SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank Review


We review a monster of a sub ohm tank by SMOK called the TFV4 (Taste furious V4). This sub ohm tank comes with a triple and a quadruple coil and also a very impressive RBA section. The SMOK TFV4 holds 5ml of vape juice and features a unique cooling drip tip as well as a neat top fill function.

We take an in depth look at this interesting sub ohm tank below.

Check out the full line of SMOK TFV4 Coils.

SMOK TFV4 Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Taste Furious V4 Tank
  • 1 x Quadruple Cooil Head
  • 1 x Triple Coil Head
  • 1 x RBA Head
  • 1 x Spare Pyrex Glass
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Spare Parts (Screwdriver
  • Cotton and top cap)


  • Price: set to retail at $49.99
  • Wattage Range: 40-140W
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils Available: Quadruple Coil
  • Triple Coil
  • Dual Coil RBA & Single Coil RBA (more coming)
  • Wicking material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • RBA: RBA Included in kit
  • Diameter: 24.5mm

Notable Remarks

TFV4 Coils Already Released

TF-T3 (triple coil)

  • Patented Triple Coil Head
  • High Quality Kanthal
  • Pure Taste
  • Cloud Vapor Chasing
  • 0.2Ω (40w-130w)

TF-Q4 (quadruple coil)

  • Patented Quadruple Coil Head
  • High Quality Kanthal
  • More E-liquid Delivery Efficiency
  • Work with 100% VG
  • 0.15Ω (40w-140w)


  • Single Coil Head
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Bigger Deck
  • 0.85Ω (Pre-installed)


  • Dual Coil Head
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Bigger Deck
  • 0.25Ω (Pre-installed)

TFV4 Coils Coming Soon

The SMOK TFV4 already comes with some great coils and an RBA section, but they have a whole heap of new coils planned.

Check out the full line of SMOK TFV4 Coils!


  • Patented Nickel 200 Dual Coil Head
  • Temperature Sensing Capability & No Burnt Taste
  • 0.12Ω (400°F-600°F)


  • Patented Higher Resistance Dual Coil Head
  • Lower Power & Cooler Vapor
  • 1.5Ω (20w-45w)


  • Patented Titanium Dual Coil Head
  • Temperature Sensing Capability & No Burnt Taste
  • 0.33Ω (450°F-600°F)


  • Patented Sextuple Coil Head
  • High Vaporizing Efficiency
  • 0.4Ω (30w-100w)

Temperature Sensing Coils
New patented TF-N2 Coil & TF- Ti Coil will use Nickel 200 and Titanium temperature sensing wire respectively, and work well with the SMOK X CUBE II temperature-control mod.

Separate Chamber Design
All TFV4 coil heads use the Separate Chamber Design, which can significantly improve the stability and reduce the interference with each other coil.

Vaping the SMOK TFV4 Triple Coil (40-130W)

We vaped the quad coil on the SMOK X Cube II and used our Max VG e-juice by Fa-Q.

50W – A few meagre whisps of vapor at 50W
70W – Some big clouds now, but not a lot on the flavor front yet
90W – Massive clouds as you would expect from a triple coil, but again not too much flavor coming through
100W – Huge huge clouds of warm vapor and the flavor is starting to come through now, but is by no means pronounced
110W – Getting warmer and better flavor
120W – Quite a hot vape now and I can’t inhale too long due to the heat and massive amounts of vapor!
130W – The flavor is reaching its peak now, but I can only do relatively short inhales due to the copious amounts of vapor!
140W – Still no burnt hits and the coil is wicking well. Massive vapor and the flavor seems to get better with the higher wattages

I won’t be vaping this any higher than 140W as I can’t inhale too long on the TFV4 without it getting too hot or there being too much vapor. The flavor on the quad coil is best at higher wattage and at the lower wattages not much flavor came through. You will need at least 120Ws of power to get the best flavor from this beast of a coil.

Vaping the SMOK TFV4 Quadruple Coil (40-140W)

Again we used the SMOK X Cube II and the same e-juice for this coil.

40W – nothing
60W – Nice vapor now at 60W and I can already taste some good flavor, much more so than on the triple coil at this wattage
80W – Amazing flavor now at 80W, much better than the triple coil. A nice luke warm vape with lovely billowing clouds of delicious vapor
90W – Still not too warm and even bigger clouds. The flavor is just amazing now!
100W – Getting hotter now, but again the flavor is just outstanding!
110W – Vapor getting a tad too hot for my liking now, so I can only take short inhales. Massive clouds and amazing flavor!
120W – Vapor is just too hot now, but there are no burnt hits as yet and the flavor is just like drinking the e-juice. I find the vape at this wattage unvapeable
140W – I can’t even hit this for a couple of seconds as it just scorches me straight away

I’d recommend vaping the TFV4 quad coil at 80-90W as anything above was too hot for my liking. The flavor on this coil was miles better than the triple coil and I wouldn’t recommend touching the triple and go straight for this one. It absolutely sucks up e-juice though, so do bear that in mind when vaping and don’t use an e-liquid that is too high in nicotine. Even a 3mg nicotine juice (our standard) was a bit too much for me due to the massive clouds and the amount of e-juice it went through.


Build Quality

SMOK TFV-4 next to the Atlantis
SMOK TFV-4 next to the Atlantis

The build quality on older SMOK sub ohm tanks was always slightly lacking (wobbly drip tips etc.). This tank has a very high quality feel to it and is extremely well made with some unique features. The coils themselves are also very well made and machined.

Amazing Coils and Many More Coming


First up I have to say that the triple coil was slightly disappointing in terms of flavor. It wasn’t disappointing when it came to clouds, but I would have liked some more flavor from it. The quadruple coil was a whole new story and the flavor was outstanding and on par with our favorite sub ohm tank to date, the Uwell Crown. It was almost like what I imagine drinking e-juice to taste like! The RBA section also worked very well and produced some gorgeous flavor.

