SMOK Micro TFV8 Baby Beast Review

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Intro

The SMOK Micro TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank is the pint-sized little brother of SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Many of the specs for the Baby Beast are reductions of those for the Cloud Beast: size (height) of the Baby is about 1/3 less than the Cloud, eliquid capacity is 3 mL rather than 6 mL, and wattage ratings for the smaller-sized Baby Beast coil heads max out at less than half that of the respective Cloud Beast heads.

This is consistent with SMOK’s design and marketing strategy for sub-ohm tanks and heads — many sizes, from very large to very small, often in numerous steps. The TFV4 line has four sizes. Here, with the TFV8, SMOK apparently felt that two sizes was sufficient.

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 SMOK TFV8 Baby Tank
  • 1 V8 Baby-Q2 Coil Head
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare Parts
  • Instruction Manual


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 3 mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design with Hinge Lock
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Patented Baby Turbo Engines Coil Structure
  • 0.2ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil – rated 30-80W; sweet spot 55-65W
  • 0.15ohm V8 Baby-X4 Quad Coil – rated 30-70W; sweet spot 45-60W
  • 0.15ohm V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Coil – rated 50-100W sweet-spot 60-80W
  • V8 Baby RBA – Two-Post Deck
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Black

Notable Remarks


Online price for the Baby Beast ranges from $17-40.


SMOK TFV-8 Baby Beast Black

The Micro TFV8 Baby Beast is very similar to SMOK’s TFV4 Micro Tank, with the only substantive difference being their coil heads. The Baby Beast’s heads use what SMOK calls “Turbo Engine Coil Structure.”

So, just as SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast is really the next generation TFV4 (like a version 2), the Baby Beast is SMOK’s next-gen upgrade to the Micro TFV4.


SMOK TFV-8 Baby Beast Coil Lineup

Like all the tanks in SMOK’s “Taste Furious” (TF) series, the Baby Beast performs well — slightly better than the TFV4 Micro. The new Turbo Engine coil heads do seem to improve upon the older TFV4 heads, but the performance enhancement in flavor and vapor production is incremental rather than spectacular — enough to notice, but not sufficient to generate major excitement.

We’ve apparently reached the point in sub-ohm clearomizer tank design where further improvements are no longer revolutionary. That’s not bad news, however, just the reality of how fast sophistication has been achieved in vaping hardware.


Small size
Great performance (slight improvement in flavor, vapor production and airflow)


Tank gets hot at higher wattage ranges
Performance isn’t that much better than earlier SMOK TF tanks


If you don’t own a SMOK TFV4 Micro Tank, the TFV8 Baby Beast is an attractive alternative, especially for cloud chasers. If you own a TFV4 Micro, however, don’t expect a significant difference, since there isn’t much.

If you’ve never vaped any TF tanks, you’ll probably be impressed.

Recommended, but with the caveat that the Baby Beast isn’t a radical new design or a substantial improvement, just a natural evolutionary refinement within the SMOK TF line.

My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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I like the baby beast tank (it came stock with my TPriv kit). Bigger tank but not too big so as to make the mod look ridiculous. I’ve noticed that when first starting, if the tank is filled to max capacity, it often leaks around the bottom seal (this is true with a lot of tanks). I own a vape shop and have put together hundreds of mods so I kinda know what I’m doing. It’s best to fill the tank just to the top of the atomizer for the first tank, after that, fill as full as you like. As for coil life, darker juices and higher temps will make coils burn out will “hotboxing”. If available, lower the ohms and set the pull to normal or soft. The best coils I’ve tried are the t6’s. Good flavor, good cloud, and longest lasting. I tried the Cloud Beast King on my TPRIV and was not impressed. Looked crappy because it was too big. Flavor and cloud production wasn’t as good as my Baby Beast.


I had to just chuck my baby beast by Smok. I was burning through coils every 2 days burning at 50 watts…so not cost effective compared to smoking. Then, I switched out to the RTA and guess what…in the fist box that I bought (I always buy 2) the RTA base did not work…low ohms…could not read it on the TPriv. Next I pulled out and wicked the other…wattage was all over the board..from .44 to 1.19 to.89 crazy…burnt my throat a couple of times cussed out my vape…then marched down to my Vape shop and purchased the Valyerian by Uwell! I am so done with Smok. The Valyerian is wicking like it is supposed to …no dry hits…wow 4 days on the same coil WHAT!!


