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November 6, 2015

Kanger Nebox Review

Kanger NEBOX Intro

Today we take a look at the “all in one” kit by Kangertech called the Nebox. The Nebox is like a Joyetech E-Grip on steroids for sub ohm and temperature control vaping. The Kanger Nebox comes with a massive inbuilt 10ml tank and can fire up to 60W in wattage mode. The Nebox comes with a temp mode, which is Kanger’s first attempt at temperature control vaping. The Nebox comes with new Stainless steel vertical coils for wattage mode and a 0.15ohm Ni200 coil for temp mode.

Does the Nebox live up to the hype surrounding its launch? Find out below.

Kanger NEBOX Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1x Kanger Nebox (With Pre-Installed Ni200 Coil 0.15ohm)
  • 1x Built-In Nebox 10ml Tank
  • 1x Mini RBA Coil
  • 1x SSOCC Vertical Coil (0.5ohm)
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Black battery covers


  • Tank Capacity: 10ML
  • Output: 60W
  • Minimum Resistance:0.15 ohm
  • Battery: Single 18650 (Replaceable / Sold Separately)
  • Temperature Control
  • Drip Tip: Delrin 510 Drip Tip
  • Charging: Micro-USB Charging Port for Pass Through
  • Colors: Black
  • Baby Blue
  • Red and White
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 58mm x 22.8mm
  • Built-In 10mL Sub-Ohm Tank

Notable Remarks

Notes on the New Coils

Kanger NEBOX RDA/NEBOX 0.5/NEBOX Ni200/Subtank Mini 0.5/Aspire 0.3
Kanger NEBOX RDA/NEBOX 0.5/NEBOX Ni200/Subtank Mini 0.5/Aspire 0.3

The new coils are no longer box shaped like the previous Kanger coils. However, you can use the old coils in the Nebox and the new coils are also backwards compatible on the older Kanger Subtanks. The new coils for regular wattage mode (0.5, 1.2 & 1.5ohm) are now Stainless Steel. Kanger have confirmed that this is what they will shift all their coils to going forward. The new SSOCC temp coils provided me with some confusion as on the outside of the box it said 0.15ohm SSOCC and then on the “using guide” it says Ni200 0.15ohm coil. After emailing with Kanger they have said that the 0.15ohm temp control coil, is in fact using Ni200 for the wire itself, but the housing of the coil is made from Stainless Steel. I hope that clears up any confusion anyone is having with that!

Tip: Make sure when putting in a new coil, that when the Nebox asks if it is a new coil, you select yes, otherwise it will keep the resistance from the previous coil. If the device doesn’t ask this question, screw the cover off slightly and hit the fire button, so it shows 9.999ohms. Now when screwing the cap back on, it should ask you if you are using a new coil or not.

Vaping the 0.5ohm SSOCC (Stainless Steel)

Kanger NEBOX 0.5 Coil
Kanger NEBOX 0.5 Coil

The recommended wattage range for the Kanger Nebox is 15-50W.

We vaped the Nebox using Fa-Q 75% VG e-juice.

15W – Nothing
20W – A whisp of flavour
30W – I wouldn’t vape this below around 25W. 30W produces nice cool clouds of vapour and ok flavour
35W – Bigger vapour and a slightly warmer vape. Flavor still slightly muted.
40W – The flavour is getting slightly better, and warmth wise this is where I would probably stay for what I like. The clouds are pretty big.
45W – Big clouds and a nice warm vape, with no sign of any burnt hits. The flavour is now starting to really come through. Flavor wise, pretty similar to the old Kanger coils and I am not noticing any big improvement in terms of flavor.
50W – Verging on a burnt hit now with my 75% VG juice. I’d recommend staying below 50W.

I really enjoyed vaping the 0.5 SSOCC at around 40-45W using a 75% VG e-juice.

