Best vape starter kits 2018

What is a starter kit?-Infographic

This is a look at the best vape starter kits currently on the market. Are you new to vaping and confused by the hundreds of different vape kits available? The vaping market can be a daunting place for beginners. We aim to demystify the vaping market with the following list which provides you with the only starter kits you should be considering for your first vape.

Vape kits come in many different shapes and sizes and the best vape for you depends on what you are looking for. We have broken this best vaping starter kit page into a few different categories: cig-a-likes, vape pens, vape mods and pod/cartridge vape kits. For more information on each category, scroll to the bottom of the list for the full description of why each type of vape kit could be for you.

The below recommendations are aimed at vapers or smokers looking for their first vaping starter kit. These vape kits are all extremely user friendly and can be purchased from reputable sellers that provide strong customer service and warranties. To find the best vaping setup for you, browse our “best of” list below. Don’t forget to make use of our custom coupon codes to help you save money on your purchase.

Best cig-a-likes

  • Small cigarette-like size
  • Good vapor for size
  • Unique battery indicator
  • Efficient battery
  • Good nicotine options
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cons
  • A bit larger than a cig
  • Specifications

    • V2 EX Batteries (280 mAh) (2)
    • V2 Platinum e-Liquid 25 mL Bottles (2)
    • Pack of EX Blanks (3 blanks per pack)
    • Wall adapter
    • Express charger
    • V2 user's manual

    The V2 EX Series is one of the most advanced cig-a-like type vape kits on the market. We highly recommend getting the e-liquid kit, as it comes with mini clearomizers that produce great amounts of vapor for such a small vape kit.
    There are also the cartomizer kits to choose from which are a perfect solution for starters not wanting to refill any tanks/clearomizers. The Ex Series comes with a battery indicator and a long battery life for a cig-a-like. This is a great starter kit for smokers or beginner vapers looking for a vape kit that has the form factor of a cigarette. V2 proudly stands behind all of their products and provides a lifetime warranty on all purchases.

  • Amazing flavors
  • Various nicotine options
  • Many flavors options
  • Auto or manual batts
  • Cons
  • No portable charging case
  • Specifications

    • Battery capacity: 180/280/380 mAh (3.7V)
    • Battery type: choice of manual or automatic in 9 different colors
    • Nicotine choices: 0/1.5/3/6/12/18/24 mg (Halo e-liquid lines)
    • Flavor choices: choose from all of Halo’s e-liquid lines
    • Clearomizer option: G6 Mini tanks can be purchased separately
    • Portable charging case: not available
    • Warranty: 30 day return policy

    Halo Cigs are renowned for making some of the best vape juice on the market and this definitely comes through in their G6 starter kit. The G6 kit is a great all round kit that allows you to choose from a range of different batteries, cartridges and colors. You can also choose blanks or the mini clearomizers (G6 mini tanks under the e-cigarette section) and treat yourself to some of Halo’s delightful e-liquids. Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa and Malibu are must try flavors!

    If you are a flavor connoisseur then we recommend the Halo the G6 kit. Definitely get the G6 mini tanks and some extra e-liquids to make the most of the delicious e-liquid flavors from Halo.

    Best pod vapes

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  • Familiar size for smoker
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Sophisticated design
  • Amazing throat hit
  • High nicotine
  • Easy & quick charge
  • Magnetic USB
  • Pods are fun to use
  • Nice vapor
  • Cons
  • Battery life (200 mAh)
  • Specifications

    • Battery capacity: unknown
    • Battery Type: automatic lipo
    • Nicotine choices: 50 mg
    • Flavor choices: Cool Mint/Fruit Medley/Creme Brulee and Virginia Tobacco
    • Clearomizer option: N/A
    • Portable charging case: N/A
    • Warranty: 1 year

    The JUUL is without a doubt the most advanced starter kit on the market. It manages to pack the technology and capabilities of a larger device in a device half the size. The JUUL uses a pod style system which is extremely simple and convenient to use. There is no messing around with e-liquids, coils or wattage settings. Just plug your pod into your JUUL and you are ready to vape.

    JUUL has 4 different flavored pods to choose from, which cost a reasonable $15.99 for a 4 pack. If you are looking for your first vape and want a starter kit that is super simple to operate and provides a fantastic vape experience in a tiny package, then the JUUL is for you.