Does anyone know if you can use the baby beast tank with the new pro color mod instead of using the big baby beast? Thanks


Yeah, That’s what I run on my Pro Color is the baby beast tank and I love it. Havent had a single issue yet.. I vape on temp mode. Been using TCR default of 150 but just dropped it to 105 as im using stainless steel coils. Ive gone as long as two weeks on one m2 coil with roughly 1500-2000 puffs on it. I am not sure what everyone else is doing wrong in these reviews but I can run mine with x4, m2s, everything but the coil with the two separate little coils and run my mod at 40-80 depending on the coil at 300-400 degrees and have never had a burnt hit or loss in flavor and usually change out the coil before either even happens. Unless I accidentally ran out of juice, and I chain vape never have a dry hit or issue with flavor loss. I take around 2 -3.5 seconds draw, but also am not dumb and allow a few seconds for the cotton to absorb if I am really ripping on it.


This tank sucks. Burns out too fast.


Honestly I think this thing works perfect. I’m quite surprised at the horrible reviews. I use this between 55-60w with 6-12mg juice and coils last me about 6 days average. Which is totally fine.


Bought this tank with the alien 220w tc today around 4pm. By the time I left for work, 8pm, coil was burnt up and it was choking me with only 30 puffs on the mod. Then the damn tank didn’t want to come apart to swap out the coil. Replaced starter coil with the turbo coil. Mod was saying not to abuse it? Finally sorted out that issue and now the tank gets very hot immediately after a single drag on it. What should I do?


Running 12mg nicotine, 60pg and 40vg fluid. Don’t know if that’ll have anything to do with it.


I would return the mod. Something isn’t right there. If your operating within the recommended coil wattage there is no reason why any of that shit be happening. as I said above. I vape from 40-80 watss at 300-400 with tcr on 150 which I just lowered to 105 and never had an issue and I usually get 2 weeks or 1500 puffs off mine.


I really like the look of this tank but unfortunately the coils burn out way too fast. At the rate I’m going I’d go thru 3 coils a week. Not impressed with the coil life.

Michael Abrams

The long lasting coil of the tfv8 baby line, by far and away, is the lesser known T6. I vape it around 70w and it has lasted a very long time. Q2 does indeed go burnt in a couple days.


I just got an alien kit (Black an Gold) looks awesome. Tank is pretty decent, it is about as good as your going to get from any tank on the market. I have no idea how people are burning thru the coils so fast. That said I usually have to waist about 2ml of juice on a fresh coil. I do not puff, just hit the fire button because anything on the first tank fill with a new coil is going to taste like garbage. The fact that it is a really nice looking mod, and the colors of the tank and the amount of options available to buy as coil replacements make this a great buy at 18$


Tfv8 the baby beast
I actually love it . It seems to work perfect on my innokin Itaste kroma battery around 45 watt no leaks or spills easy to clean all together a brilliant intermediate tank I use the 40-80watt smok coils a great tank superb clouds I love it

Nicholas Jo Stewart

what is a good replacement tank for the alien? I have the baby beast and have tried all its coils and none of them seem to last more than a day or two before burning out.


Fuk smok they gave me wrong sized glass tube with the rba for this shitty tank


I have been using the Baby Beast, Big Baby Beast and the Cloud Beast. The only issue I continue to have are the coils leaking due to the wire preventing the seal to seal. Every coil I have has to be fixed by removing the base, cutting the wires back and reinstalling the black seal and end cap. I really wish they would fix the leak issue but to fix it isn’t real hard.
Only question I’ve never been able to get a answer to is what type of wire are they using in their coils?


They tell you on their website


im still new to mod vaping my friend gave me his X cube 2 and got the alien so he also gave me the tfv8 baby im having no problems with it thus far and ive had it for about a month now. working great and taste is awesome.


