery


  • Bottom USB port
  • Outdated design
  • MTL fail


So, yeah, aesthetically the R40 Kit seems a bit dated when compared to some other more current offerings from SMOK and other manufacturers, but it does claim to bring some features that intrigue none the less, like the MTL capability and “a whole day vaping.”

While ambitious, unfortunately, it fails to deliver a true MTL experience, and I would still recommend a pod system like the Juul or MyJet as a far better option.

Regarding the R40 as an all day device, that largely depends on your personal vaping habits and is therefore subjective. I don’t think it would last me all day, and with the internal battery, that is probably a deal breaker if it were my sole mod. It’s more of an evening out, or running errands type mod.

The positives are that the tank holds almost 3ml of liquid at a time when many are 2ml, and the mod is lightweight and smallish. Going out with friends you might forget it’s in your pocket. It’s not a cloud machine at 40W, but flavor and vapor are good from the Micro Basic, and the 1900mAh battery is certainly enough for casual vaping over several hours. Based in the diminutive size of the R40, I’m considering the battery capacity a plus. And at 34 bucks, the kit is a solid value.

Still, and again, I need to point out that the R40 Kit has been available for about eight months or so, which is an eternity in the vaping business. Though it didn’t create a blip on my personal radar, I suspect that it was one of the smallest, full feature TC mods available at that time, which is exactly the type of cutting edge product we have come to expect from a giant like SMOK.

It’s not their fault that we just got around to reviewing it.

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Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.