SMOK have a huge range of new coils coming for the TFV4, which include Ni200 temp control coils and some coils designed for lower wattage vaping. It looks like they will cover all angles with this tank and it looks set to be a really interesting line up! I can’t wait to try the temp sensing coils and those lower wattage ones and will try and get my hands on them and update the article once I do!

Great RBA Section with Massive Juice Flow


The RBA is the best RBA section I have yet come across on any sub ohm tank, as it’s so big and wide, meaning you have plenty of space for different builds. The juice flow holes are massive and we didn’t have any issues with doing the wicking and getting burnt hits. We vaped the pre-installed RBA at around 30-40W and the coil was reading at 0.72 ohm. The flavor and vape was fantastic and up there with some of our favorite RTAs. The RBA section on this sub ohm tank is a great addition and I am glad they included it in the kit.

Unique Drip Tip with Cooling and Additional Air Flow

SMOK TFV-4 Drip Tip
SMOK TFV-4 Drip Tip

The drip tip is quite unique on the TFV4 and features additional air flow holes and a cooling system. The drip tip is made up of two sections, an inner tube and an outer one to help the inner one cool off. This means your lips only touch the outer tube and means it will stay super cool even when vaping at higher wattages. You can also use your own 510 drip tips with the TFV4 should you want too.

Unlike some of the older SMOK sub ohm tanks, the drip tip is extremely solid and doesn’t move and wobble at all!

Unique Top Filling

SMOK TFV-4 Top Fill
SMOK TFV-4 Top Fill

The top fill feature on the SMOK TFV4 is great and you just slide the lid across to open the top of the tank. The rubber o-rings at the top fit well and the tank does not leak at all, even when we layed it on its side we didn’t have any leakages. Despite this we have heard from others, that they are having leaking issues, so it seems to be a bit hit and miss.

Amazing Air Flow

The air flow on the SMOK TFV4 is great and features 4 different air flow slots as well as extra air flow in the drip tip should you want it. With the bottom air flow fully open the TFV4 provided a really nice draw and exactly how we like it.

5ml Juice Capacity

The juice capacity on the TFV4 is 5ml and this tank needs that as it gets through tonnes of e-juice. The top fill function makes it easy to refill, but it is useful to have the 5ml capacity.


There really wasn’t much we didn’t like about the SMOK TV4 and the below points are some quite picky negatives. It is all personal opinion, so make of the following points what you will as they might not be an issue for you!

Destroys E-Juice

This is a plus and a minus as the TFV4 produces massive clouds on its quad and triple coils, but in the process drains your e-juice! Be careful with the nicotine of your vape juice when using this tank as you will be getting through a tonne of e-juice very quickly.

Quite Wide (24.5mm)

The TFV4 is quite a bit wider than most some ohm tanks and is 24.5mm in width when most sub ohm tanks are around the 22mm mark. Having said that, the TFV4 fits perfectly on the X Cube II which is the device it is meant to be vaped with. We put the TFV4 on the Sigelei 150W and there was the tiniest overlap and you might have some overlapping on any thinner box mods.


The TFV4 isn’t a light sub ohm tank and weighs 92g. It isn’t a massive downside at all, but something to bear in mind when considering to purchase this sub ohm tank.


The TFV4 is an absolute beast and comes with two coils, an RBA section, as well as a spare pyrex glass, cotton and a screwdriver. However for $49.99 it isn’t cheap and the replacement coils will not be cheap either. Then again you do get a lot and this is a well-crafted and well machined sub ohm tank capable of chucking some big clouds and producing some great flavor. The RBA section is great and the tank works fantastically well using the RBA and its juice flow holes, so those who like making their own coils can benefit from this and save themselves some money. The TVF4 isn’t cheap, but it is in my opinion worth its price tag.


This isn’t something we experienced on the TFV4, but have been alerted to this by comments and messages on Facebook. It seems some people are having leaking issues on their TFV4s. It seems to be a bit hit and miss, so keep this in mind when making a purchase and note that this could be a big issue.


Wow this tank is ridiculous, in a very good way! The quad coil was astounding and so was the RBA section. The flavor from both particularly on the quadruple coil was outstanding and the best we have tried on any sub ohm tank (tied for first place with the Crown). If I imagined the flavor from drinking e-juice then the Quad coil is what I imagine it to taste like and that’s no exaggeration.

The TFV4 tank is well built, features top fill and has a really nice drip tip that stays super cool. There are also some great coils planned including temp control and coils for lower wattage vaping that look really interesting. The RBA section is also fantastic and the best I have come across on a sub ohm tank so far, making this tank a good alternative to an RTA.

The tank isn’t cheap and gets through shit tonnes of juice, but I don’t think people will care and I can see this being an extremely popular tank! Overall we were really impressed with this sub ohm tank and it is our favorite one we have tried since the Crown by Uwell.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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Okay, I just got mine and can’t figure out how I’m supposed to vape pot in this thing. Is it me? I think it’s me. Anyone know what I should have purchased in order to smoke actual material and not liquid? Dazed and Confused. Thanks.


NEVER EVER BUY SMOK PRODUCTS! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG AND SHARE IT SO WE CAN EXPOSE COMPANIES THAT ARE SCAMS. I bought a Smok product about a year and a half ago ago and It broke within the month, So seeing as it still had a 3 month warranty I called their rude customer service line and they said If i sent it back along with $5 I could get the next updated version of the XCube II. I sent it back with $5 to be replaced, and as time went on I never got anything bak! So I called their awful customer service again and they said it was already delivered to me! BUT I NEVER RECIEVED ANYTHING! I didn’t sign for anything and nothing came in the mail, ever! So after calling about 7 times and arguing with them they said that they will contact their supplier and put me on a list to get, again, the newest version of the product……THIS WAS OVER A YEAR AGO! WHEN WILL I GET WHAT I PAID FOR! This is a very unprofessional and dishonest company! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! YOUR PRODUCT WILL BREAK UPON PURCHASE AND THEY WONT BAT AND EYE OR LIFT A FINGER TO HELP!


