Council of Vapor Defiant Review

Bill Herbst
May 23, 2016

Council of Vapor Defiant Intro

From the Council of Vapor web site:

Council of Vapor was founded by a group of passionate vapers who were seeking the most durable tools to cope with a long life expectancy and range of uses. Council of Vapor creations are born from the hearts of true vapers and the lifestyle existence as the ultimate goal. The group doesn't believe that a person makes a mod, we believe that an owners mod becomes a part of them after creation.

Our mods and delivery systems are designed in the US by the Council of Vapor founding team and crafted in Taiwan. We've created an easy to assemble, compatible, new aged line of devices that fit a vapers' true desires. If you looking for a new line to satisfy your needs, look to Council of Vapor, we are a group of experienced vapers who understand the needs of what you are looking for.

The CoV Defiant is a sub-ohm clearomizer tank that includes a pre-installed factory ceramic head, which is touted by various tank manufacturers around the industry as providing purer, cleaner flavor and longer head life. Yeah, maybe. Are ceramics the Next Big Thing in vaping, or are they an infant technology in the early stages of development, where the bugs haven’t yet been worked out, so that vapers become the de facto guinea-pig beta testers? Let’s find out.

Council of Vapor Defiant Specs and Features

Council of Vapor Defiant Packaging
  • One Council of Vapor Defiant Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Two 0.5 ohm Ceramic Coils
    • 40 to 75W Output Range
  • Additional Tank Glass Section and O-Rings
Council of Vapor Defiant Taken Apart
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 3.1ml Tank Capacity
  • Top Fill Capability
    • Threaded Top Fill
    • Quad Filling Ports
    • Additional O-Ring Seal
  • Vertical Ceramic Coil Structure
    • 5 ohm
      • Within Range of 0.1 ohms
    • 40 to 75W Output Range
    • Long Lasting
    • Purity in Flavor Recreation
    • Six Coil Wicking Ports
  • Spitback Honeycomb Drip Tip Design
    • Drastically Reduces Spitback
  • Quad Adjustable 7mm by 2mm Airflow
    • Can Be Fully Closed for Filling
  • Well Balanced Profile
    • 47mm Height with Drip Tip
  • Council of Vapor Engraving on Subdeck

Notable Remarks


The CoV Defiant Ceramic Tank is available from various online vendors for $22–33.00, plus shipping.

Manufacturer’s Product Info

Council of Vapor Defiant Drip Tip Anti Spit Back

The Council of Vapor Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank is a well-balanced platform that combines a trim and sleek chassis with a 3.1ml tank capacity, long lasting and high performance 0.5 ohm ceramic coils, quad adjustable airflow, and the signature honeycomb spitback protection found in the Royal Hunter RDA series.

The Defiant features an overall height of 47mm, including tip, with a tank diameter of 22mm that combine for a well balanced overall profile. Despite the smaller overall height, the Defiant integrates a threaded, quad port top fill system with a 3.1ml tank capacity, providing great range as compared to its size.

Featuring a vertical ceramic coil structure that measures approximately 0.5 ohms in resistance, the Defiant is built to run between 40 to 75W, perfect for a good balance of flavor and vapor. Due to the ceramic composition, each Defiant coil features outstanding longevity and fantastic flavor recreation, alongside fast wicking due to each coil's six wicking ports.

The signature honeycomb drip tip design found in the Royal Hunter RDA series makes a return, providing an effective barrier to spitback while providing a unique airflow experience. With a full set of features alongside a well balanced size, the Council of Vapor Defiant is one of the premiere Sub-Ohm Tanks in it's incredible price segment.


Council of Vapor Defiant Top-Fill Anti Spit-Back

Just as comparison is inevitable between SMOK’s similar-but-different TF-RTA and TF-RDTA, so comparison is natural between two tanks from Council of Vapor — the RST and Defiant Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tanks. Though somewhat similar in external appearance, the two tanks differ in their design, component parts, and special features.

The RST is a sub-ohm clearo tank that comes with an installed 0.2 ohm vertical coil, cotton-wrapped factory head, but also includes a separate rebuildable deck. The factory head is oversized to match dimensions of the deck’ and chamber, which limits the eliquid capacity of the mini-sized tank to only 1.3ml.

