Vision MK Sub Ohm Tank Review

Vision MK
Vision MK

Vision MK Intro

In this article we review the Vision MK sub ohm tank. This is a sub ohm tank that fires at the higher wattage ranges up to 100W and comes with a 0.2ohm Japanese organic cotton coil. The tank has a 4.5ml capacity and features great air flow. There is also an extra air flow feature in the drip tip like the Aspire Atlantis 2, which helps keep the drip tip and vapor cool at higher wattages.


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Vision MK Specs and Features

Vision MK Disassembled
Vision MK Disassembled
  • 1 x Vision MK Tank
  • 2 x 0.2ohm coils
  • Price: $30
  • Wattage Range: 30W – 100W
  • Tank Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm Vertical Coil
  • Wicking Material: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA available
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Confusion with the Vision MK vs. High Voltage Tank

Many people have been getting confused between the Vision MK tank and the High Voltage Tank by MKvapes and have stated that they look identical. This is my understanding having spoken to Mkvapes and Vision:

Both the CEOs of Mkvapes (maker of the high voltage) and Vision are good friends. Vision produced the actual High Voltage tank for MK Vapes and Mkvapes allowed them sell the High Voltage tank under their own name. Hence the Vision tank is called the Vision MK, MK standing for Mkvapes. I don’t think there are therefore any differences between the two tanks apart from the logo. Also the High Voltage logo can be found on the Vision MK Tank. I hope this clears up some of the confusion I have seen on the forums and on Youtube.

Vaping the Vision MK 0.2ohm Cotton Coil

Vision MK Kit Content
Vision MK Kit Content

The recommended range on the Vision Mk is 30-100W. We used the Fa-Q Miss Samoa e-liquid for this review, as we have been doing with the majority of our sub ohm tanks to keep them as fair as possible. We also were using our Sigelei 150W box mod for this review.

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30W: nothing much happening below 30W. At 30W you actually already get pretty decent clouds, but not much flavor at all.
40W: A bit more flavor and more clouds and a very cool vape. Still no real flavor though imo.
50W: Flavor is starting to come through and the clouds are really starting to fog up the room!
60W: The clouds are getting ridiculous now and the flavor is getting there.
70W: Pretty decent flavor now and probably the biggest clouds I have seen on any of the 10-15 sub ohm tanks we have tried.
80W: The drip tip air flow being open, keeps the vapor from getting too hot. You can change the air flow on the drip tip to control the warmth of your vapor. A nice warm vape now and flavor is not too shabby. Update: Vaping more intensely at 80W we got the odd burnt hit.
90W: A bit too warm now for my liking and I can feel a burnt hit coming.
100W: Getting a burnt hit straight away at 100W so won’t be doing that again!

I would recommend vaping the Vision Mk tank at around 70-75W.



The clouds are insane on this sub ohm tank. All sub ohm tanks produce pretty big vapor but this was the biggest of all the ones we have tried so far. The vapor is even more than that of the Herakles or Atlantis 2. If clouds are your thing, then this could be the tank for you.

Please note that with such big clouds you will get through a shit tonne of e-liquid on this tank at a very fast rate. Make sure you use a low nicotine level when using this tank.

Big Air Flow and Drip Tip Air Flow

Vision MK Airflow
Vision MK Airflow

The air flow features 3 different settings, allowing for plenty of air flow onto the coils. The widest setting is comparable to that of the wider air flow sub ohm tanks we have tried.

The drip tip features additional air flow that can be adjusted and closed to your liking. I really like this feature and is similar to that of the Atlantis 2. It keeps the drip tip cool at higher wattages and also keeps the vapor from getting too hot. You can also adjust it to control the temperature of your vape, which I think is a must have feature on the sub ohm tanks. The only thing I didn’t like is that the air flow on the drip tip was quite difficult to adjust.

Stainless Steel Casing

Vision MK on the Sigelei 150W
Vision MK on the Sigelei 150W

The Vision MK tank is made from stainless steel and there is some nice steel casing around the Pyrex glass. This is how I would have liked the Delta 2 to have looked, as it protects the Pyrex glass without hindering your view of the e-liquid in the tank. If you drop the tank the steel casing should help stop it from breaking.

