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November 23, 2016

SMOK G-Priv 220W Review

SMOK G-Priv intro

Touchscreen devices are everywhere… may as well be on a mod too!

The Smok G-Priv is a 220W mod featuring a 2.4-inch touchscreen that has the most advanced OLED display to date of any mod. The G-Priv also features full temperature control modes including adjustable TCR for any wire type. he user may also adjust between 5 settings for the speed that you would like your vape to heat up in VW mode, or use a Pre-heat function for temperature control.

I received the G-Priv kit which pairs the mod with the Big Baby TFV8 Sub-ohm tank. Since the Big Baby has been reviewed already on Vaping360 this review will concentrate largely on the mod.

Let’s dive into the review and look at the details of the G-Priv.

SMOK G-PRIV specs and features

Kit Content

  • One G-Priv 220 mod
  • One TFV8 Big Baby
  • One preinstalled V8-X4 coil head
  • One replacement V8-T6 coil head
  • One replacement glass tube
  • Spare parts
  • Instruction manual


  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included
  • Dimensions: 85mm by 58.5mm by 28mm
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-220W
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.06ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel
  • Titanium
  • and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Superior Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Super Big 2.4 Inch OLED Touch Screen - Shatter Resistance
  • Screen-Lock Button - Simplify Operation
  • Five Drawing Effects: Min
  • Max
  • Soft
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Stealth Firing Bar Mechanism
  • Magnetized Battery Cover - Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • 510 Connection

Notable Remarks



The Smok G-Priv mod is a dual-battery 220-watt mod wired in series. The chassis is zinc alloy with a plastic firing bar similar to the H-Priv mod that was released previously. The battery door features a nice looking carbon fiber inlay, and the magnets that hold the door to the mod are quite strong. In fact, I have had a little trouble pulling the door off to change my batteries, but I definitely prefer that to my ipv5 that has a door that won’t stay on now matter how much I curse it.

The dimensions of the G-Priv are 85 mm tall by 58.5 mm wide, with a depth of 28 mm. It is a relatively short mod, approximately the same height as the Wismec rx200. The 28 mm depth does include the two side panels, but 25 mm diameter atomizers fit perfectly. I had no issues with any of the atomizers I tried sticking up off the mod’s spring-loaded 510 connector.



The most exciting feature of the G-Priv is the advanced touch screen. Covered with shatterproof glass (and no, I didn’t try to see if I could break it, but my nickname could be Super Clutz), the 2.4-inch OLED screen is intuitive and features nice graphics. The screen lock button prevents your settings from being accidentally changed while the mod is in a pocket, purse, or shoved down between the bench seat in my pickup truck. To activate the screen lock, simply press the silver rectangular button located above the firing bar. Doing so will also cause the screen to go black, saving on battery power. Pressing the screen lock button again will activate the screen once again to allow the vaper to change settings or check the dual battery icons to estimate remaining battery life.

I found using the touch screen to very intuitive and glitch free. Clicking the firing bar five times in two seconds turns on the G-Priv. The mod will prompt you to choose from New Coil or Same Coil. From there the home screen shows four icons: TC Mode, VW Mode, Max Puff and Settings.

Once you have chosen VW mode you may adjust your wattage setting from 1W up to the full 220W. There is a bar to allow fast adjustment and also + and – signs for fine tuning. Users may also choose how slowly or quickly their atomizer heats up by clicking Effects. Five choices are offered: Min, Max, Soft, Norm, and Hard. Once you have made your selections click on Activate to begin vaping. You will also see a new screen that allows you to change your wattage, counts puffs and shows resistance and remaining battery life. You may allow that screen to remain visible or press the Screen Lock to lock-in your screen and black it out.

Features of the G-Priv

The G-priv has a huge range of power adjustment, ranging from 1 to 220 W. The minimum atomizer resistance allowed is 0.06 ohms.

Not surprisingly, the G-Priv has temperature control (TC). Users may adjust between 200 and 600 degrees fahrenheit. What is a bit surprising are that all the bells and whistles are included, and that isn’t something seen often for a mod in this price range. The G-Priv has modes for ni200, titanium and stainless steel. However, it also has Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) adjustments. I was very happy about having adjustable TCR since I use stainless steel wire. Since stainless steel is available in several grades, mods that do not allow users to adjust TCR often will not work well for me in TC mode because they may not be programmed for the grade of stainless steel I am using.

Users may choose how quickly or slowly their atomizer heats up with the following settings: Min, Max, Soft, Normal, Hard.