The Defiant, on the other hand, is a more typical sub-ohm clearomizer, with smaller but still standard-sized vertical coil factory heads (two are included in the package) that allow the tank to hold 3.1ml of eliquid. What distinguishes the Defiant is that pair of 0.5 ohm ceramic factory heads. What’s a ceramic head? In this case, it’s a vaporizing head made from a metal wire coil that is embedded inside in a ceramic tube. Regular wicking material (cotton?) is then wrapped around the tube. Both the ceramic, which is porous, and the cotton act as wicking. The ceramic provides a buffer between the coil and wick, preventing the wick from burning and slowing down the “gunking” of unvaporized residues in eliquid (sugars, particulates, flavoring chemicals) that coat the coils as dark goo that hardens and diminishes the coil’s ability to vaporize liquid, eventually killing it. The ceramic tube extends the life of both the coil and wick, while supposedly providing a cleaner, more pure experience of flavor.

This is the second ceramic coil I’ve vaped. The first was the “wickless” ceramic coil that came with the Youde Simba Tank. I wasn’t impressed with that coil; performance was OK, but nothing to write home about. The Defiant’s ceramic coils are less “advanced” technologically, in that they still use some cotton wrapped around the ceramic.


Council of Vapor Defiant Coil

For me, performance of the Defiant with a ceramic coil head was much better than the Simba’s wickless ceramic. I found the vape experience to be close to the better sub-ohm clearo tanks in my arsenal, such as the Uwell Crown and Freemax Starre. The Crown and Starre factory heads win out, because of their higher power ratings (90 watts), but the Defiant ceramic head does a good job, especially within its recommended range of 40-60 watts. Council of Vapor rates the heads to 75W, but they advise scaling back to 60W max for steady vaping.

Was the flavor more pure or clean with the ceramic head? Not that my palate could discern. It was good, though. As for the extended life of the coil head, I can’t judge that after a single day’s use. Time will tell, of course, and I’ll write a comment later to let readers know how long the first head lasts.

Otherwise the tank and coil heads performed beautifully. No gurgling or flooding, no dry hits, and — best of all — no leaking at all during vaping or after refilling. Good flavor and vapor production. Vapers with more sensitive and refined palates than mine may report that the flavor is indeed cleaner and more pure. Though I didn’t personally experience that, I have no complaints. The tank and ceramic heads pass for me with flying colors.

Council of Vapor Defiant Pin

From where I sit, odds seem good that ceramics will evolve into the standard wicking material for factory coil heads. Will cotton wicks vanish? I seriously doubt it. In vaping, new technologies tend not to supplant or replace existing hardware, but simply add to the panorama of choices in the marketplace. Millions of people still use eGo batteries and CE4-style tanks, even though enthusiast vapers wouldn’t be caught dead using such antiquated hardware.

One item to note is that Council of Vapor’s factory heads are proprietary. While the heads are cross-compatible with some of CoV’s other tanks — specifically, the Vengeance and Mini Volt, although not the RST (which uses larger-diameter heads to match its included rebuildable deck) or Phoenix (which uses a permanently fixed coil head). You can, however, use the 0.2 ohm 30–100W coil heads that come with the Vengeance in the Defiant tank or the Defiant’s 0.5 ohm ceramic heads in the Vengeance and Mini Volt tanks. That said, other companies’ heads won’t fit: no Aspire-compatible heads can be used, for instance. That’s neither unusual nor a big deal, but know going in that you’ll need to purchase Council of Vapor heads for CoV clearo tanks.


I have no list of Likes and Dislikes for the Defiant Tank. I liked most everything, and what I didn’t like isn’t worth mentioning. The tank itself is well-designed and machined, but nothing about it is radical or particularly innovative. The reason to buy this tank is the ceramic coil heads, which perform nicely and represent a step in the right direction for vaping.


My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.


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Tony Trenkle Jr.
Tony Trenkle Jr.

You say up at the top the tank has 1ml capacity for the specifications.

Alex Kendell
Alex Kendell

Changed, that for pointing that out.

David A. Marchand
David A. Marchand

So, how long did that first head last?

Bill Herbst
Bill Herbst

I’m still using it.


I must of gotten a bad tank. Since I’ve bought this tank it’s leaked constantly. I’ve even tried the spare parts to get it to stop after the dealer wouldn’t return it and the store even sees that it leaks


My tank doesn’t work. I was hoping you had directions on how to use it properly. Only found found warnings against not using it properly. Do you have any links that show how to prime it, fill it…, and clean it?

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