Same experience with the Orange County, CA customer service office. Rude. Unhelpful. Really like the TFV8 and XCube designs and look and hated to retire both, but the quality and machining is so iffy they need a Sony-like or Walmart-like Customer Service Department instead of one like a blank-faced grouchy woman on a street corner selling factory rejects out of a beat up van.


Hey! I’ve been having issues with this tank lately. I’ve tried multiple different coils and pg/vg ratio and different flavors and base fluids. And always the same problem, burnt bitter taste and harsh throat hit. I have tried everything to fix that but without the result. Any recommendation what shoul I do?


This tank is junk! It has leaked off and on since I got it! Come on smoktech, you think for what you pay for one of these you could at least use real orings instead of rubber bands!

Veronica Yoshimi

Review synopsis : I have great difficulty in opening this to fill it.

I do like the clouds and the nic rush and that is NOT a problem at all.
So if ONLY I could open my mod myself this would be great!

I’m not angry at this tank or mod, I just write this review for people who might not be able to get their mod open without someone else helping them.

I really don’t like how it opens to the side verses screwing off completely.
i end up unscrewing the whole thing and its really hard to open and close it. Maybe its because of my little girl hands and I’m not super strong?
i did find does leak if you tip it to the side, even if it is just for a few seconds. So it isn’t really purse portable (or pocket portable if it tips at all during that time.)

I also don’t like how the hole in the top is really small and filling it takes a little more precision so if you are a person who doesn’t have a steady hand you might find problems with this.
I don’t have a problem with that but if you have to fill your tank quickly for any reason this could post a problem for some folks.

I do get a mouthful of juice sometimes after filling it which doesn’t bother me because it tastes good but I know people don’t like that juice-mouth effect.

i switched from the herkales tank because that one leaked at the bottom but i think i’d rather go back to that one and lose out on juice than always having to have my brother or my husband to open my mod for me. They don’t mind opening for me and it’s never a bother for them but it IS a bother for me If I’m vaping when I drive or on my work breaks and I don’t have someone to open my tank 😉


Hey. I bought this tank as a replacement for my Vaporesso 75VTC’s tank and I’m thinking I made a mistake. I LOVE the tank, but I think it takes way too much power (temp/watts) for the Vape to handle. I’m new to all of this and am looking for some advice from people who know better or who might have had some experience with these exact pieces. Are these pieces good together and I’m just worrying over nothing or should I A) stick with the tank and get another MOD or B) stick with the MOD and get another tank? Thanks in advance for any info you guys can give me! 🙂


I bought this tank yesterday, using with the RX200. The tank leaks to empty within about an hour out of the air intake. I have taken it apart changed coils made sure that everything was sufficiently tight but it doesn’t help.
I have read some places that the O rings are bad quality and that changing the o ring on the bottom of the coils helps stop this ?
The tank also produces very little vape, using the tri coil and a 90/10 vg pg


Hi. I have a cool fire 4 plus sub ohm kit. And recently acquired a smok top ( tfv4) with a quadruple coil. As I cannot vape beyond my box means (70w) is it a waste of time me having the smok ? As I put some “dripper” liquid in (90/10) and it seems to be so harsh it’s unreal. Just wondering if trying some 80/20 or 70/30 for that matter would help and not be so harsh? Or would you recommend changing the coil to just a big standard duel?


hi im using a 50 watts kangertech with a smok tfv4 tank is it normal for it to get hot after 5 to 6 times

Alex Kendell

What coil are you using? The TFV-4 should be able to handle a lot of hits at that wattage.


Not so, Alex. I am using the Kanger Box @ 40W and it heats up after about 4-5 hits. Awesome coil, though!

Alex Xii Corleone

Question. I usually use the dual Clapton smok coils. They happened to be out at my shop so I bought quad. I got some new juice yesterday it was 80 20 3mg NIC. However I keep getting harsh throat hit I never got before. Is this from the quad? Opinions???

Alex Kendell

80VG 20PG? What liquid did you use before? I am guessing it is due to the 20% PG in the liquid.


I have recently bought the SMOK tfv4 tank with the joyetech evic vtc mini boxmod, i have vaped with the triple coil and enjoyed it a lot, i then decided to switch to my quad coil and it doesn’t seem to work. Every time i screw on the resistance goes from 0.16 ohm to 0 after a tighter screw. and when i start pulsing it my boxmod says atomizer low but the main issue is not when i screw in the coil, its when i screw in the top part of the tank, that is what changes the resistance from 0.16 to 0 overtime i screw it on

I would really want to know what the exact issue is because its really annoYing :/


Check the Ohm limit of your mod. Some mods cant go below .5 some as low as .1. Also I’ve had this issue before where Ejuice gets in the screw contact between the atomizer and mod, it’ll read a short. clear it with a Q tip.


I got a pack of the octuple the other day.was going really well til recently been getting a burnt cotton taste at 100 seems to be getting worse.i cleaned out the tank, wiped off the connectors refilled with a new coil.let sit for 5 min and it hits really good the first time.then after that burnt tastes like the cottons not drawing the liquid in.


I’ve had this for around 6 or 7 months, and the coils I’ve used are the triple, quad verticle, hex, and the quad & octuple claptons. The TF-T8 (octuple version) is my favorite of those by a quantum leap. It’ll go up to 180w, and as far as too hot goes, purely subjective. I’ve yet to have a leak, the coil lineup caters to almost anybody. I bounce constantly through wattage ranges, anywhere between 70-120ish on average, and sometimes press it all the way. Some can’t handle the heat and there’s nothing wrong with that, just know that there is a coil meant for you whether it be a single or double with the extra airflow, TC (not a tc vaper so I have nothing informative to offer there), or balls to the wall cloud pushing.