  • Ideal for beginners/smokers
  • Compatible with most 510 drip tips
  • LED battery life indication
  • Great flavors available
  • 17 W of power
  • Wide airy draw
  • Compact yet satisfying
  • No messy refilling required
  • 900 mAh battery life
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for MTL vaping
  • Not available in 0 mg nicotine
  • Limited flavor selection (for now)
  • Specifications

    • 17 W Output
    • 1.5 Ohm Resistance
    • 10-Second Continuous Fire with Auto Shut-Off
    • Micro USB Charging Port
    • Compact 22 X 47.5 X 60mm Design
    • 900 mAh Battery
    • Overheat Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection

    Vaping is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Aspire proves that with this device. They put all the best features from their more advanced products into a simple and compact device. Whether you’re new to vaping or been vaping for years, you will get pleasure from this device. It delivers big time on flavor.

    No longer do you need to worry about coils, or refilling juice with the Aspire Gusto Mini. Pop in a new pod and you’re ready to vape. No fuss, no fuss, just pure vaping satisfaction. Excellent for transitioning from smoking for its simplicity. Ideal for beginners who want a bit more power.

    The Gusto Mini bears resemblance to the Plato, but smaller and easier to operate. Complete with all the necessary safety features such as overcharge, discharge and short-circuit protection. Featuring a 900 mAh battery, a 4.2-mL juice capacity and 1.5-ohm coils. Enjoying vaping is now easier than ever.

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  • Impressive vapor production
  • Good flavor
  • Consistent performance
  • No leaking or spitback
  • Refillable pods
  • Lifetime warranty on battery
  • Suitable for MTL vaping
  • Cons
  • No passthrough charging
  • No visible liquid monitoring
  • The RUBI is an impressive little starter kit. It looks like your typical pen vape, but it puts out a bigger cloud than most. The best part is the freedom to use any e-liquid liquid of your choice. Its 1 mL pods are refillable, so it’s an open system vape. The performance is consistent and extremely satisfying.

    Kandypens has a great reputation based on their wax pens. Only recently did they start making products for use with e-liquids. Even so, they’ve managed to create one of the best refillable devices, which is why it is on the top of our list. Its 280-mAh battery comes with a lifetime warranty!

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  • 1.100 mAh battery life
  • 17 W output
  • Built-in safety protection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Micro USB pass-thru charging
  • Pods pre-filled with popular Halo flavors
  • No leaking
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for MTL
  • No 0 mg nicotine pods available
  • Limited flavor selection
  • The Aspire Gusto delivers a quality vape in a small starter kit. It looks like a box mod, but uses pre-filled pods. The device comes with built-in protection features, so it’s safe and easy to use. You won’t need to be bothered with messy juice. Just pop in a pod, press the button and enjoy a perfect vape.

    The Gusto uses 6-mL pods and puts out 17 watts of power. Combined with a 1,100 mAh battery, it will give you a lot of vaping time before you need to charge it. Halo has taken that a step further, by putting their most popular flavors into prefilled Gusto pods. You’re going to love vaping the Gusto.

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  • Great for beginners/smokers
  • Pocket friendly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No buttons to press
  • Won’t leak
  • Works well with a variety of e-liquids
  • Comfortable rubber finish
  • Refillable 2mL pods (open system)
  • Charges quickly
  • Solid vapor production
  • Cons
  • 380 mAh battery life
  • Not easy to remove filling plug
  • Specifications

    • Specifically designed for nic salts
    • Ultra-portable compact design
    • Only 80 mm tall and 8 mm wide
    • Air activated
    • Rubber black finish
    • 2 mL refillable tank
    • 380 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
    • LED battery indicator
    • Micro-USB charging port
    • Handmade
    • Developed & designed in the USA
    • Lifetime warranty (battery)

    Need a vape that’s lightweight and pocketable? Look no further. The Kandypens Feather is so small, you won’t even feel it in your pocket. Its portable and compact design allows you to take it anywhere without sacrificing performance. It delivers a powerful blast of flavor while delivering your nicotine.

