Starsstech Player 200 Watt Box Mod Preview

The Starsstech Player 200 Watt is a modular box mod that offers great versatility...and Marvel Comics characters.


Starss Player 200 Watt is a Modular Marvel

At TPE2016, Starss Tech showed off the Player 200 Watt box mod. By default, it’s an inexpensive DNA 200 box mod that runs on two 18650 batteries, but its unique modular design allows it to be more. Additionally, the Starss Player 200 Watt is available in some very cool finishes inspired by Marvel Comics character. Check out the video above and read on for more details on the Starss Player 200 Watt.

With Great Power, Comes Great Versatility

Starss Player 200 Watt Box Mod
Starss Player 200 Watt Box Mod

The most fascinating aspect of the Starss Player 200 Watt is its modular design. Let’s start with the sled that houses the mod’s chip. It slides into the box and serves as the mod’s heart. That heart can be transplanted; Starss will sell different sleds that house different chips from Evolv, Yihi, and more. This helps extend the life of the mod by protecting against obsolescence.

The battery sled of the Starss Player 200 Watt is also modular. The default configuration is two 18650 batteries, but the box can be used with a lithium-polymer battery back as well. I love that this gives vapers a choice between the common 18650 battery and using the full power of the DNA 200 chip with a lithium-polymer battery.

Comics nerds (like me) have special edition of the Starss Player 200 Watt to enjoy. At the show, the company showed off a slick Deadpool edition (shown in the video above) that I wanted to steal. I was told that Iron Man and Spider-Man models are currently available, with other superheroes planned for the future. I want to snatch one up before Disney catches wind of these nerd editions of the Starss Player 200 Watt.

Make Mine Marvel

The Starss Player 200 Watt was definitely one of the coolest box mods I saw at TPE2016, but I’m an unapologetic comic-book nerd. What do you think of the mod? Are you impressed by its modular design? Are you digging the comics variants? Would you get a Deadpool, Iron Man, or Spider-Man edition? Kindly leave a comment and let me know.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Definitely need at least the Dead pool and wouldn’t mind the iron man, but what no NFL Pro from marvel although the double licensing would probably kill them

    • I’m holding out for Forbush Man. :p

  • Jayson DuVal

    I would buy one in a hart-beat if I thought there would be company support for the product (swap-able panels etc.). as of right now it just seems to be another fly-by-night Chinese mod, your own link to the manufacturer doesn’t even work. you guys should do a little homework before doing these revues because people buy this stuff based on a trusted site like yours hyping it (Sigelei213).. .