Best thing you can do to help this tank work remotely properly is to only use the T6 coils, which are really 3s… Even though there are six small individual coils, their size and space dynamic very much is equal to that of a legitimately sized three coil unit. And do not simply use them in their stock fashion, but first take a razor blade and put a slice, or hole in the middle of each cotton intake… As the thing will always have at least one, likely two, if not all intakes wicking improperly. You’ll notice that after taking a hit, nearly ten or so seconds will pass, then bubbles will begin emitting from the cotton… This is it re-wicking, and at a rate slow enough to ensure that your next hit or so will be dry as a arid desert. This may not happen until around 200 puffs in, or perhaps after it has spend an evening alone while you sleep… As this time frame seems to be just perfect for it to create a situation internally, in which it no longer wicks as it once did… Likely the cotton is simply too tight, too much, not absorbent enough, poor flow dynamic, etc… The air draw also will degrade as time passes… you’ll notice that the airflow is so immense in the beginning that you nearly need to close off the flow just to have a normal rate… Pass some time, likely the next day, and that flow will be entirely different, indicative of fluid dynamic flow impedance… ie, poor design. It really isn’t a mystery as per why the thing sucks so incredibly much, as science, math, and basic engineering sums up all of its problems… Its more so that it has these problems, and rather than redesigning the coils (the brains of the tank), they instead produce more and more new tanks to make up for the short comings of the recent past. And its transparent as hell… Every few weeks to a month, Smok is releasing a new tank… With quoted design improvements which just so happen to be the exact short-comings of the last iteration. The problem is, they never seem to build one that doesn’t have its own slew of issues as well… I’m beginning to think that I should be using Smok for their Mods and Mods alone… Leave the tanks to better suited manufacturers. And it is a real shame, because this think is purpose built to look good as hell on the alien mod… But, looking good while burning the shit out of my lungs every third hit really doesn’t do it for me.


I was very annoyed with the coil problem and have honestly tried everything. I tried the razor blade trick and it worked perfectly. Thanks!


The nly damn problem am facing now is from where and what right Glass tube to get for the RBA Head …


RBA glass should have came with the big baby tank


Just purchased the Big Baby Beast and I love it. Great flavor, awesome cloud. The one thing I would say is make sure you properly prime your coils before you fire and make sure you are in the coils range. I dripped directly on the top of the coils till the cotton showing on the side of the coil was visibly saturated. Then filled the tank and gave it a couple of dry pulls. I am usually not a tank guy but I make an acceptation for this one. Heads up, The coil that comes installed is rated at 0.15 ohms for use at 30-70 watts, higher then that you may burn the coil.


An amazing tank! I don’t understand the negative reviews, seems like mostly negative reviews I read don’t know quite what they’re talking about or seem to have a bad set up. I am using mine on the egrip 2. Very smooth, great flavor, all over a gray tank. Smok has lowered the price of the big baby pro to around $20-$25. All in all an amazing product amazing price.


I actually love it . It seems to work perfect on my innokin Itaste kroma battery around 45 watt no leaks or spills easy to clean all together a brilliant intermediate tank I use the 40-80watt smok coils a great tank superb clouds I love it


I seriously don’t understand the positive reviews… I specifically purchased this tank to replace my tfv4 due to these overly positive reviews, and discarded the idea of the tfv8 as well… I don’t buy tons of tanks to swap around as if money is nothing like most vape enthusiasts… I’ve got well over a couple thousand invested since I began, over numerous mods and tanks, but usually due to failure to unsatisfactory performance… And here we are again… Another $50+ in the hole for a tank that seemingly sucks…

It has nowhere near the coil assortment as the tfv4, than again neither does the tfv8…and I really don’t know why… Not sure who thought less options equals happier customers… But the coils that do exist for this tank are all underwhelming, under powered, helpless coils… With preferred ranges on average of 30 to 70 watts… And that’s being generous… Many too out at 50 or 60…with 60 burning the crap out of the cotton and or coils… The quads look suspiciously like dials, the six looks like a three, and the right looks like a quad… And I understand the premise of ventricle stacking… The tfv4 of mine had it all the way up to deca “ten”…and you could clearly see the height of then and the individual coils stack vertically… This however says it has a quad coil, which has two ventricle stacks, with one cool in each of them about an eighth to a quarter inch talk… There are not two per stack… There just aren’t… It’s a lie… And the resistance suggests so as well.