Vaping the 0.15ohm Ni200 in Temp Mode

The Nebox 0.15ohm Ni200 coil head, vaped really well in temperature mode. This is Kanger’s first attempt at temperature control and it seems to work really well. Personally I am not that into the whole temperature control phenomenon and prefer to vape on regular Kanthal or SS coils. Having said that the flavor on the temp coil is really good. In terms of flavor this is my favorite Ni200 coil I have tried so far. I found there was less of that typical funky Ni200/Nickel aftertaste you get from some Ni200 temperature control coils.



The Nebox is an all in one device, which means the tank is part of the mod itself. You don’t have to add your tank on and everything is neatly bundled into a lovely looking mod. In this respect the Kanger Nebox is a really easy to use and its simplicity will appeal to a lot of vapers.

Aesthetics and Size

Kanger NEBOX next to KBOX Mini
Kanger NEBOX next to KBOX Mini

The Nebox is a stunning looking device. Kanger really nailed the aesthetics on the Nebox and our white and black version looked really gorgeous. The nicely designed packaging adds to the appeal of the overall looks of this device. With its last few devices, Kanger have really hit the nail on the head in terms of making great looking products.

Size wise, the Nebox is 86mm tall, 58mm long and 22.8mm in width. This makes it much smaller than the majority of dual 18650 box mods and not too much bigger than single 18650 box mods. Given it features a 10ml tank inside the mod, I think Kanger have done well to keep it in such a small lightweight package. The Nebox fits nicely into your pocket and because you do not have a tank protruding out, you do not have to worry about anything snapping off etc.

10ml Tank Capacity

This was perhaps my favourite thing about the Kanger Nebox mod. For this reason I can see this mod, combined with its stunning compact looks, appealing to a lot of sub ohm vapers who are looking for a device with a larger tank. The issue with a lot of sub ohm tanks has been their lack of capacity, due to the rate at which you get through e-juice on those sort of tanks. The Kanger Nebox solves this issue.

6 Pre-Set Temp and Wattage Settings

​I liked the pre-set temp and wattage settings on the Kanger Nebox. These can be accessed by holding down the + and – buttons. There are 4 different pre-set temp settings and two for wattage.

Good Temp Control

This is Kanger’s first dip into the temperature control market and I thought their 0.15ohm temp coil vaped extremely well. It is perhaps my favourite TC coil I have tried to date.

Ability Change Wattage in Temp Mode

Kanger NEBOX Screen
Kanger NEBOX Screen

The Kanger Nebox also gives you the option to change your wattage in temp mode, and the wattage can go up to 60W. This means you can get to your desired temperature quicker and shortens the ramp up time (If I am not mistaken!). To change the wattage whilst in temp mode, double tap both + and – together and then hit the fire button when done selecting your wattage.


The Kanger Nebox weighs just 220g with 10ml of Juice and an 18650 battery installed. That is pretty darn light!


At around $60-70 the Kanger Nebox is a pretty good deal in my opinion, given what you are getting. I like that you get an RBA section as well as the two coils.

510 Removable Drip Tip

The drip tip is a nice Delrin 510 drip tip. This means you can use any of your spare 510 drip tips on the Kanger Nebox.

RBA Deck Included

The RBA deck for the Nebox is similar/exactly the same as the new Subtank Mini RBA section and comes with a pre-installed 0.5ohm coil. Those who like to make their own coils will like the fact that Kanger have continued to include the RBA section as part of the kit.


Poor Battery Cover

Kanger NEBOX E-Liquid/Battery Slot
Kanger NEBOX E-Liquid/Battery Slot

This was the biggest flaw with this device. The battery cover needs to be unscrewed using a coin, which is annoying for those who are lazy and impatient (me). After using it for a week or so, you’ll find that the paint on the battery cover will start flaking off, from screwing it on and off.

The bottom of the tank, on the other hand, is easy to access and the lid has a perforated grip which can be screwed on and off easily.

No Air Flow Control or MTL Option

The airflow on the Kanger Nebox is comparable to the new Kanger Subtank, perhaps just slightly more restrictive than the Subtank on its widest setting. The Nebox takes its air flow through the bottom of the mod.

