Vaporesso Target 75 VTC Kit Review

Vaporesso Target Kit
Vaporesso Target Kit

Vaporesso Target 75w Kit Intro

Today, I’m going to be taking a look at the Target 75w mod and tank from Vaporesso. A stylish looking mod, compete with a tank with new ceramic coils, this kit promises to be a great starter mod or even a smaller lightweight mod for experienced vapers.


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Vaporesso Target 75w Kit Specs and Features

Vaporesso Target Kit Content
Vaporesso Target Kit Content
  • 1x Vaporesso Target 75w Mod
  • 1x Vaporesso Target cCell tank w/ 0.9Ω coil pre installed
  • 1x spare Ni200 0.2Ω coil
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
Vaporesso Target Grip/Vent Holes
Vaporesso Target Grip/Vent Holes
  • Mod Size – 92x48x27mm
  • Tank Size – 22x62mm
  • Wattage Output: 5-75w
  • Temperature Range: 150-315°C/300-600F
  • Powered by 1x 18650 (Not included)
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Fires down to 0.15Ω

Notable Remarks


Vaporesso Target Box Mod
Vaporesso Target Box Mod

I love the look and feel of this mod! Its totally different compared to your standard box mods. For once someone is making products that stand out from the crowd! I really like the jagged edges look, it makes the mod look sharp and dangerous, I like that as a change from the classic, clean and slick style mods we have at the moment.

The feel of the mod is great too, the fire button is in the perfect place, it fits well in your hand and can be used equally as easy in your left and right hand so no problems there either. I like how it feels as if you are firing a gun or pulling a trigger with the fire button being placed to be fired with your index finger.


Vaporesso Target 0.9 cCell Coil
Vaporesso Target 0.9 cCell Coil

Overall the Vaporesso Target mod performs well, however there aren’t any stand out features. Apart from the styling this is essentially just another mid powered single 18650 device capable of temp control. Nothing special going on yet.

However, when we move onto the tank; this is where things begin to change! The ceramic coils are simply outstanding. The flavour I get off them is incredible, juices begin to taste so much cleaner and better. 3.5ml isn’t the biggest tank on the market but its more than enough.

The tank certainly is not one for cloud chasing, in fact I find it to vape best anywhere between 30-50w depending on if you like your vape cool or hot.

Temperature control worked well on the mod with no glitches or issues that is always nice to see. The only improvement I could suggest is an auto recognition feature.


Vaporesso Target Handcheck
Vaporesso Target Handcheck

Styling: The style of this mod is brilliant. I love that it is so different to every other mod out there, and it feels really badass! I like the colour scheme as well, I have the black and red version and in my opinion this or the silver and black variant look the best.

Performance: The way the kit performs as a whole is fantastic! The mod puts out more than enough power for most of your tanks if you don’t want to use the one included. But why you wouldn’t want to is beyond me! A great little tank with fantastic flavour and enough cloud production to get noticed. Granted you wont win any competitions but there’s enough cloudage there!

Size: The size of the Target Mod is great, it’s quite small and compact, which I like, but I thought it might get dwarfed by some of the bigger tanks. However it seems to handle them pretty well. Still looks great even with something like the crown on top. Some might say it’s too small and if you do have massive hands this may be the case. But for the most part I think it’s a great compromise between too small and too bulky.


Vaporesso Target Battery Compartment
Vaporesso Target Battery Compartment

Battery door: The battery door is okay and is held on by strong magnets. However it has a little notch which fits into a slot to ensure the door wont fall off. Whilst this seems like a great idea, unless you take the door off in a certain way, this lip can get bent rendering your battery door useless! Not good.

Gap at the 510 connection: Whilst this is a very small concern, there is a slight gap between the tank and the mod when screwed into the 510 connection. Yes you cant see it from a distance but up close this is really going to annoy you OCD guys and gals out there so I thought it should be mentioned.


This kit overall is fantastic! Whilst it doesn’t have any real standout features from its competition, the different look really catches the eye! On top of that the ceramic coils perform excellently delivering unparalleled flavour in my opinion! The pricing isn’t exactly extortionate either so whether your looking to get into ceramic coils, wanting a starter sub ohm kit, or just need to satisfy your shinyitis, this mod and tank combo is a fantastic option!