That said, the six (triple in reality)coil burned out immediately… Broke it in ever so gently, and after about 50 puffs, it was 100% lung damaging burn cotton and metal at 55watts… The quad (dual in reality) has a preferred or real range of 40 to 60…but 60 burns it and 40 doesn’t even fire… So in reality it works from 50 to 55.x… And its dry the entire time… Underwhelming, dry, and about the equivalent of an entry level pen… It’s awful… I plan to try the remaining 3 or so coils available… All with deplorable ranges which I’m sure will suck… But I’m hoping not… Because the tank looks fantastic in top of my smok alien mod… I’ve got all this potential up to 220watts, and this tank only uses 50 of them at best… But yeah, it looks good… So two stars…


I use the Joyetech Procore coils in my baby V8 tank; they fit perfectly and I feel that they’re better in every way.


But you’re a rich guy douchbag engineer who designed million dollar dildos. You should be able either design your own spectacular subtank or, at the very least, be able to afford all the tanks you want.


Wow, you folks are incredibly sad, pathetic, inept twats… That said, why would I waste my time prototyping, building, and inventing my own mod? When the market has a supply sizable enough to pick anything I could ever imagine needing… And in that regard, I’m happy with what the smok alien is capable of, as well as the software it runs and its overall ability and or reliability. And I don’t bother building my own rba’s, not do I drip, as my respective field really doesn’t allow me the opportunity to bother with that level of attention being paid to a device such as this… When you’re doing anything from some cas design, to plasma cutting, to welding, to rough in electrical, to finished carpentry, you benefit from something which has a tank, and is able to be hit at those rare opportunities without any extra mins being paid…

All that being said, for whatever reason defending myself, my profession, and whatever else was deemed worthy of attacking over a discussion over a coil… I believe I have found my main issue… I think… I caught the tail end of a conversation between my vape guy (store owner) and his supplier… And it heavily implied that he has been buying knock off coils… Still in the same exact looking smok wrapper, with break away foil on the back, with “smok” labeled all over then… Even the coils themselves would be impossible to discern given their labeling and build quality. Apparently it’s been hard if not impossible for him to obtain legitimate coils, but it sounded as though the opportunity was or is, or maybe will present itself here soon… Until then I have defaulted back to my tfv4…which looks a tad absurd on the alien mod, but it works fantastically well. I have been convincing myself that I was getting a satisfactory enough performance out of the big baby for so long, that I forgot what a good hit really tasted and felt like… As well as the confidence to increase wattage over 69.X without burning your airway and throat.

I did however source a few coils at another shop throughout my endeavor with the big baby, and had the same results… But it’s entirely possible that they were also getting sub par, knock off coils I suppose… If the actual smok ones were truly in that short of supply anyway…

So hopefully in the near future I’ll have much better things to say about the unit… Until then, it’s retired.


I was going to say something similar too. But he wasn’t talking to me. If he’s this big shot blah-de-blah engineer, Why is he buying coils when obviously he should be able to build his own tank,coils mod plus a box big enough for all the bullshit he’s talking about.


I’m having a similar problem. Using the X4s, and they perform nicely for a couple days and then just burn out super quick. Running them over 50w is uncomfortable. Ohms are supposed to be at .15 but have all been reading at .175 (At least all of the coils have been consistent at that, so it could very well be the mod (Alien).

I’m going to give it another pack to see how it goes and then I might look at other options, cause I’m not happy with things at the moment. It’s a shame, cause it does look really slick on the Alien.


So many typos due to the fact I do this on my phone… And clearly never proof read before submitting the last entry. . All this time has passed now, and I’ve indeed tried just about all coils produced for this… They all suck . You can get a little bit of decent performance out of them for a short while at low wattage by poking holes in the cotton prior to use… Otherwise it just won’t wick for shit… But ultimately it will absolutely still fail for you between 200 and 500 puffs… Which is the biggest failure and waste of money possible… Don’t buy a big baby beast… It’s a hot piece of crap.


When you already have your mind made up about something….I doubt anything you try with it will suffice. People have different tastes and opinions on stuff. I’m not sure why people are getting pissy because you dont like the tank.

For me….I’ve been using the big baby and baby for quite a while on a Vaperesso Nebula….and haven’t had as much as one burnt or dry hit. Doesn’t mean I won’t…just haven’t yet. For me, they are the best tank at the moment. Doesn’t mean everyone HAS to like it.

And the the morons who think just because someone is an engineer they just “have” to build their own shit….that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in quite some time.