What I don’t like is that there is no air flow control. This means this device won’t be suited to any mouth to lung vapers out there who prefer a tighter draw. I think they have missed a trick here as I could see this as a great all day vape for those who like to mouth to lung vape, given its form factor and massive 10ml tank. Those direct lung inhalers who like sub ohm vaping and enjoyed the Subtank will really like the draw on this tank. Those who like a seriously open draw like on the Atlantis 2 or like the High Voltage, might find the draw on the Nebox slightly too restrictive.

Plastic Tank

I didn’t like the fact the tank was made from plastic. I can’t work out if it is removable or not, so you might be screwed should it break. It is protected, but I can see it breaking if dropped and it lands in an awkward way.

Tricky to Clean Tank

​This is a slight compromise for having the tank built into the mod. Make sure when clean out the tank with water that you do not get any water into the electrics part of the mod! Be very careful when cleaning out the tank with water. I’d recommend using a syringe if you have one.


Overall both my brother and I really enjoyed using the Kanger Nebox and we will be using it going forward as a go to vape of ours. I wasn’t a fan of the battery cover, lack of airflow and the plastic tank. Apart from that, given its competitive price, this is a fantastic little “all in one” and I think the 10ml in-built tank is a fantastic feature for sub ohm vapers. Its convenient size means it fits nicely into your pocket making it easy to take out and about with you. I also really love the looks of the white black version we got from Kanger to review, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Overall I think this is an innovative piece of vape gear that provides something slightly different and I can see it appealing to a lot of vapers.

Who is the Nebox for?

The Nebox is a great device for those sub ohm vapers who enjoyed the air flow on the Kanger Subtank and are looking for a vape with a very large tank capacity that provides good flavor and clouds. The Nebox also has the added benefit of having temperature control should that be something you are looking for. I can see this mod being popular for those at work or needing something to carry around with them that they will not need to re-fill very often.

Who Isn’t the Nebox for?

The Nebox doesn’t have an adjustable air flow. If you are a mouth to lung vaper who prefers a restrictive air flow, then this won’t be for you. Alternatively those sub ohm vapers who like a really really airy draw, might find this one slightly restrictive, as it’s not as airy as some other sub ohm tanks.

If you are concerned about battery life and are a heavier vaper, then because of the single 18650 and annoying battery cover, I’d recommend looking at a dual 18650 device, as you will be annoyed having to replace the 18650 in this mod. You can use pass through charging however.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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I think I’ve figured out why the NEBOX leaks – even with the extra o-ring mod. I believe it comes down to physics. When you have any significant airspace in the tank and the temperature warms up (either because the room gets warmer or the NEBOX heats up due to charging), the air will expand which forces juice out through the coil. This is compounded by the large tank, with potentially more airspace. To test my theory I took my half-full NEBOX, set it upright on the counter and warmed it with the wife’s hair dryer on the lowest heat setting. After 15 seconds juice started pooling around the bottom.

To prevent this I always charge my NEBOX upside-down. I use a block of wood that I drilled a hole through – big enough to pass the drip tip. I also put it in my pocket with the drip tip down. Been using it that way for 3 weeks and haven’t had any leaks. That also stopped the issue of pulling it out of my pocket and having a flooded coil.

I wonder if any of the other large-tank all-in-ones have this problem too?


I desperately wanted to love my Nebox. That tank capacity was stellar, the wattage just right for me, and I could charge it via USB while at work. And the variety of coils? Awesome! On good days with the Nebox, it’s a pleasant all-day vape with great cloud production and taste, and an absolute breeze to use. My biggest issues have been the leaking and the spitback, which have both gotten increasingly worse over the past few months (even after adding an o-ring, being diligent in keeping the mod lying on its side, and testing out several different coils to see if one is less prone to flooding than the others). If they could find a way to allow for adjustable airflow, I think I would be a much happier camper.


mine wont charge :/


have you put an 18650 battery with the proper specs in first? it doesn’t come with an internal, and if it won’t charge, pop the 18650 onto an external charger (best method), if that doesn’t work, buy a new LG/Sony battery from VaporDNA and recycle that one appropriately.


i need so info on settin my nebox with the RBA, give me some tips.