The Big Baby Sub-ohm tank really is a beast!
Really good looking mod (and tank)
Carbon Fiber inlay on the strong magnet battery door
Adjustable TCR for stainless steel coil users
Five drawing effects to dial in your vape
Intuitive touch screen with shatterproof glass
Large range of power adjustments for most vapers


Firing bar on my unit has a lot of slop
Touch screen is a fingerprint magnet
Included Big Baby atomizer caters to high power cloud lovers only



The G-Priv kit is aimed at vapers who like to “put the pedal to the metal” and pump out massive performance. And this combo sure will! I recommend the kit to cloud lovers looking for a nicely paired mod and tank, especially if you enjoy the convenience of using factory coil heads.

For those looking at the G-Priv mod only, it will suit a large variety of vapers with its range of power settings. You get a lot of nice features for the money, all wrapped up in a smart-looking package.


I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.

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I bought the G-Priv Baby about two months ago and have had nothing but problems. Most recently, the screen went blank (black) and will not turn on. I’ve tried turning off the stealth mode, changing the batteries, updating the firmware, but nothing works. Very disappointing and a complete waste of money.


I’ve been using my G-PRIV for almost exactly a year now, and I can’t imagine using anything else. The body of the mod is tough enough to deal with me dropping it all the time, and I work both in the mountains and on construction sites. While I did swap out the tank for a TFV12 Cloud Beast King, the tank it comes with works fine (save for some leakage problems), I just wanted more juice capacity and bigger coils. All in all, I love my kit to death, and if/when it breaks or gets lost, rest assured that this will be my first choice as a replacement.


Had this mod for 2 months. I have tried all the coils. The T4 they look like 2 coil tubes are the best flavor. Everything else is a waste of money.

Alexandria Bush (Alex)

i have a g-priv and the only real complaint i have about its is that the peice where you screw in the tank has started to pop out, i was able to get it fixed, but just wanted to let everyone know that, that is a possiblity to happen. other than that i love my g-priv…. lol just wish i was able to get the one thats candy-apple red. lol but im happy with my gold one


Keep the 510 connector threads well lubed. That will reduce the chance of that occurring by 80% or more. An easy repair when it happens, but a Pain In The Arse to deal with. Those tiny screw-heads require a surgeon’s touch . . .

Lila Keomalithong

What settings to use for Virgin Vapor 100% VG, 12 mg nic with the baby beast tank??? Just switched to 100% VG since PG rips my throat up. Sore throat now. Put the Fresh Thai Mango in and it tastes horrible at 34-55w…like coil or plastic smoke with little flavor. 🙁 Received this set brand new today…help!


Use TC mode. Pre heat 60 Watts. Ad-tcr .0500 try that. Use the ohm according to your coil and stainless steel setting.

Lila Keomalithong

Thanks, I will try that!


Does anyone know where I can get a Smok G Priv kit in Purple? I have hunted high and low and I just can’t find it. I’m desperate for this purple one ?


3fvape has them on the way.


This is an update to a comment I made one month ago. My G-Priv continues to impress. I have upgraded the firmware to ver. 1.8 and all of the software issues others have mentioned have been fixed. Will watch to see if any “new” bugs have been introduced. Overall, I have been so impressed by this pipe that I am going to purchase two more. One for myself in Black/Silver – – I already own the Black/Red, and one to gift to a friend.


Hi guys can you tell me what juice to put in this because I was told if I put my vapemate juice (the five tester samples) it will ruin it. Is there a name to look out for at all? I quite like vapemates flavours and they have a massive range but I don’t want to mess up my vape. I believe they said it would have a burn taste to it. Should it have more oil in them or less oil?

Thanks in advance guys x



Did you purchase the full kit with the TVF8 Big Baby Beast? If not, what tank are you currently using?


Hey thanks for answering, yes I bought the baby beast, it was the whole kit.


Using Vapemate or most other juices will not ruin your kit. Ruining your vape is another matter. In order to really help you, I need the following information:

VG/PG % of your juice
Nic Strength
Wattages you normally vape at. Particularly your “sweet spot” wattage.


I haven’t started vaping on it yet, I normally go for the Cherry cola ejuice from vapemate I normally go for the 70% VG 12MG at the moment I vape using a Vapoursson Envod it’s one of the pen ones. I just bought the GPriv but wanted to know what eliquid I should get before I start using it. I was using 50% PG but the hit at the back of the throat was a bit too much for me so I went for the 70% VG and it’s not that bad, I know I may need to come down on nicotine that’s no problem. I’m not sure what the wattage would be suitable for me. I’m a beginner so what would you recommend. I’m guessing the classics would probably suit me rather than the 50% PG but they don’t give off that much using the pen I currently have.