Hey is this tank better than crown 2


these tanks are magic they really went over the top putting that much power in a tan this small i loved my cloud beast but i love my baby beast i cant wait to get my hands on the big baby beast


40 watts is “all that power” to you…?? pretty sure your review is invalid at this point… The highest rating on a big baby coil is 90 watts, with a best realm which max’s out at 60, and won’t fire without burning everything to hell… It’s crap… This tank, or more specifically the coils for it, are absolute crap


Which coils would you recommend for overall efficiency with regards to lifespan and juice consumption?


I think you would be looking at the V8-T6


The baby beast is not what the hype led on it to be. I bought one and as soon as I tried to hit the higher wattage coil on 75 watts for more than 2 seconds it has an awful burnt taste from the coils burning up. Along with that it also leaks around the O-rings on the bottom of the tank. I honestly do not like this tank at all


I cant get it over 38w with the preinstalled coil (40w-80w) on the AL85. Disappointed.


The preinstalled coils that come with kits are always trash


I guess I got lucky the TFV8 coil that came with my baby beast was the best TFV8 coil I ever had lol! I am thinking of upgrading to the bigger beast tank, I am definitely a flavor guy first but I also love bigger clouds, do you guys think this is a good route to go? I have a TPriv btw.


I got lucky last time too, but I’ve found that the preinstalled coils usually dont last nearly as long as say if you were to buy a fresh pack of coils.

I’ve got the T-Priv too with the big baby beast tank and its fantastic. I personally found that the flavour and cloud is the same when I had my baby beast, but that might be because I’m using the same coils on both of them (x4). I think upgrading is worth it though because it is a bigger tank and I’m not refilling nearly as much. It’s also got a wider mouthpiece which I’m a big fan of


max vg juice is good for me 🙂


I guess I got lucky the TFV8 coil that came with my baby beast was the best TFV8 coil I ever had lol! I am thinking of upgrading to bigger beast tank, I am definitely a flavor guy first but I also love bigger clouds, do you guys think this is a good route to go? I have a TPriv btw.


Why can’t you go over 38? I just bought the AL85 kit, havent tested yet, still waiting for the battery and ejuice to be delivered to me,


The tank is absolute garbage… Using the smok alien mod, anything above 55 on soft burns the living shitboutbofncoiks that pretend to be able to take up to 130watts…all of them have “preferred ranges” though, which suggest strongly that the ranges listed are horse shit… And even within those preferred ranges are more preferred ranges which are even smaller… Basically ever coil offered for this stupid tank operates at 50 to 55 watts… Won’t fire with less, burns with more… And the output is very similar to a $10 vape pen setup… It freaking blows


Is your nic level above 6ml per volume bottle? Smok states above 6ml the taste goes drastically down and can taste burnt


Your fucking stupid. But fuck. You don’t know shit. Your probably a fucking idiot with an IQ of room temp


I’m Vaping mine at this moment at 75w on the 0.15 ohm coil. Never had any problems. No leakage, nothing, just a good mini sized version of my tfv8 beast. So unless your doing something wrong. Or you got a faulty one. I’m happy with mine.


I bought the smok stick v8 kit and it comes with the big baby beast and it is awesome


thats because you probally took it apart and didnt know what the hell you was doing puttuing it togther it is a great tank


lol I love this tank it’s great but you don’t need it any higher than 70 watts but even at 50 it rips well


Yeah, an electrical and systems engineer who produces and builds multi billion dollar systems gets confused by an atomizer… Get over yourself turd, the tank blows goats.


Man with an attitude like that I doubt your good at anything and suck to work with. Name calling is for low intelligent people who get frustrated and can’t find solutions for communicating. That said DEPWNDING on the atomizer he’s burning it up at 75 watts. The atomizer I use does great at 55-60 for me. I have a lot of smoke tanks and must tell you my opinion is it’s a fabulous design. Maybe it’s a QC consistency problem from China, or you really don’t know what your doing. Going to a local store can clear up a lot of frustration..


context bro…context


I hate this tank as well, can’t have it above 50w and take a hit longer than 2sec otherwise dirty burn taste, thats a good night of soaking the coil


You probably didn’t know how to use it right I hit it for 2.5 and it taste fine … it’s all in the juice you have. The lower the mg of nic the better it taste


What Box are you using? I got this problem with the XCUBE II, but it works great on my IJOY MAXO


Use the alien box. It’s the best to use for this


I have the alien 220w with the big baby running tfv8 coils at 70-75 watts and it rips good.good clouds n great flavor.def a fan


Does anyone know if you can use it with the smok stick plus battery or smok stick battery???


it doesnt come with rba deck so its a

ill choose serpent mini 25 or the griffin 25 over this… but i like the t8 coils that comes up on this one..


