Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 Preview (Jay-Bo)

The Noisy Cricket II-25 is an updated version of Jay-Bo's series box mod. The new model can run in parallel or series and has a protection circuit.

Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 standing
Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 standing

New Cricket, Still Noisy

The Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 is the followup to one of the most interesting box mods of 2015. While most of the vaping business was releasing variable-wattage box mods, Jay-Bo and Wismec served up a mechanical box mod that used two 18650 in series, for unadulterated raw power.

In the right hands, the original Noisy Cricket was an atypically powerful mech that offered a unique vape. In the wrong hands, it was potentially dangerous. The Noisy Cricket II-25 retains the ability to run in series, but also adds the ability to run in parallel. It also introduces voltage adjustment and a protection circuit. Here’s a closer look.

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Noisy Cricket II-25 Features and Specs

Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 diagram

Here’s the specs and features list of the Noisy Cricket II-25.

  • Dimensions: 87 x 48 x 25 millimeters
  • Cell Type: Two high-rate 18650 batteries
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low-Voltage Protection
  • Voltage Regulating Switch
  • 510 Spring Connector
  • Circuit Board Can Run Parallel or Series
  • Battery Life Indicator

A Whole New Beast

Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 Series Parallel
Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 Series Parallel

As you can see from the features list, the Noisy Cricket II-25 is a much different box mod than its predecessor. It’s obviously bigger, but it also has more varied capabilities. The most fascinating addition is being able to flip the circuit board so that the mod can run parallel or series. This gives vapers a fantastic option of going for longer battery life or more power.

The protection features and the ability to control voltage are nice additions as well. As cool as the original model was, there were too many idiots unsafe vapers out there that used builds that were way too low for a series mod. (I’ve seen photos of the aftermath.) While competent and reasonable vapers will still be able to enjoy series mode, these extra protections will help protect some vapers from themselves.

Although it’s not the pure mechanical awesomeness that the original was, the Noisy Cricket II-25 is still a unique 2016 box mod. The majority of enthusiast devices released this year were of the temperature-control variable-wattage variety. It’s nice seeing something a little bit different, versatile, and distinct that’s aimed towards vapers that enjoy building their own coils. Best of all, the mod is inexpensive, with several online sites listing it for under $30.

What do you think of the Noisy Cricket II-25? Do you like the new additions? Or do you prefer the simplicity of the original? Any of you ready to pick this box mod up? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Tim Tillotson Sr.

    Love my original noisy cricket!! I run dual coils at around .6 ohms. On a velosity clone. Remember ohms law!! Vape safe!

    • Thanks for the photo!

  • Elliott Nunez

    I like the original but I wouldnt mind giving the new one a try..The original Noisy Cricket blew me away.Along with The Indestructable RDA the Cricket is a beast..As long as you use Ohms law correctly AND use the correct RDA with the protruding center pin AND keep the mod CLEAN, Threads etc..You should be safe..Mine scares me so I respect it and don’t take it for granted and it treats me just fine!

    • I too am scared of the original Noisy Cricket. 🙂

  • Jayson DuVal

    the OG N.C. is awesome, I got mine last December, and I’ve had this little monster up to 350watts! But for me, a .3 build is the sweet spot, using Sony VTC4″s. I’ve got the N.C.II-25 coming in the mail, supper stoked to kick it around.. .

    • Dang…0.3 is pretty aggressive on a Noisy Cricket. That’s way too much power for my dainty lungs. 🙂

  • skizzums

    I have so many of the original cricket’s that i frequently give them away to new-“ish” vapers that i feel have attained the knowledge and responsibility to use them and keep their digits. Not sure how many of you jumped on some of the 5$ cricket deals of late, but they must be the biggest value in the vape-space. Although I don’t think the NC is the best mod for longevity though, mainly because of the, easily stripped, threads in the button and forceful use also eventually flattens the raised connections on the “see-saw”, but having a dozen of them laying around makes me feel safe that i’ll not be w/o hardware for at least my lifetime and possibly a bit of my afterlife as well. The Noisey Cricket-25?!?!, umm….yes please, take my stack but lets be a little more thoughtful with the quality of the small stuff (buttons,threads,springs), because i refuse to pay 20$ for a button fix on my 20$ mod(now 5$). all in all, im mostly enthusiastic about jaybo/wismec products and i love the outta the box designs with the cheap Chinese price tag attached, this NC 25 looks like a winner in the fun department and likely the most original design of the last two years

    by the way, .35 is the original NC’s sweet spot, .25 can be suprising but it’s safe so long as your running with those new sexy hot pink LG’s

  • Jayson DuVal

    Anyone get this mod? I ordered mine Aug 7th… still waiting.

    • Where did you order from?

      • Jayson DuVal

        Vapesourcing.. .