I replied 3 times, but the DisQus software flagged my post as spam. Please be patient and wait for them to fix it. You will find quite a bit of useful info there.


I got it through on email, thank you so much, that’s what I was looking for. You know so much about vaping. I will get that guide as I want to do this properly. Thank you again for your help, it’s much appreciated ?


How goes the vaping with the G-Priv?


We’ll never got the one I wanted the G-Priv as I wanted it in purple but can’t seem to get hold of it. I bought the gx350 and I loved it at first but the liquid seems to be seeping through to the airflow and I keep getting stung by it flying up on to my lip or mouth. Must say I thought it would be better. I’ve set it up correctly and it’s tight nothing should get out. It’s putting me off vaping and that wasn’t the idea haha! Maybe if you have any advice, it would be greatly accepted.


Since you say it is set up correctly, I will have to take you at your word. The only thing I could suggest (without knowing SPECIFICALLY what you did) is that you take the entire tank apart – – – give it a good bath in a 91% solution of rubbing alcohol, followed by a thorough fresh-water rinse. Then make sure all parts are completely dried before reassembly. Get a good magnifying glass to inspect the O-rings and gaskets for tiny tears. Should you find any, replace the rings. When not actually vaping on the device – – – keep the air vents closed. Never, ever fill or top off your tank without closing the air vents completely. Never use a new tank until you have removed/reseated the installed coil.


Here is my recommendation to you as a beginner to sub-ohm vaping in order to shorten your learning curve thereby maximizing your enjoyment:

Juice: Order two sample packs of flavors you think you will like. The flavors will be the same in each pack. Both packs will be 70% VG.
One pack will have 6mg Nic, the other 3mg Nic.

This is why. I looked up the device you are currently using (Vapoursson Envod). Extremely weak output compared to your Smok setup. Analogies helpful? Envod is a small caliber pistol round. Smok is a nuclear warhead. That much difference.

So where you will require 12mg with the Envod – – – that much with the Smok at 40 watts will probably give you a quick case of nicotine sickness in very short order. Try 6mg first at the lowest possible recommended wattage for the coil. Smok Baby beast coil operating ranges are as follows:

V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Coil 0.15Ω 50W – 110W (Optimal at 60W – 80W)

V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil 0.4Ω 40W – 80W (Optimal At 55W – 65W)

V8 Baby-X4 Quadruple Coil 0.15Ω 30W – 70W (Optimal At 45W – 60W)

Start with the X4 Quad coil at 30 watts. Before you use it, make sure you prime the coil well first. Five to 6 drops of 6mg juiice into each of the wicking holes on the coil sides. Assemble and fill the tank making sure vents completely closed. Set aside for minimum 15 minutes to allow juice to thoroughly soak the cotton wicking material.

Try vaping on that. If a bit strong, then increase your time between hits. This will also give the wicking time to resaturate itself. No chain vaping on new coil. Two hits, then minimum two minute rest period until coil breaks in. Should take about one tankful of juice. After that, no more than 4 to 5 hits, without a two minute rest. Last thing you want is to get a dry hit – – – if you do, you will definitely know it. After your first experience with a dry hit – – – you will understand the importance of making sure your coils are always properly saturated.

You will also want to learn as much as you can about properly caring for your gear. Spinfuel and Vaping 360 are both excellent sources. Get into the habit of searching and reading. Be proactive.

Do a search for Vaping 360’s beginners guide to sub ohm vaping. Lots of good info there.

Batteries – No Efest, Trustfire, or other cheap crap. Spend the extra for LG HG2’s, or Sony VTC5. Lots of clones and rewraps out there, so only purchase from trusted dealer.

Personal Note: I vape at 45 Watts on the X4 coil. 70 Watts on the T8 coil, which is my coil of choice using 1.5mg nic. Huge clouds of vapor, pleasant fragrance, and very satisfying direct lung hit.

Hope this helps.


i just bought the g-priv today so far i love it its easy to use and the screen lock is just the job no more suprises in the temp settings very pleased with it and will be recomending it to all my friends


An outstandingly good dual battery mod. Make sure to upgrade the firmware to ver. 1.8


I just ordered the GPRIV myself and I am battery shopping. Up till now i have never used a device that required 18650 batteries. Can someone tell me a battery to put in the GPRIV that will vape it at its max 220W?