Japanese Cotton Coils Made in the United States

Vision MK 0.2 vs Aspire Atlantis 0.5 Coil
Vision MK 0.2 vs Aspire Atlantis 0.5 Coil

The coils are made from 100% Japanese cotton, so no mystery wicking materials to worry about. Interestingly the coils are made in the USA, which might be a positive for those who live in the US and are feeling particularly patriotic. The coils look similar to the Arctic ones and feature long juice windows for good wicking.

Tank Comes Fully Apart and is Easy to Clean and Fill

Vision MK Disassembled
Vision MK Disassembled

The tank comes apart nice and easily and the threading feels pretty solid. The tank is easy to fill up with e-liquid with plenty of space on the sides.



The flavor wasn’t too bad, but we weren’t the biggest fan to be perfectly honest. We tried 3 different coils and got through a good number of tanks of e-juice. There was a slight odd taste to me on the coils and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, as to what it was. Some people have described it as a “clean” favor, but to me it had a slight metallic taste, or something like that. The flavor in my opinion could be improved upon and wasn’t quite up there with the likes of the Atlantis 2, Kanger Subtank, Herakles, Freemax Starre and the Crown by Uwell. This is our personal opinion and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Having watched some other Yotube videos everyone seems really impressed with the flavor, so I am not quite sure what to make of it to be perfectly honest. We did try 3 different coils, so who knows.

Basic Packaging with No Manual or Warnings

The packaging was pretty basic, which in itself isn’t a bad thing. However the kit didn’t come with any sort of manual or any warnings on using the sub ohm tank with the correct batteries and about saturating the coils properly etc. I would like to see a manual and some warnings on future versions.

Wattage Range Not What It Says It Is

The wattage range says the coils are capable of 30-100W. We got the odd burnt hit already at 80W using the Vision on our Sigelei 150W box mod. Vaping at 100W produced instant burnt hits. This was using a 75% VG e-liquid (Fa-Q) which we have used on most of the sub ohm tank reviews. We also saturated the coils for a very long time. I think the recommended wattage range for this tank should be 30-75W instead of the recommended 30-100W.

Only 1 Type of Coil

The Vision MK only has one coil (o.2ohm) and to use it at its best wattage you will need to fire it at around 70-75W, so you will need a high wattage box mod to use it. I would like to see some different ohm coils for the Vision MK to give you a greater range of wattages to vape at.


The Vision MK Tank is a solid tank and produces the biggest clouds we have seen on all the 15 sub ohm tanks we have tried so far. The clouds are just huge, so if that is your thing, you will love this tank. Overall the tank is very well built and the air flow features with the drip tip air flow were big positives. The tank comes apart well and can be filled easily.

My brother and I just personally weren’t the biggest fan of the flavor. Others seem to be raving about the flavor from this tank, but we didn’t think it matched the flavor of the Atlantis 2, Subtanks, Freemax, Crown and Herakles. This is our personal opinion and be sure to let us know what you think below. I would also like to see some more coil options as well as a manual and warning signs included in the packaging.

Overall the Vision MK tank isn’t a bad sub ohm tank at all and there was a lot to like about it. However there were definitely a few areas we think can be improved upon.


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Chris Kendell
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  • bobfrommarketing

    I just picked up a High Voltage tank and the review is pretty spot on, however I’d like to add a few additional discoveries. I haven’t had any issues with dry hits at any wattage however the atomizer that came installed in the thing fried after 3 days (I spent the first day vaping at 45-55 watts, then moved up to 70-75) and the spare that was included in the packaging would only screw about a third of the way in then get cross threaded. I’ve moved on to one from then additional 5 pack I purchased and am having no problems what so ever so it looks like we’re dealing with some major quality control issues here. When all the stars align this tank is absolutely brilliant, but based on the headaches I’ve experienced in only a week’s worth of vaping there’s far to many cons so I can’t recommend it to anyone. I’d wait and see if they release an updated version then check reviews to see if they’ve gotten their shit together yet.

    • Yes I completely agree with you on that. Even though we had quite a few spares we still had the issue with the coil burning through at anything above 60W. Thanks for the Feedback Bob, greatly appreciated!

  • IS there a way to use any 0.5+ ohm coil in this tank ?