It has gotten quite a bit of popularity. I actually bought mine (an authentic nonetheless) at a gas station.

George R. Jenkins Jr.

My only dislike is the top fill top part of the tank. It can come open in your pocket, bag etc. Needs a way to lock or screw on. Also I’ve broken one glass because I’m a Crane Operator and dropped it from high of the ground. Now I only have the one glass left. Hoe do I get replacement glass? ? Can someone please let me know at [email protected]


Haha I went through quite a few glass tanks on various atomizers until I got some of those rubber ring sleeves. I’m amazed and very pleased at how well they actually work and so simple!. After one particularly nasty drop on the building site the glass in the drip tip broke but the sleeved tank and mod were fine!. Been using the TFV4 mini with a Dovpo 80W Punisher (Very solid and well made mod but may try one of the next models up as one 18650 at 60-80W doesn’t last long ) both have taken a beating from various drops, but apart from a few scuffs have held up very well. TFV4 at 70-80W with the TF-Q4 coils is awesome lots of flavour, big clouds and I can vape it all day haha as long as I’ve got spare batterys. I’ve never had the lid open accidentally but as someone said one of those rings can help stop that


Mine came with a replacement glass, but it also comes with to smok rubber bands I put 1 around the glass itself and I took the other one and keep it plush with the top part of the lid so it can’t swivel open but I’d say try the website to c if u can find a replacement glass


I broke about 3 tank-glasses in the first month — until I realized that the rubber rings that come with the kit (and keep the lid from opening, btw) and the rubber sleeve on my Sig150TC form a system to protect the tank. Put the sleeve and the ring on, and you will notice it is impossible to drop hitting the tank. Remove either the sleeve, or the rubber lid ring — and you will see the tank is exposed. One other point: you have to keep the juice from getting on the inside of the lid ring — or it will slide down. A dry rubber lid ring almost never slips (in fact it should be little difficult to pull down to expose lid) Hope that helps.


I’m new to vaping and I just bought the Joyetech eVic VTC Mini with it’s Tron tank, and I was wondering if the SMOK TFV4 is compatible with my mod?


Alex Kendell

Yes it is, you may not be able to use some coils to their full potential but you can use them nonetheless.


So I’ve got my TFV4 and I’ve gotta say it’s bloody amazing! But I gotta get more juice if I want to power this bad boy, eventhough 40 watts is small but I already felt and taste some flavour from this, and also the amount of vapor this tank dukes out is enormous!


Bro what you want is the TF-Q4 replacement coils. Q4, not T4. Best replacement coils for it, imo.


Aight,thanks Brandon! Also which coils that I couldn’t use to their full potentials?

Alex Kendell

Sextuplet, quad and triple. I would go for the higher resistance coils.


Hey, I’ve had this tank for a good 2 months been using the triple coils since always got good flavor and pretty good clouds (using charlie noble) I ordered some milk man by one hit wonder put it in my tank and bam worked great tasted great everything, few days later the taste just wasn’t there went out got a quad coil and the sextuple put the quad in primed it and all that waited about 30 mins dry hit ended up taking 2 hrs to not get a dry hit but still didn’t taste good, so that’s where I’m at still it’s tolerable to vape but I’m not getting hardly any flavor which sucks, any advice would help. Thanks!

Alex Kendell

We had the same issue with the Sextuple and quad coils, as soon as we got the first dry hit, the coil was unusable. We had to put in a new coil for it to completly recover.


Damn alright thanks man.


VAPING IS A BIT OF A CON REGARDING JUICES AND WICKS – Learn to make your own juices – VG is buttons for a big bottle and most cloud chases use 80-85 % mix VG – The coils can be cleaned in vodka or alcohol and left to evaporate – they come back like new – thats why I don’t build anymore – A good quad can come back many times if you don’t burn it to death! Rotate a few regularly – its worth it – I haven’t had to buy a coil in over a year!


I’ve been using the triple coil at 66 watts for about 2 weeks now. Yes I know a lot of you are going wtf. I’m vapeing 60%vg40%pg, 6mg nic, Cream and fruit flavor and it’s outstanding. Lots of vapor, good flavor, and the flavor still hasn’t dulled from using the coil fir so long. The 5ml tank lasts me all day till the end of the day I’ll look at it and it still has plenty of juice then 10mins later I’m wondering what happened to it. Once it drops below the top of the atomizer…yeah that’s it, juice is gone. I’ve ramped the watts up to 80&90 but it’s like the flavor is gone which is probably just my juice. I’m running it on a kbox200 and plan to try the rba as soon as I get soon as I get some SS sure for the TC mode. Me personally, I just don’t work well with the nickel. But I love this tank and will be using this when my drip isn’t a good idea. Don’t drip and drive.


Had some wicking problems at first but once I figured it out this thing vapes likes a dream. For those guys that have a problem with it being too airy there’s a small attachment that fits on top of the coil airflow that makes it smaller. looking forward to trying out the r3 rba.


If anyone could help it would be great. I brought this a few weeks ago, used the triple coil found it awful. put the quad in and it was 100% better. Anyway after about 3 days I started getting a burnt taste. Unscrewed the top and sure enough the cotton inside was sozzled, completely black. So I went to the shop brought another quad coil, popped it in my tank, filled it up with juice and left it overnight. 2 days later noticed my clear juice was turning brown and tasting horrible again. Opened it up, and what a suprise the cotton completely black again covered in gunk. I’ve brought another one, thinking maybe the last one was just a dodgy coil but sure enough 1/2 days later it’s black again. I left that was sitting in juice for about 3 hours.