I’m a little put off by Kanger recommending or should I say requiring a 30a plus 18650. Especially after reading things like this Can you explain this? What battery do you use? I have some Sony vtc4’s on the way. Can’t find anything else with a decent mah. I unknowingly bought some Samsung 25r5’s to go with it before I even received the device, but these are 2500mah compared to the Sony’s at 2100mah. From RTD vaper I’m assured they are legit. They don’t last very long I’ve only had this a couple days and LIGHT vaping. Also the flavor seems kind of plastic tasting compared to my other tanks… Also left it sitting upright for less than an hour accidentally and juice all over the counter top?


For the juice issue, I bought this thing on Preorder before it came out, I had the same issue. When charging thru the onboard charger or setting it for a while, always lay it on its side on a level area. Since I figured this out, no more leaks.


The 25R’s will work well for the NEBOX.


Bought the Nebox around a week ago. Slight issues with leaking but nothing major.

Got another issue though, spitting. I am just using the 0.5ohm coil on standard wattage mode, 80vg juice. Primed the coil. Filled up and waited around 15 minutes. Now keep getting constant spitting and almost a gurgling sound.

Any ideas on how to stop this, as it is unpleasant at best.


Alex Kendell

I am guessing the coil is flooded, try blowing whilst firing. Be sure to have some kitchen towels whilst doing this as liquid will come out of the airflow. Do it for around 4 blows á 3-4 seconds.


For those of you who are having problems with it leaking try this (mine has never leaked again!) :

The leak is caused by bad/not enough seal. To fix this is super easy! Get a small o ring off of one of your old drip tips. Place it around the hole at the bottom of the built in tank. When you do this it creates a much more tight seal. Fill the tank up, screw the lid back on tightly and vape away!!!!


I’ve done this fix. It works. Might still leak a little. Most likely if it continues to leak youre not clearing the chamber or giving a lite exhale on the end of your pull which pushes vapor out the botto,


If you’re using the mini RBA plus (the one with holes in the sides) and you don’t wick properly it’s sure to leak. Make sure you cover a good portion of the hole but don’t let cotton protrude out wither or you’ll get dry hits.


I don’t quite follow where to put the order ring? At the bottom of the chimney? Or the top of the atomizer head?


Hi! I put it on top of the chimney. It helps a lot. I have little to no leakage. I hope that helps ?


O ring sorry about auto correct


Is there a recommended coil to use to prevent leaking and to have a good vape?


its hit or miss IMO with the tank and the coils


Can I use a aspire Atlantis 0.5 coil in the nebox? If so how does it fit?

Alex Kendell

No, the coil base on the Atlantis coils are too large to fit into the Nebox.


Then why does it show it in the picture up there?

Alex Kendell

It is just for the size comparison. 🙂


I bought the Nebox because I liked the all in one design and large tank capacity. The first unit I had leaked within minutes of leaving the shop & leaked constantly for 3 weeks regardless of all atempts to correct it. The shop I purchased it from reluctantly replaced it. The second unit I had worked perfectly for about a week and a half and started leaking badly. This continued off and on until I stopped using it. I have access to flow testing equipment normally used for automotive carburetors so I ran a few tests on the Nebox and found it to have a massive air leak on the tank. I decided to disassemble the Nebox and discovered the tank is a D shaped plastic tube sealed on both ends with what appear to be a silicone type molded seal and numerous O-rings. The juice I was using contained cinnamon and it destroyed the seals and badly damaged the inside of the tank in just this short amount of time. I loved how this unit worked but WOULD NOT recommend it especially to anyone using a cinnamon juice. This is a great concept but there are way too many seals to leak and a plastic tank. Kanger needs to rethink this one !!