Unfortunately, you will not be able to vape safely at 220 watts. Nor will the device actually reach that. According to Ohm’s law – using Sony US18650VCT5 2600mah 30A=11.54C, you will be able to run your G-Priv safely on a 0.15 coil at a maximum 182 watts. The batteries can handle a maximum draw of 60.00 Amps. At 182 watts, you will be pulling 50.98 Amps off the batteries. You will have approximately 5 minutes of runtime before depleting those batteries to the point of requiring recharge. This will provide you with approximately 65 five second puffs. It will also risk your safety if you try to stretch much beyond that. If you really want to vape at that kind of wattage safely – – – you have purchased the wrong device.

My recommendation to vape safely at that wattage would be the batteries I mentioned above, using a Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Quad battery mod.


How about the changing port. Perfer to have my mods standing straight up when charging no laying in its side. Is there some sort of dock people use for these to keep em off their side when charging?


I got mine back around mid-November. A great little dual-battery mod. I run paired and married LG-HG2’s in mine. Love the touchscreen. Fingerprints are no problem for me, that is why microfiber cloths exist. Also, I hold mine by the edges when in use. The Big Baby Beast Tank (I own 3) is awesome, and can use coils that will let you vape anywhere from 30 to over 100 watts.

Can’t wait for Smok to release the TFV-12.


What best battery to buy with this mod?



Is the G Priv or the Alien better?


Great review, thank you! I bought the G-Priv a few days ago and I really like the touchscreen mod. It’s easy to use and I can adjust my wattage setting up to the full 220W. It’s a pity that you see every fingerprint on the touchscreen.


Thanks, Olaf! Yes, the fingerprints were my one big con, but I expected that as well. At first I left on the protective plastic that was there from the factory, but it fell off in my truck from shoving the mod between the seats. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.


…. its a touch screen, you have to touch it with your fingers, of course it will have finger prints, i hate how people see this as a con. like when you buy a touch screen smart phone, did people complain about the finger prints. seriously guys come on.


Overall I’ve been using the Smok G-Priv for 2 weeks now, my few comments about it r below:

– The power saving (timeout) for the mod is annoying, even setting it up to the max, the mod will turn off along with the screen, 5 clicks is required every once in awhile

– The 5 clicks to turn on the Mod doesn’t really work always from 1st time, you see the logo coming up then all goes black, u will need to do another 5 click and it will come up.

– Battery life is fare, I’m using 2x 3000 mah batteries and they last for a day.

– Firmware upgrade is needed, some bugs are here and there, you can tell the firmware was done in a hurry


Hi Karim, thanks for your comments. I’m curious what bugs you have found on the G Priv?

I have only been using the Screen Lock because I knew if I didn’t I would be constantly adjusting things accidentally lol! I can’t seem to pick up my phone without accidentally hitting 5 things 😀


Also i cant locate the firmware update for the G-priv at SMOK website, worried it will turn on to be not upgradeable like the fuchai 213 ?


Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on whether they will provide updates or not, sorry.


Well, the only 2 i can mention now are:
1- MOD doesn’t go ON from the 1st 5 clicks u do.

2- lock screen is good, i always use it, but what i meant that the MOD goes OFF when the screen goes off, regardless if the screen is locked or not.


Mine doesn’t do that. I think you may want to return or exchange yours. Even once I lock the screen and the screen is off, the mod continues to fire any time I ask it too, even if it is a day later. Then if I want to access the screen just touching the silver screen lock button once brings it back up.


SMOK has just upgraded the firmware to ver. 1.8. This addresses all the concerns that have been mentioned by other posters in these comments.


I know this is a different mod than I am using but I just bought the alien 2 days ago. Just past night it started turning off on me. I am an ironworker in Maryland so it’s cold at night. Have you heard of people having any issues with them shutting off. I think it shuts off when the temperature is too low. Like last night the mod read 17 degrees Celsius and it always shitnoff after like 30 to 60 seconds. I do have the screen timeout set to 60 seconds but that came already set like that. Every issue he said he had with this mod is the same issue to the t I have with the alien. Thanks for any help.


Hi tkm, the only issue I can think of due to cold is that cold will cause batteries to discharge faster. Is it possible the mod is shutting off because the battery level has become too low? I would check that, and also if you have the same problem when you are indoors to help you decide if the mod or the batteries are to blame.


Thanks for the reply Audrey. That’s what I thought at first as well but I am able to turn it on and it is still charged. It doesn’t happen when I am inside. And I have resorted to keeping hand warmers in a pocket that is connected to the pocket I keep my mod in. If anyone else has that issue it most likely is because the cold weather. I hope they fix that issue with their next release cuz I really like the mod. Thanks again for the reply

Thomas Kolbi (KolbenFresser)

You´re not the only one with that problem.. i got the problem too.. if i let it sit for a while with the screen turned off it turns off when i press the fire button..and sometimes i need to do the 5 click thingey 2 times to start it.. switched batteries and it didnt help.. it looks like a firmware problem.. mine says g-priv.v.1.6. in the settings.. im looking through the net to find a solutin maybe to downgrade the firmware to v 1.5 because i dont see anyone with the version 1.5 with this problem.. but they dont have a upgrade tool for the g-priv at this moment..