    This isn’t just your average pod mod. You’re able to fill it up with any juice of your choice, although it was designed for use with nicotine salts. It doesn’t require you to be an expert. Just fill up the pod, pop it in and vape. You don’t even have to push any buttons, just put your mouth on it and inhale. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

    The Kandypens Feather comes in a comfortable rubber black finish with a form factor that’s unique and ideal for small pockets. It also has LED battery life indication, so you know when to charge it up. Its 380 mAh rechargeable battery has a lifetime warranty and the pods are easily interchangeable.

    Best box mod starter kits

  • Supports 25 mm atomizers
  • Colorful design
  • 85 W of power
  • Easy to fill tank
  • Cons
  • Acrylic decals look cheap
  • Impractical to use at 85 W
  • Protruding battery cap
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 2-3/4 x 1-7/8 x 15/16 inches
    • 510 threaded
    • Wattage output: 1.0 - 85 W
    • Temperature control: Ni200 / titanium / SS 316 / TCR Modes
    • Temperature control: 100 - 315C / 220-600F
    • Bypass mode
    • Preheat functionality
    • Stealth functionality
    • 0.91`` OLED display screen
    • Side micro USB charging port
    • Firmware upgradeable
    • Dual-circuit protection
    • Requires 1 x 18650 high-drain battery

    Ready to step your vape game up a notch? Don’t want to carry around such a huge device? Eleaf is making it easier than ever with the new iStick Pico 25. The mod features a three piece design, with colorful acrylic panels.

    It goes up to 85 W with full TC abilities and upgradeable firmware. If you love the Pico, but also want to use larger atomizers, now you can. Combined with the ELLO, this is an excellent and versatile starter kit.

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  • Simple and easy to use mod
  • 75 W of power
  • Temperature control
  • Nice mouth-to-lung draw
  • Easy to change coils
  • Caters to beginners
  • Cons
  • Not for direct lung vaping
  • Tank can't be disassembled
  • No temp control coils included
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 2-11/16`` x 1-3/4`` x 15/16``
    • Comfortably Fits 24 mm and smaller tanks
    • AETHON temperature control chipset
    • 510 threaded
    • Battery capacity: built-in 2000 mAh battery
    • Operating wattage: 6.0 - 75.0 W
    • Temperature control: nickel (Ni200) / titanium (Ti) / stainless steel 316 (SS316)
    • Temperature range: 150 - 315C / 300 - 600F
    • Minimum resistance: 0.1 ohm
    • Recommend resistance for TC mode: Ni200 (0.1 - 0.2ohm) / Ti (0.1 - 0.5ohm) / SS316L (0.2 - 1.0ohm)
    • OLED display screen
    • 5V/2A micro USB fast charge
    • Vape while charging technology
    • Precision temperature control
    • Flip screen orientation
    • Precise reading: resistance / volts / puff counter

    Finding the right starter kit can be frustrating. Innokin developed the Platform series to cater to new vapers. The Innokin Kroma-A Kit with included Zenith tank is a perfect way to get started. It comes with a mouth-to-lung style tank that goes from a cigarette-style draw to an open airy one.

    The Kroma-A is a simple mod capable of delivering 75 watts of vaping power. It fits great in the hand and isn’t too tall or conspicuous. It has an internal 2000 mAh battery that pairs nicely with the tank. The mod is also capable of temperature control mode courtesy of the ATHEON chip.

    Best vape pen starter kits

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  • Portable size
  • Kits comes with 2 x pens and tanks
  • Flexible draw style
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • No top fill
  • Specifications

    • 700 mAh battery
    • 2 mL tank
    • MTL and DL
    • Airflow adjustable

    The Halo Triton II is an outstanding device for beginner vapers and experienced vapers alike. The Triton II provides everything a vaper could want from their e-liquid vape pen. This vape combines flavor with plumes of vapor, all in a small, affordable package.

    For $45 users receive two Triton II vape pens, 3 coil heads, and two tanks, as well as chargers and a wall adapter! The airflow can also be adjusted to cater for both MTL and direct lung style draws allowing vapers to choose the right vaping style for them. Combine the Triton II with some great Halo e-liquid and you are onto a winner.