I am new for the past 10 days to vaping, I got the nebox first and then SMOK II with the TF4 tank. So far after a few days of a learning curve on how to keep it from leaking and tasting good the Nebox is my ALL day vaping machine. I love it, just hope it lasts. For all those that talk about it leaking, the shop I bought it at threw out the NI that came pre-installed and put in the SS coil, and after using it for a week, the only time it leaks at all is if I didn’t tighten the box right (I use a thin key) or if I get juice down the hole, or vape and blow out the bottom. Once you get it broken in I love vaping at about 45 watts, only charge using USB plug on it so you don’t have to mess with battery compartment. Only complaint is you really need to keep it charging while not using.. I plug it in when I’m at the computer or driving so it lasts all day.


Do you use temp mode at 45w or? If so what temp


I’m having an issue with burning when inhaling when I use the rba ……I’ve checked the cotton, replaced the cotton, remade coils and when it says old load new load I’ve put new load …..Doesn’t matter if my wattage is set low or at 30 or 40 very inhale burns …is there a way to fix this

Dave @ Vaping 360

Hey April,

There can be many things that are causing a burnt taste such as too much cotton, not allowing the juice to flow properly. Also make sure the wicks are not too long, or else it can also block your juice flow. Sometimes wicking RBA’s are tricky but can be worth it.




Also don’t stand it up vertically when not in use. Yes, I know it looks prettier this way, but if there is excess in the coil it will leak thru the air hole.


Tighten with a key, make sure coil is tight but not overtightened, and pull of drip tip and clean with cotton swab as build up happen in there and then drips out the bottom.


I have the kangertech nebox and I’ve been using the coil with the red band and when I tried using the coil with the blue band, it won’t close. I can’t screw the cap back on because it seems like the coil is too big but it’s the same size as the red banded one. And I’ve been using that up until this time.


I have this problem regarding charging of my device. It wont charge anymore. How can I solve this?

Alex Kendell

Have you tried using a new charging cable? They do not last long, but it could also be the charging port.


My local Vape Shop owner talked me into buying one of these about 2 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an excellent piece of equipment and I have had no issues with it what so ever so far. The 10mL tank is fantastic and one of my very favorite positives about this box.

I don’t understand people complaining about leakage. Perhaps your seal isn’t on correctly or you aren’t screwing the cap on right? I have been pumping this thing non-stop since I got it and haven’t had a single instance of leakage yet. This box has my full recommendation 5/5


TRY THIS!!!! Use at least an 80/20 juice in this! Mine leaked HORRIBLY for about a week, then switched from a 70/30 to an 80/20 juice, and NO MORE LEAKING!!! Im guessing it needs a thick enough juice to work properly when it heats up the liquid. Try this before you chuck the Nebox! It is an awesome all-in-one!


i was on the edge of throwing this bottomless s.o.b for wasting my e-juice, buit after reading your solution here, i smacked it to pieces, lucky me, i got this free of charge as gilf from my vendor…what a piece of crap.

Alex Kendell

Will be sure to try this! Thanks!


I’e used most tanks and batteries for the last 3 years and this is my favorite to date. The taste and smoke plume are great and the rebuildable coil is easy to install and not messy to use. The tank size makes it easy to carry around all day without worrying about running out and the temp setting prevents you from burnt tokes. It’s the cheapest and most effective rig I’ve owned.


This thing fucking sucks. Don’t buy it unless you want ejuice leaking all over the place.


That’s so weird. Mine leaked a little periodically the first couple weeks, but so seldom I kept using it. Now I’m at almost a YEAR of using my nebox and zero leaks since those first 2 weeks. And I’m also a heavy vaper. Wish I knew why some leaked cuz you’re not the first one to complain.


Does the nebox tank crack like other plastic tanks when fruit e-juices are put into them?


No way. I vape fruity/creamy 90% of the time and zero cracks. Also for those with leaking issues, I’ve had my bebox almost a year; leak issues first couple weeks intermittently. BUT told to lay on its side whenever I set down & literally zero leaks in about 8 months!! Now it never leaks – even if left upright 100%. I swear it’s like it needed to be broken in or something. I LOVE my nebox. Can’t find another I like as much!


does laying down the NEBOX help solve the issue of leaking when using the vape as well? And is there any other tips to use to stop the leaking.