I’m using a variable voltage AK 47 box mod at about 3.8 v, guessing that equates to about 90-95watts. So I don’t see an issue there. Using twelve monkeys kanzi juice, 100% VG, it’s a very sweet juice. It can gunk up coils pretty quickly i’ve had small issues with it in the past but truning the wick pure black with 1 full tank?

I hope someone can give me help, maybe i’m just doing something real dumb. I completely quit smoking for new year now it’s a real struggle just having a tank full of brown juice tasting like crap lol

Alex Kendell

Hey Albion, the problem you are having is called “coil gunk”. It comes from juices that have a lot of additives and coloring in them. The more additives/colorings the faster the coil “gunks” up. I would recommend trying a new e-liquid that does not have any additives and coloring. Let me know if that helps!


I just recieved my cube 2 x and my tvf4 and the vapor is hotter than all hell at about 60-70 watts. Any ideas on why its so hot. Tried this setup out at a buddies and 80-90 watts was way cooler than what im getting. Im using 70-30 vg pg juice with the quad coil. Could it just be i need a higher vg juice to get the cooler vape?

Alex Kendell

70 VG should be fine, we use 75 VG and it works perfectly. Have you tried a new coil? Are you vaping on TC or W mode?


I just want to ask if these really happens to other xcube 2 users with a tfv4 mini tf-rba coil attached on it. When I was about to puff the screen displayed OHMS TOO high for about 30 mins then I removed and put back my tank then set it again. After an hour the screen display the CHECK ATOMIZER logo for about 20 mins but still not working then I change the coil to tf-clp2 then it works. Is the TF-RBA not compatible to xcube 2?

Dave @ Vaping 360

Hey Elgie!

The TF-RBA is compatible with the X-Cube 2 however most likely there must have been an issue with the way it was built. Double check that the leads are not touching your deck or posts. Also make sure that the coil itself is not touching the little barrel that screws on. You can do this by firing the coil when it is off. Then wicking, juicing and firing with the barrel on. Good luck, hope that helps, let us know how that works out. You can always post another comment or hit us up on FB!



Is TF-T3 real 0,2ohm? My BEC PRO can’t start :'(


Used my smok triple coil for a day and I found burnt debris on top of my coil chamber, haven’t took it above 100watts, caped at 70-85 watts. What gives?

Alex Kendell

Sounds like the coil did not saturate properly. Did you prime it with a well saturated coil?


Yes I left it sitting for 5 mins and primed it well. I cleaned the coil and reprimed it its working better

Alex Kendell

Give me an update further down. Hope it works out!


So Alex, My setup: rx 200 reuleaux, Smok TFV4.. It might have been the juice i made and was vaping, but i still ran into the same problem. The tank gets really hot, vaping at 40-60 w using the triple coil and a lil burnt debris in the coil. Switched out the triple for the quad, way better, however after a while vaping at 40-50 w burnt debris again. Ordered some Ti coils for it, testing Ti for the 1st every was a lil tricking but sucks vaping at 400F-460F as far a vapor goes, great flavor though. Bad thing is with this coil is it hits the temp pretty fast, short puffs, very little vapor production. Ready to go back to the juice sucking quad coil.



I too make my juice for buttons – I find that when I vape I take as much air as possible – I don’t leave it cooking b4 I vape – this burns wicks – rotate your cleaned coils regular – just clean em in vodka – let em sit then blow em – then leave to evaporate! they come back like new! My spend on juice is around 1 – 2 pounds per month on average and I use a variety of flavors to suit my mood.

Alex Kendell

Maybe some dud coils, have you tried a new quad coil or was that one already used? Try vaping at a lower wattage on the quad. Thanks for the update!


This is a tank that everybody should own, it is by far the best tank I have tried to this date. I bought it from:, and i managed to break the glass, and they were kind enough to send me a new one. I have only used the RDA deck in this and it is perfect. This tank really sets a new standard, all other tanks will be compared against this one from now on.


maybe its just me personally but i do not like the tfv4. bought it twice to give it a chance again and still didnt like it. WAY too much airflow, taking out the flavor of the inhale completely. its like puffing on air and producing clouds. so for flavor i give it a 2/10. and im using the rba considering how hot the regular coils get for it. no shot am i running this on even my eleaf 100w. maybe its just me idk but this is such an upsetting tank to me and i stand by it.


user error! The TFV4 is an amazing tank and works great at say – 100w – Your burning and clogging your coils probably running them hot! Air cools em and saves burn – Don’t leave the coil burning your juice too long – press and lung straight away allowing more air. Great tank!


Hey is saw “We vaped the pre-installed RBA at around 30-40W and the coil was reading at 0.72 ohm.” Now that would be the sweet spot for my joyetech evic VT. So what wire, dimension and how many wraps are needed to get the same outcome. Thanks in advance.

Alex Kendell

Hey Goovy, we were using the pre-installed coil/wire in the RBA section. I am not exactly sure what dimension it had. The TF-R1 had 10 wraps and was reading at about 0.7 ohms.


Hi alex or anyone who can answer. What would be the best setting for the SMOK TF-S6 wattage wise and temperature setting wise? For some reason when i use temperature setting on 410 it stops halfway and sets itself back to wattage. any help would be great. thanks.
p.s. the liquid im using is milkman 80/20

Alex Kendell

Hey Solus, we used the S6 at around 80W. I am very sure that the S6 coils are made from Kanthal and cannot be used in TC mode.