  • Tiny and discrete
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth draw simulates smoking
  • Charges quickly
  • Satisfying vapor production
  • Easy to use
  • Uses ceramic coil technology
  • Cons
  • Proprietary charger
  • No battery life indication
  • Specifications

    • All in one system
    • Draw-activated firing
    • Prefilled Phix pod system
    • 1.5 mL capacity
    • cCell ceramic coil Inside
    • Plug and play connection
    • Gold-plated proprietary connection
    • Magnetic connection
    • Voltage-based output
    • 280 mAh built-In battery
    • LED light indicator
    • 220 puffs per charge
    • USB charge port
    • 1 A maximum charging
    • Magnetic charger
    • Hexahedron chassis
    • 110 x 19 x 10.75 mm

    The MLV Phix Ultra Portable Kit is the perfect all in one solution for any vaper. It simulates the sensation of smoking while providing a satisfying vape even seasoned vapers can appreciate. There are no buttons to press, and no juice to worry about. It takes 1.5 mL pre-filled pods.

    Unlike most pod mod style vape pens devices, the Phix uses ceramic coils. The result is crisp flavor. The MLV Phix has an integrated rechargeable 280 mAh battery that charges up fast. Ideal for the smoker just getting into vaping, or just a stealth vaper looking to get their Phix.

  • Caters to beginners
  • Improved flavor from the T18
  • Good build quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Organic cotton wicking
  • Sleek form factor
  • Cons
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Specifications

    • Powered by Innokin A1 chipset
    • Designed for a mouth to lung (MTL) vaping experience
    • Simple one-button design
    • Dimensions: 4-15 / 16`` x 13 / 16`` (including Prism T20 tank)
    • Diameter: 20.5 mm
    • 510 threaded
    • Built-in 1500 mAh battery
    • Maximum output wattage: 13 W
    • Resistance Range: 1.2 - 3.5 ohm
    • 2 mL e-liquid capacity
    • Top fill design with twist-off cap
    • Prism airflow technology
    • Charged via Micro USB 5 V / 1 A
    • Utilizes flavor enhanced and high VG compatible Endura Prism T20 Kanthal atomizer head for variable wattage
    • Includes Endura Prism T20 Kanthal 1.5 ohm atomizer head (12 - 14 W)
    • Includes drip tip cap

    Innokin delivers everything a vaper could hope for in a starter kit with the Endura T20. It has a top-filling, 2mL tank that is 20mm in diameter. The coils use organic cotton delivering huge flavor for such a tiny device. A slim mouth-to-lung pen with impressive flavor and performance.

    It is a logical progression from their highly successful Endura T18. It packs a lot more power, while maintaining the sleek form of a vape pen. Great for anyone from a beginner vaper to an experienced flavor chaser who wants a discreet mouth to lung device to take with them.

    Vape starter kits explained

    Different type of vape explained-Infographic

    Vape starter kits 101

    Beginner vapers and smokers start here:

    So, you want to try vaping because you heard it was a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. But one problem: all the information online is so confusing and you don’t know where to begin! Right? Well, that is why we created this page for YOU.

    Our goal is to take your hand and walk you through this process and show you that it isn’t as complicated as it may appear. We are going to break it down in a way that is not overly complex, using as little jargon as possible. We are also going to explain what some of these key terms mean in plain English.

    Oh you thought quitting smoking was gonna be easy!? It’s still going to take a lot of determination and willpower. Vaping will make this process easier and hopefully replace cigarettes for you eventually.

    There is definitely some learning involved with vaping. Think about it this way, when you get a new job, a new car, or even a new kitchen appliance, there is always a learning curve. Don’t let that discourage you from trying one of the greatest inventions ever made. Vaping has already helped tons of people quit smoking, and you can be one of them!

    What is a vape starter kit?

    Vaping can be very confusing if you are just starting out. There are too many products on the market, and it is hard to know which one you prefer, especially if you are new to vaping. A “vape mod starter kit”, also referred to as a vapor starter kit, or just plain vape starter kit, is exactly what it sounds like. Good starter kits will include everything you need to start vaping right away.
    The main components of any vape kit are the battery and atomizer. An atomizer is the part of an e-cig which contains a coil that heats up the e-liquid, thus turning it into vapor. The battery is what provides power to the atomizer and coil.

    Let’s break down the various types of vaping starter kits.



    Some of the earliest designs of e-cigarettes were made to resemble a cigarette, hence the name cig-a-like. Although the technology has progressed, many smokers still enjoy these products because they simulate the physical process of smoking.