Alex Kendell

Laying it down will help resolve the leaking issues whilst standing upright whilst not in use. It should not leak otherwise. Are you having leaking issues whilst vaping?


hello i’m a proper vaping novice and i just got the nebox, i’ve been using the coil with the red band out the box for a while with no issue, love it! its come time to change the coil and i have no idea where in the UK to buy a new one or even what type of coil i’m looking for, id appreciate any help as i’m looking for the same again.. cheers!


my local vape stores here in new orleans doesn’t have them either so I hooked up the rba and absolutely love it. no more coil buying for me

Alex Kendell

Hey J, sadly the brand new SSOCC coils from Kangertech are not yet available from any online shop. Kanger is a bit slow on getting new coils into the market, so patience is needed.


My husband bought one of these and has only had it 3 weeks it’s now putting juice in his mouth every time he sucks it. hes cleaned it, changed the coils and not sure what else to do. I don’t think it’s safe for the juice to be going in his mouth the way it is. I’ve told him that he needs to take it back any advice??


I actually noticed this happening with my subtank every now and then. Try short draws on the tank w/o firing it, about 3 times, then fire and inhale. If this doesn’t work then try increasing the wattage before firing, and put back, ex:
I have 0.5ohm subtank regularly firing @ 25.2W, but it spits! So I increase the wattage to ~42W and do a couple short draws until no spit back. Then put her back to 25W and vape on.
Usually this stops the spit back for me. I’m still new to the vape so if there are issues with my method someone chime in please

Alex Kendell

That is what we call “spit back”. Normally it occurs if you do not use the tank in a quite a while. Normally it should go away after a few puffs but it looks like the coil is being flooded. You may have to take it back. I am not sure what the issue could be, I would have suggested the same: Clean it, dry it and chuck in new coils. Seeming as you have already done this and the issue is still occurring I would suggest bringing it back to the shop you brought it from.


Are you REALLY 100% sure that the new SSOCC coils fits perfectly into the old Subtank Nano and Mini?!

I haven’t personnaly tested but I have a customer and I think my partner at the vape store tryed it and said it did not work so I’m quite skeptical even though it would be dumb from Kanger to have no backward compatibility, and weird enough if the old one fits in the Nebox, which I can confirm too.

Alex Kendell

Hey Alex, we tested them and they fit (but we did not try to see if they work). Kanger also mentioned in an email that they are backwards compatible. We have already gone through the coils we have, once we have new onces I will be sure to update you, but it could take quite a while. If you find out anything yourself please let us know!


Hi there, I’ve called my business partner this after-noon and also spoke with one of our “VIP” customer that bought our first Nebox and they both confirmed that it was fitting, though they did not fire it heh. Anyway I’m 95% sure the sale representative from an wholesaler in Canada told me that the new coils would replace the square one and would be backward compatible, which totaly makes sense as it would have been a total mess for customers otherwise.

They also both have the threading inside on top, and are of the same height, which is also why the old coils fits in the Nebox so it makes sense that the new one can go in the Subtanks. They have bigger juice holes so less prone to dry hits from chain vaping but the casing is smaller, so they might be harder to rebuild, unless you do a micro-coil as I’ve started rebuilding the OCC coils of my testers that are on Nanos so I can save about 2000$ over a year just from that! It’s ridiculous how 2.70$CAD x 60 Testers x 1 Month … can get that high. It is more than the rent of a full month!

Alex Kendell

Thats great, thanks for the update! That is a good idea and a great way to save money, kudos!


Pity the poor smoker who gets talked into buying one of these things. Like the person who gave me his subox in disgust, he’ll be a person who will write off his first vaping experience as a bad one and go back to smoking.


Not me. This was a birthday to me gift a year ago to quit smoking. Mine has worked like a charm.

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