Hey I use exclusively rba builds so with the single rba on this I keep getting dry hits and or very little flavor I have tried many wicking methods and I have also tried regular oc and native wicks but I still get better flavor out of my subtank mini, I really want to like this but with the rba I get a very airy cotton taste Ive rebuilt it countless times some one told me the Clapton rba and dual rba give you that warmer juicier vape can someone confirm or deny this I want to love this tank so bad as I have an xcube 2 and want to utilize its capabilities

Dave @ Vaping 360

Hey Brandon. I have been using the TFV4 for over a month now with the RBA section exclusively. I did have some issues like that in the beginning and I was quite surprised. It took me a while to get it but now I have figured out a wicking method that works pretty well. Even so I feel like if I am chain vaping on a heavy VG juice with long drags, I might get a slight dry hit but overall it works.

I make sure the wicks are short enough so that they barely even touch the juice channel, then I tuck them in so that they are resting on the top with the posts. Don’t tuck them too tight either or you will not allow for the juice to pass through. I’m telling you, it’s possible but not easy. When you get it right you will be in heaven. Hopefully that helps Brandon, feel free to hit us up anytime.

Dave @ Vaping 360

Oh and it does help to cut your wicks on an angle. In other words you want both sides of the wicks to form somewhat of a triangular shape so that the ends of the wicks sit just over your juice canals without any blockage. Of course too little cotton and you might get leakage. I know it sounds like a big hassle but you can’t even compare to the stock coil heads. I tried them for one minute and had to take it out immediately and build myself a clapton coil. lol


Hello Alex, Do you think this tank would work with and SMPL epic mech mod? Just worried it might cause some issues with the battery connection.


quick question regarding O-Rings… what is the size of the o-ring that is on the screw on shaft where the coil screws on to the chimney (the ring that keeps juice from entering in to the shaft of which the smoke comes through)? I can’t find a replacement anywhere.


I just ran into that problem tonight, u can take the o ring that comes with the coil that’s on the bottom just take it off an old coil and it fits right on with the chimney


I am using the quad coil and im tasting a weird rubbery taste is this becasue i need to break it in or is it a faulty coil?



try blowing before you lung – it keeps it clear. Quad is great at around 100w – but don’t let the juice cook too long before lunging – air is key!

Alex Kendell

Give it a good prime and break the coil in for a while. The quad coils take a bit to get going, make sure to blow into the tank instead of inhaling, this way you can use more pressure to get the juice going.


I dropped it once, about 3 ft, and the glass broke, and so did the glass in the drip tip. I just bought it last night, haha. Damn. Good thing it comes with an extra glass tank. Just saying, I’ve dropped my Aspire Atlantis countless times, from the same place, and nothing.


Ok so just wanted to share:
I have been playing around with ni200 builds on the single coil rba, I have been finding very muted flavour on most builds. I tried 32 & 28AWG wire with anything between 5-10 wraps and 2.5-3.5mm coils. Tied all the builds I could find recommended but none gave anything but the mere suggestion of flavour, even at high temp 500F+. I though I was going to switch back to kanthan and give up TC on this tank/deck combo and try the dual coil deck, until I though what the heck and dos one last build, and o boy am I having a good time.. ☺️
So the build is:
Sigelei 150w TC
26AWG ni200 wire
3.5mm coil
6-7 wraps evenly spread with good spacing
0.06 ohm
Cotton coil
Vaping at 450-515F depending on juice
Fantastic dense clouds
Great and super consistent flavour

IMHO this is the best ni200 build on this deck to get good flavour on this airy beast of tank!

If you try it do let me know what you think, or if you can think of a better one.

Might try a Ti build and see what happens..




I reckon that juices are a bit of a con – I buy VG from the supermarkets at about 90 pence – I buy food flavor custard etc – then I add nicotine flavor – NOT nicotine! and use about 75 % VG. i HAVE A 200W BATTERY – the experience costs me about 1 pound per month average – Regarding ready made coils? Don’t bin them just soak them in a bit of vodka for around 24 hours then blow them out and let them evaporate naturally – they come back like new – I rotate 4 -5 – coils regularly and have not bought a new coil in a year. I batch my juice up at around 200 ml a time – now and again Ill throw a cheap `10 mil prepared juice in – at 24 mg – then I’m vaping at around 3 mg at 200ml a time – I get around 6 weeks per batch – cheap as chips and I tailor the flavor to suit my fancy. Don’t be fooled with juices.


Please tell us where you found the flavour of nicotine.
It’s flavourless.


It appears that a 50w mechanical mod doesn’t have enough power for this tank. Is that the case for all sub ohm tanks?


But is it better than the Crown Alex & Chris!

Chris Kendell

For flavor on the quad coil The TFV4 is better. But overall the TFV4 coils are too expensive, so I’d say the Crown is still a better overall tank when it comes to price and value.


Thanks Chris. Do you see a big difference with vapor production between the Crown & Atlantis V1?

Chris Kendell

Yes the Crown produces more vapor!



I find the TFV4 beats all – dripping apart – great top!


Thanks again!


i just bought the TFV4. I primed it properly and it hits amazing, however ive noticed that ive been getting e-juice in my mouth. (more then usual). Is this a product defect or am i doing something wrong?

Chris Kendell

Hi EZ. Try exhaling through the tank whilst firing a few times before vaping. That could help. Also what coil are you using?

Anthony Payhigh Inniss

I’m a straight Dripper I hated tanks due to less vapor,power, and air flow. Then this tank came out I fun it with 85% VG on 110watts I have not had a problem yet. Quality is great I have honestly no major complaints. I get the same amount of vapor from this tank as I do my drips with the same airflow. Personally I recommend this tank to everyone.

Anthony Payhigh Inniss

Anyone have any recommendations for VG/PG variants for this take I plan to us 80/20 VG/PG. but I’m worrying about dry hit due to wicking problems any suggestions??

Chris Kendell

Hi Anthony. We used around 75% VG and had no issues.

Anthony Payhigh Inniss

So far I have used 85%VG no problem running on 110 Watts beside the tank running through the juice more then I run during the day it’s amazing

Chris Kendell

Good to hear!