    These actually feel like you are holding and pulling from a cigarette, except that there is no smoke. These vapor starter kits will include either a disposable cig-a-like, or a rechargeable battery which attaches to e-liquid cartridges.

    Vape pen and eGo starter kits


    This was the natural evolution of the vape starter kit. The battery is a bit thicker and there is usually some kind of tank that you refill, versus buying prefilled cartridges. The advantages to eGo pen vape kits over cig-a-likes are better battery life, increased vapor production and in some cases, better flavor. Many people start with eGo’s or eventually upgrade to it from their cig-a-likes. These beginner vape kits are relatively inexpensive.

    Box mods


    Ok, so you probably want to know what these big boxes are that people are puffing on. Those are called box mods, sometimes referred to as vape mods, and although they look nothing like eGo pens, they both create vapor. However, box mods are capable of putting out a lot more power. A vape mod starter kit will usually come with some type of tank.

    Although it looks and feels nothing like a cigarette, the boxy feel might be reminiscent of holding a pack of smokes. A regulated box mod means that the mod will regulate the power based on your preference using a computer chip.
    Note: There are unregulated box mods which don’t have this chip, however, these are highly unrecommended for beginners, therefore you will probably never see them included in a starter kit geared towards smokers.

    Think of these box mods as the power source, while your tank is what actually holds and vaporizes the e-liquid. The tank has a threaded pin that screws on to the mod. Most box mods will use what is called a standard 510 connection.

    Vape tanks


    There are many different types of vape tanks but fortunately they can all be broken down into two main categories: mouth-to-lung and direct-lung. This refers to the type of draw you can take off them.

    A mouth-to-lung tank resembles the type of pull that you would get off a cig-a-like or an actual cigarette. A mouth-to-lung, or MTL draw typically involves two steps: taking a pull, and inhaling, just like you would with a traditional “analog” cigarette.

    A direct-lung inhale is when you inhale directly into your lungs in one motion. Direct-lung tanks usually have bigger air holes known as air flow, which creates that looser draw.

    Many tanks have adjustable airflow, however it is hard to make a tank that satisfies both the MTL and DL vapers. For this reason, most of the tanks are marketed to either one or the other. Which type of inhale technique do you prefer?



    AIO refers to a vape starter kit that comes with everything you need built in. It can be said that many cig-a-likes are AIO’s, especially the disposable ones. The main feature of an AIO device that makes it unique is that you can’t separate the battery from the tank.

    These are good for people who want a vape mod starter kit but don’t really know where to begin. There are literally endless possibilities with all of the different tanks and mods that exist. AIO starter kits are for people who like to say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    Pod mods


    A pod mod is an evolved version of the cig-a-like, crossed with a box mod. Although it looks nothing like a cigarette, it shares similar features such as pre-filled pods and a tighter, mouth-to-lung draw. These are geared towards smokers who feel that vaping is too complicated for them, or they just don’t have time to learn right now.

    Pod mods make things a little bit simpler for the novice. Many advanced vapers despise these devices because they don’t like the idea of a limited juice selection and proprietary components. The irony is that these products are not even made for them!

    Sometimes people who have been vaping for a while forget what it was like when they started. It is almost like when a celebrity forgets about where they came from. We assume that everybody wants to be a rockstar and blow clouds bigger than Wiz Khalifa and Willie Nelson combined, but some people just wanna quit their smoking habit.

    Mechanical mods (not for beginners)


    Mechanical mods, often referred to as mech mods, or simply mechs, are not for beginners! Unlike the previous types of mods listed above, these do not have any type of microchips or wires inside. They are literally a mechanical tube which pulls power from a battery and sends it to your atomizer. Think of it like a flashlight, except instead of powering a lightbulb it has an atomizer with coils on top.

    At one point these were the most powerful mods that you could get. Now there are regulated box mods that can do even more than mechanical mods but there is something special about mech mods. I often use the analogy of a vinyl record. Even though the technology is outdated, there is nothing quite like the fat sound of a classic turntable.

    If you are just starting out, we would NOT recommend one of these AT ALL. They can be very dangerous if you are not well-versed in Ohm’s Law. At this point, mech mods are mainly for collectors and people who vape “competitively.” Although most mechanical mods were traditional tube-shaped, many of them can also be shaped like box mods too.

    The Vaping360 team is a diverse group of experienced vaping contributors. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!