Iv got exactly the same problem. IF i leave it for more than a few minutes it turns off then its one click that flashes the logo on and off then a further 5 clicks, (sometimes twice), to turn on, then press to fire….thats 7 clicks atleast, to have a vape after it being left standing for around 5 minutes. Absolutely not acceptable in this day and age. The quality tested stamp has lost credibility, atleast for me anyway. Im so disappointed, cause i love smok, i like many others have many of their kit. The g priv i was looking forward to so much, just to be bitterly disappointed, SMOK, get it together asap!!


I’m having the same issues with my G-PRIV I purchased yesterday.

-If the screen times out, hitting fire shuts the device off.
-Usually, it takes at least two five-presses to get it to turn back on.
-Mine is also on v1.6

I’ve emailed SMOK to determine a resolution, and to see if a firmware update will be available anytime soon (as that’s the only logical reason it would do this, seems to be a software fault). If I hear anything back, I’ll update.

That aside, still an awesome mod.


I also have the V 1.6 and it never turnes off after screen timeout if I hit the fire button.
Sorry mate

Thomas Kolbi (KolbenFresser)

well the smok support is realy realy bull**** they dont reply since a week now.. never ever again im going to buy a mod when it comes to this company


Hate to say it, but I agree. This is my first and last. After trying for a few days to get a resolution to the firmware issue, I’m told to RMA it through Madvapes. Seriously? RMA a device that is capable of USB updates for a bad firmware? I was then ignored for about half an hour after I asked when an update utility will be available. Quality “Live Chat”, I’ve gotta say. I typically don’t complain about things like that, but that’s just way too much.

Audrey, you wouldn’t happen to have a CS contact, huh?


This mod isn’t upgradable like the reviewer samples. Connect your mod to your PC and see if it’s detected. Normally you hear a connect sound. It won’t connect because the mod doesn’t support data transfer. My alien can connect to all there upgrade software on the r200 /h-priv /primus for the simple reason my PC detects my alien.

There are also other clues to it not being upgradable as well. Small things like retail version doesn’t say usb&charge above the usb port like the review samples. The usb cable that comes with the device isn’t listed as a charge/update cable like all there other mods. You will have a hard time find any mention of firmware apart from youtube reviews.

Smok pretty much let reviewers lead us to believe that this device would come with firmware. They could of told reviewers the retail version’s wont.

I lost count off how many reviewers talked about upgrades and how newer firmware mite offer options to customize the screen. This device doesn’t even have enough memory to support new code anyway….

I tried to tell DJLsb Vapes about it. His reply was his sure the mod has data traces on the board because he could updated his. But i’m 100% sure the retail versions don’t and they still not released any firmware or software which reviewers had access to. Why would you want people to RMA there mods if it can fix it with firmware….


That honestly doesn’t surprise me much. It’s pretty pointless, though, to make a device like that without the capability to update (especially in light of the broken firmware that was sent out with it).

But, is all good. I exchanged it, got a Minikin 2, love it a lot more.

Thomas Kolbi (KolbenFresser)

It an awesome mod for sure.. They should release a firmware pgrade tool..


I just did an upgrade from version 1.6 to 1.7.
I do not see any technical issues after the update.


Hi Richard, I generally use the rule of 60W per 20A battery and 75W per 30A battery. Since this is a dual battery mod a pair of 20A batteries will be great for you up to 120W on your Big Baby Beast.

For the longest vape time take a look at the LG HG2, Sony VTC6 or Samsung 30Q. Those 3 are 3000mah each. Other great batteries are the Samsung 25r, LG HE 2 or HE4 or Sony VTC4 or VTC5.


which are the best batteries for this mod vaping on a 40W-70W range on my Big Baby Beast?


i love the AWT 3000 mah on them


My only concern with AWT is that they are falsely labeled. They claim a 40A CDR, and this is not the case. It is really a 20A battery based on Mooch’s tests. He also said they became badly damaged at 35A and 40A during his tests. I do get upset about companies making false claims about a battery’s capabilities because that is how people get hurt. I’m sure they work just fine though if considered a 20A battery.


LG HG2’s are the way to go laddie. Buy 3 pair, and marry them to the device. That way, ye have one in use, one as a backup for long days, and one charging. Charge at slowest rate possible for longest battery service life.

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