In my opinion *just don’t*. this is why.
1. The tank is overpriced for the way it performs
2. Even though the idea is great, having triple and quad coils on paper should be great. but its not. the triple and quad coils get way too hot, they way smoke tried to fix the problem was to make a ventilated drip tip to cool down the vapor temperature. The only problem with this, is that when you inhale, you’re inhaling vapor and also cool air that mutes the flavor of your juice because you’re inhaling more air than you do vapor, even when the air holes in the bottom and in the tip are closed, but if you close the airflow holes in the bottom its a hard draw and scorching hot vapor. Also it gives you a really weird hot/cold hit that just doesn’t do it for me.
3.The coils is high
4. with the white seal on the top, unless you have a needle style bottle is hard to fill up.
The only way this tank would have a chance at it would be changing the drip tip altogether, since the one in this tank can’t be replaced. Only problem would be dealing with the vapor temperatures the triple and specially the quad coils produce.
I didn’t have problems with it leaking, and the build quality is great. other than the price, flavor, and the way it uses juice its an ok tank.


My TFV4 arrived before my smok x cube 2, so I tried it out on a mech mod(don’t do this, it was okay for because I really knew what I was doing), and I am experiencing issues with taste, like a oily-cotton like taste. This is the first time I haven’t washed an atty extremely well after getting it new, and I think I burnt the cotton a little by not letting it soak in first. I expect it to be fine. What I really want to say is, after trying like 50 devices over a couple years, a GG Ithaka is still the best, most perfect device ever in every way. They are hard to find, expensive, but just so amazing(that is, if you prefer mouth to lung vaping). Don’t take just my word for, if you are a mouth to lung person, read all you can about a Ithaka by GG. It was way ahead of its time(though it’s not that old by any means), and I just don’t see any flaw in it, it’s literally perfect imo. It takes 2 coils, makes huge clouds, amazing flavor. You have to use silica wick though, but I actually prefer it. This cotton stuff isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. There’s plenty of studies you can find online about how silica is perfectly safe(just make sure to torch it first). Anyway, I just want to share my discovery, that the GG Ithaka is the perfect all day mouth to lung atty ever.

Alex Kendell

Thanks for the info Donald, I will take a look at it.


One other thing to point out that I saw someone else comment before.. There are 4 holes on the coils for fluid to get into. I noticed that if the tank is not filled up atleast half way and you are firing it, the top part of the quad coil dosent get enough liquid and burns out quickly. I pulled apart 2 burnt coils and the cotton on the top was burnt and the wire had gunk all over it. As I kept pulling out cotton and wire, it became more and more white and the coil was fine. (it screws in upside down as you probably know so the top is actually the bottom part when it’s set down on a flat surface). Is there any other way to make sure the top of the coil dosent get burnt out without having it at least half way full?


What’s the best setting for the coefficient rate for steel wire

Chris Kendell

Stainless Steel has a coefficient of 0.00094


I have found I have a similar problem to many of the tfv4 reviews. I occasionally get a burnt taste that taste like burnt plastic or cotton. It’s odd cause sometimes it’s fine sometimes it taste burnt and it comes and goes quite frequently. I use a quadcoil and have been experimenting with different wattages between 40-80 to see if that makes a difference and I have found that it does not. Is it possible that the coil is dead already? (I have been using it for about a week and it has tasted burnt the whole time) or would I just need to prime it more on a new one because I think I dident spend enough time priming (4-5 pre drips on the coil and about 20 mins of soaking time) any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Alex Kendell

We had the same issue but at the start whilst priming, after it was fine. We did saturate it quite a bit at the start and we did quite a few primer puffs before inhaling. It took quite a while for the taste to go away. We started at a lower wattage and gradually increased and that did the trick. I think your coil is dead by the sound of things. Normally the TFV4 coils last a lot longer, we are still using the same quad coil and it is fine.


Yes that was it! I changed the old coil and the cotton was burnt and the wire had gunk all over it. The next coil I used I primed it a lot (about 15 drips) and let it sit for about 45 mins taking a lot of primer puffs until I started to get a little e-juice in my mouth from the pulls. Then started at a lower wattage and built up and it works great now. They honestly should say to spend a good amount of time priming in the instructions because I have never had to spend that long but it’s worth it cause now it rips really good. Thanks for the advice!!


I don’t know how I feel yet bout the tfv4. Just received it yesterday. I vaped it for almost an hour. For some reason on the triple coil I’m almost like a burnt hit or a oily metal taste at anything above 90watts. I hit my crown at this wattage and it’s a beast. I tell u what this tank is enormous and so are the coils. Can’t wait to try rba section. I will give an update. After I keep using this

Alex Kendell

Hey Nick, you have to prime the triple coils as they take quite a bit for them to settle in. Thanks for the feedback.


Could anyone help me. I have the TFV4 tank and have been using the triple coil. I went to change it to the quad coil but for some reason it’s not reading it? My xcube 2 keeps saying check atomiser.


I had that problem with my first quad cool. Turned out the wire was coming in contact with part of the tank when screwing it in all the way until tight. The tech at the shop pushed the wire down further and I didn’t screw it in all the way.

It worked after that, but the coil tasted terrible from the start and never got better. Got a new quad coil and the same thing had happened, at this point I’m guessing it’s a quality control / manufacturer’s defect type of deal.

Since that whole debacle I switched to the sextuple coil at 80 watts, and let the first tank settle for about 40 minutes before I take the first hit. Been using the same coil for two weeks now, and taste and vapor production is awesome.

Alex Kendell

Hey Ryan, try and clean out your tank and make sure that everything is nice and dry. What probably happened is that you got e-liquid between the connectors and that then leads to false readings. Give it a good clean and make sure everything is nice and dry, screw the quad back in and you should be good to go. If not please let me know. Good luck!