It does, and it has dual claptons on it… That said, many of the big baby beast boxes are arriving with different shit inside… Terrible quality control


How would you compare the taste of this tank with say… their T8 against the Cleito to see if it would be good that I replace the “old” Cleito at my store with that new TFV8 Baby as it’s pretty much the same price and inexpensive, though I hate having to carry extra coils in my inventory just for 1 new tank.


i would keep you cleito and buy a couple baby beast and keep them both there is nothing more that i hate when a shop has very small verity on things


While you wait on a response from the author, let me offer my 2cents. I own a vape shop in Mississippi, and we carry the Baby TFV8. I feel it is a no-brainer to carry this tank in your shop. Currently, the Baby TFV8 is in the top 3 in tank sales at our shop. We LOVE it, and the customers Love it! It has a GREAT price point, and it appeals to a wider range of vapers than the TFV8 in therms of wattage range. I agree with the author that the TFV8 isn’t drastically better than the Micro TFV4. However, it is BETTER, and that is saying a lot. We felt that the Micro TFV4 was one of the better tanks from Smok, especially for lower/mid range wattage applications. Considering the price, and the Enormous popularity of the TFV8 (the BEST Sub-ohm tank EVER, in my opinion), I would DEFINITELY add the Baby TFV8 to your lineup! You won’t regret it!!

P.S I wouldn’t “replace” the Cleito. It is still a very good tank! Get a few boxes of Vaperwerx Raptor coils for the Cleito to offer your customers. It offers a whole new experience for high wattage vapers. (200 watt max!). I know you mentioned not wanting to add extra coils to your inventory. Well, I used to feel that way, but I feel it;s important now more than ever to at Least carry the very Best offerings for your “Core” products. (due to the FDA;s deeming regulations).


Picked up a Baby yesterday without high expectations, not having been impressed with the tfv4 Micro. This is more than just a little different, as long as the coils last. Just a nice, smooth, mellow vape, reminiscent of a Triton Clapton coil- which I was lucky to get a few days out of. I was looking for something to replace a Kanger Sub Mini on my little IPV d3 for out and around. Interested to hear which coils have best flavor, and if they can last, if not pushed to the top of their limits. Nice thing is, this tank should appeal to everyone from newbies to hobbyists looking for a grab and go tank.


My coils burn out in a day test ed single double and 4 hole coils all bad I don’t know still looking for good coils. Did find online ur suppose to wait 20-30 sec between puffs, turn off device and let cool and to open vent all the way. The xoiksnget too hot for cotton. My friend owns a shop and says they pack cotton too thank fur in the coils have to keep tank full and I tried soaking coils for 15 mins in shit glass in juice prior to install that all helped also the sweeter the juice more sugar makes coils burn faster watch ur juice and try different ones. I have some awesome juice from my friend that owns a business with great flavor and cloud if interested let me know [email protected]


Do you know if it can be used with the smok stick plus battery?


Hey thanks a lot Quitter! I highly appreciate the feedack you gave me, and even more considering you are also a store owner. It’s been 11 days since my last message and since then I’ve been reading the (TFV8 Baby) was as you said an improvement over the TFV4 but just a small improvement and I still think I already have too much choice for my customers and sometime having too much isn’t necessary better as it can be too confusing for them to choose, and involountary you are very likely to always push your 2-3 favorite tanks and you’ll be stuck with the remaining others.

For example now I know I have all these (TFV8, Cleito, Atlantis Evo, Joyetech Ultimo, Uwell Crown 2, Silo Beast, Nautilus X…) but I’ve thouht since last week to finish the 2 Cleito that’s left and then just go with the new (Cleito 120) that’s only 3$CAD more and otherwise suggest customers the cheaper (Atlantis Evo) if they want less juice consumption and lower wattage while having the same quality as otherwise I’m gonna have too much Aspire products being too close from each other and the guy who’s gonna want to be cloudchasing will be going with the new Cleito 120 anyway so the one that’s inbetween will prolly be quickly forgotton and it kind of made its time, I am not selling a sh*tload of them anymore like I used to.

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