7 of the Best Super Tanks for Vaping at High Wattage

A new class of high-wattage subohm tanks now being referred to as "super tanks"

7 high-wattage super tanks

It’s been just a few years now since high-wattage subohm tanks hit the scene. Following the increased power of vape mods, tanks had to keep up. Vaping at 100 watts became a thing that wasn’t just for the hardcore enthusiasts. The original Arctic from Horizon, the Crown v1 by Uwell, and the SMOK TFV4 made the market go crazy with tanks that performed at a high level with triple-digit watts.

But in 2016, the stunner was the TFV8 from SMOK with seven available coil heads rated over 100 watts. The TFV4 from 2015 was no slouch, but the TFV8 was the first real “super tank” (although we borrow the term from a Tobeco tank). The TFV8 was the first popular tank with coils that could consistently breach 200-watt mark, and beyond. One TFV8 coil head was rated for up to 300 watts.

Now we have super vape tanks that can exceed that. These super tanks all follow the SMOK model of multiple smaller coils in one large head. We now see as many as twenty-four coils in one head. And one tank on our list has a coil head rated for up to 400 watts. That is just insane!

If you are a vaper that lives for show-stopping clouds and hot, tasty vapor, these super tanks must be on your list to try. These are some of the best so far that came out since last year.


The Cloud Beast King is the long-awaited super-tank by SMOK, a follow-up to the TFV8. The TFV12 uses duodenary (12) coil heads, much like the IJOY MAXO V12 that are rated up to 300 watts. The tank is 27mm in diameter and can hold 6mL of e-liquid.

The TFV12 is expected to become one of the most popular of the bunch, but the competition is fierce. The TFV8 was an instant classic, so there is a good chance that the TFV12 will be one too. Finally, the Cloud Beast King has a top-fill system with a sliding door on top.


The IJOY MAXO V12 is very similar to the SMOK TFV12 in a lot of ways, but also has a few of its own surprises. It has a 28mm diameter and can hold up to 5.6mL of juice. The MAXO V12 uses duodenary coil heads, much like the Cloud Best King, which are suitable up to 315W.

The MAXO V12 has an RBA section with a three-post design, ideal for triple coil builds. It has a top-fill system that utilizes a flip-top that pops open using a small hinge system.

Horizontech Arctic v12

The Horizontech Arctic V12 takes the cake when it comes to the most coils in one coil head. Twenty four coils! The 0.1 ohm coils fire up to 300W and if you already know anything about the original Arctic tanks, then you know that they have tons of flavor and chuck massive clouds.

The Arctic V12 is Horizontech’s attempt to reclaim their throne, especially since they helped lay the groundwork for what we know today as a super-tank. The Arctic V12 has top-fill, and big airflow slots which are adjustable. There is also a 0.3 ohm coil option for a more mellow vape.


CIGPET is another contender that came a little bit late to the party, but the ECO12 has some unique features such as the tetradecimal (14) and hexadecimal (16) coil heads that can handle up to between 360 (love it) and 400 watts. The ECO12 also has an RBA section available.

The tank itself is 28mm in diameter and holds 6.5mL of juice. Each tank comes with a unique resin drip-tip. The ECO12 is available in three colors, black, stainless steel and rainbow. CIGPET boasts that the ECO12 has the perfect combination of smooth airflow and flavor.

This may be the most ferocious tank/coil combo yet. Time will tell how these multi-coil heads will withstand such power.

Sense Blazer 200

The Sense Blazer is rated up to 200W and is compatible with SMOK TFV8 coil heads in addition to a variety of Sense’s own coil heads. It’s a 26mm diameter tank and it can hold up to 6mL of juice. It also features a flip-top system, which is a popular feature we have been seeing recently.

Some other unique attributes include a 0.6-ohm ceramic coil head and a regular 0.2-ohm coil head which is included in the kit, unlike the RBA section which is sold separately. The Sense Blazer is made of stainless steel, has top fill and can handle high wattage vaping. A super tank for sure.

Wismec Reux

The Wismec Reux is a sub-ohm tank that is also meant to be used as an RTA. It 25mm wide and can hold 6mL of vape juice. There are various coils available including a ceramic 0.5-ohm coil, and two 0.15-ohm coils, one of them rated for 260 watts, and a plethora of RBA decks available too.

The Reux has giant airflow which is obviously adjustable, a top-fill option, but no flip-top. Overall it has a lot of options and looks perfect with the RX300, both are available together in a kit. Although it is a super tank, the Reux is diverse enough to use as a regular tank or RTA.

Eleaf Melo 300

The Melo 300 is another great option when looking for high-wattage super tanks. The 0.17-ohm coil heads work best between 100 and 300 watts. There are two options, a small 3.5mL tank and a larger 6.5mL version. Both tanks are 26mm in diameter except that one is 5mm taller.

The Melo 300 utilizes sextuple (6) coil technology. It also has a convenient top-fill method in which the top cap slides forward to reveal a fill-port. The airflow on this tank is massive and the clouds and flavor are everything vapers come to expect from the Melo line, and then some…

Although these are not really super-tanks, the Aspire Cleito 120 and the Joyetech Ornate are excellent sub-ohm tanks geared towards high-wattage vaping. If you’re consistently vaping at more than 100 watts, you might want to look into the other options listed above on this page.

Dave Kriegel
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.

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I have the smok tfv12 and elabo 300 and love them both. 250 watts on the tfv12 gets warm but still smooth. I have a bunch of other tanks, but those are my two favorite so far. The t12 coils are pricey compared to most. However I just pulled a month out of one at 175 watts for everyday vaping.

Dave @ Vaping 360

Wow that is quite impressive, especially having ran it at such high wattage. Awesome!


No one has said anything about the Billow V3 Plus?


Probably a killer tank, but these are just about “sub-ohm tanks”.