Check out this product via the button below

Save 8% below using our coupon code: A360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Sam Bass-Cooper
Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.
  • Mohamad Ashman

    This mod more look alike kangertech subox mod to me..

    • Sam

      It does have a similar colour scheme to the Kangertech Subox although many different colour options are available if you don’t want it to look like the Subox.

  • Ralph Duffy Potter

    I think the .9 ceramic coil is awesome. The rest is garbage.

  • Mobatron 3000

    Looks pretty slick! Is it available in the UK? I’m after a new mod as I have my heart set on the Uwell Crown. I’ve heard that it performs well at around the 70-90w range, so I need something capable. I’ve been looking at the Sigelei Spark, which is also sleek and compact, which I prefer. Currently using the iStick 30w and, although it’s the perfect size for me, I just don’t think it’s gonna perform with the Crown. Any recommendations?

    • Sam

      Hi Mobatron, yes this is available in the UK, lots of online vape store are stocking this kit. The Uwell Crown is an excellent tank and whilst this mod can easily fire and give you a great vape from the Crown, don’t be too quick to palm off the tank that comes with the mod. The flavour from the ceramic coils is excellent! Also with the Crown being quite a large tank it may take away from the size of the mod. Personally I think the crown fits better with bigger devices like the Sigelei 150w or something similar.


      • Mobatron 3000

        Thanks for your response.

        Unfortunately, my itchy trigger finger couldn’t wait, so I ordered the Crown along with a Sigelei Spark. The 150w is a little too big for my liking I’m afraid, as I’m used to the size of the iStick.The Vaporesso is a good looking mod though, so I might consider it as a back up.


        • Sam

          The Sigelei Spark looks like a good mod! Hope the Crown doesn’t dwarf it too much, but I’m sure that set up will work excellently for you!

          Maybe look at a smaller mod like the Nugget or the Mini Volt as a stealthy back up with a smaller tank on top?

          • Mobatron 3000

            I’ve never heard of them but I’ll certainly check them out. I do prefer smaller devices, as long as they don’t take away from the tank performance too much. Was thinking of pairing the SubTank with the Vaporesso, as the colour scheme seems to match and it has a bit of a cult following when it comes to flavour. Thing is, I mainly use 50/50 juices, so I’m not even sure if I should be looking at higher wattages too much.

            Anyway, once again, cheers for responses. I appreciate you taking the time out, that’s very kind of you.

            Good luck with your future reviews. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

          • Sam

            We have a review of the Mini Volt up, I’m sure we’ll have one up of the Nugget soon too!

            Yes that sounds like a good option, the Subtank Mini is great for flavour!

            Higher wattages shouldn’t have too much of an impact on 50/50 blends as it will wick very well with most of these sub ohm tanks, with the crown even Max VG wicks very well!

            No problem, we’re here as a team to help out fellow vapers!

            Thanks, I hope you enjoy any more that you read.

  • Renshi Montaño

    I bought this setup and got it in last night. I was pumped to try it out and it did not disappoint. The taste is amazing the clouds are thick and it works flawlessly.

  • Ri Zen

    This unit has a common problem with the battery and screen glitching/overheating. I believe this is due to the 2 magnets placed RIGHT near the polarity of the battery itself-bad design. I’m taking mine back.

  • Sassepeussa

    I just ordered this Vaporesso Target, can’t wait to try it! I’m not really a cloud chaser ut I do like a nice thick vape with flavor so I’m guessing this unit will suit me. The thing is though, I’m wondering what juice PG/VG ratio is best for this smokin’ gun ? I would like the highest VG possible. Can anyone help me on this?

    • Sam Bass-Cooper

      Hi Sassepuessa

      I think this would suit you down to the ground! Great flavour, not too much vapour but enough, in terms of VG/PG ratio anything over 70VG/30PG will work excellently in this tank. Max VG may be a little too high and I would only recommend that for dripping. Anywhere around 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG will work really well!


      • Nathalie Martin

        Thank you Sam! Greatly appreciated! Just got it and let me tell you…IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Of course, I got it in pink 🙂 Si girly, I know but it’s nice to be feminine even when vaping!

  • Chelsea

    Hi, Sam, i am a vapor which just started my own online shop, can i share your article on my blog please

  • Preston O’Shea

    I bought this kit about a month ago and have loved it minus a few things aka the tank. Do you know other good tanks that will work with this mod?