Chris Key (Mustafu)

Stupid question here folks but has anyone actually tried the n2 coils yet and can recommend a temp setting? Personally, I’m new to tc but I’m using a sigelei 150 tc and picked up a n2 today because I chain vape and with the quad coil my tank has gotten hot enough that it started to alter my juice a bit, like if you leave it in a hot car.

Alex Kendell

Hey Chris, check out our TFV4 Coil article here to find out more:


may i ask what type of batteries you were using w/the .15 ohm coil? I was debating ordering this but was unsure if dual vtc4s on the smok cube 2 could handle this SAFELY

Chris Kendell

I wouldn’t vape the Quad coil (0.15ohm) above 100W due to the hot vapor. Sony VTC4s should be ok on the TFv4 (depending on what wattage you will be vaping at), but don’t take my word on it (check Mooches stuff for battery info). LG HB6s might be worth taking a look at as the have tested well up to 30A (although less mAh). Check out Mooches battery tests for battery info:


Thank you very much I’ll be sure to check out that site


I am planning to buy kamry 60 or SMY 60 mod ones with the color screen along with TFV4 and Crown … will these 2 tanks work well with the 60W devices?

Alex Kendell

Well the Crown should work well using the 0.5 SC/DC and with the TFV4 you would need to get yourself some 1.5 ohm TF-T2 (Air) coils.

Here our the articles that could be quite useful:


Thanks Alex … the SMY 60 is rated from 0.1 to 3 ohms .. you still think the TF-Q4 will not work?

Alex Kendell

It will work, but you will not be able to use its full potential. Enjoy!


I have a Joyetech Revolution VT60 (60 watt), and now the Cloupor GT 80w (THANX AGAIN!). I see that the quad core atomizer starts to work well at 80w, but was also considering this for my 60w. Do you think this would work well with the dual coil at 60w? or would that just be a waste of money if not used with the featured quad/trip coils? I’ve looked at other tanks, this one just seems to draw me in like a magnet.

Sorry for all the noob questions. Im still kinda new to the vape community, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Plus you guys are over the top with your customer service!

Chris Kendell

Hi John. If you get the TFV4 I’d honestly recommend using the Quad coil as it put the others to shame. It will run well at 75-80W on the Cloupor GT. You can also use the TF-T2 air which is a lower wattage coil and will work well at 40W, although the flavor wasn’t the same as the quad. Just bear in mind these coil replacements are very expensive for TFV4 and it will eat through ejuice. It might not be the best tank to be starting with if you are still starting out. It might be worth checking out some other sub ohm tanks on our top 5 sub ohm tank list, if a sub ohm tank is what you are after.


Great review! When this thing isn’t leaking your juice onto your lap, the vape is amazing! But I had to add 3 O-rings to stop the leaks.


does anyone else have issues with their tfv4 getting really hot? i have the triple coils in now, running it on my snowwolf box mod. running it at 85W

Alex Kendell

It is due to the triple coil design that the TFV4 gets so hot. So many coils next to each other in a small space makes the TFV4 get hot really fast. I am not sure what you can do about to be honest. I just tend to leave mine after 5-6 hits and let it cool down. Go for the quad coil, seeming as it is a vertical coil it does not get as hot as the triple/sextuple coils and the flavor is quite a bit better too. Enjoy!


I’m having the same problem, even when I turn the wattage way down (40watts or so).


Wicked the single coil rba, no problems. Dual coil rba not so lucky!! Juice POURED through the air flow, I mean POURED! Going to try rewicking. I’m concerned it’s a problem with the rba itself. When I put the rba’s side by side the smaller o ring below the threads, nearest the base is much more recessed on the single. You have to “look” for it. On dual rba o ring is a not recessed at all like the single. They don’t furnish extra o rings this size with the kit. I don’t see how bad wicking would cause a leak this dramatic. Seems it’s a sealing problem more than a wicking problem. Hope Sweet Vapes will let me return it!


I have the exact same issue. Never got the single RBA though 🙁

Comes pouring right out of the chimney!

Alex Kendell

That is something I noticed too, the sealing ring at the bottom on the dual coil stands out a lot more than on the sc. I will let SMOK know and thanks for the heads up!


built my tfv4 rba several different ways now, leaks when filled to just over half with max vg juice. very disappointed and my local vape shop will not exchange or refund.


When this thing isn’t leaking your juice onto your lap, the vape is amazing! But I had to add 3 O-rings to stop the leaks.

Chris Kendell

Hi Jay. Thats odd to hear, as ours has worked well without leaks. Have a read through some of the comments below to see if there is anything you can do differently. Hope you work it out!


On top of that the pin holding the sliding lid came out and the lid falls off from time to time.
Too many moving parts. I’m going to stick to my modified Silverplay


I’ve been using this tank for quite sometime. I have the same leaking issues. I’ve been using the single coil rba from day 1. Been experimenting with the length of the cotton needed. What i discovered is that, you need a little cotton running down the juice channel as its a massive juice channel. And i got zero leakage now. But all that is at a sacrifice of the flavour. And I’m still figuring out how to remedy this problem. Maybe you can share some of your thoughts?

Chris Kendell

Hi KhryAlfn. You definitely need a good amount of cotton running down into the juice channel. We kept the cotton ends quite long, so that you can see them at the bottom of the outside of the RBA. That seems to prevent any leaking and ensures good wicking. The flavor we were getting from that build, was really good, so I’d keep playing around with different wicking options and own builds.


So do you recomend tfv4 or the uwell crown?

Chris Kendell

Depends what you want. The Crown coil head replacements are a lot cheaper and it will get through less e-juice and probably also use less battery. The TFV4 probably just beats the Crown on flavor on the quad coil, but that thing just destroys e-juice and the coil doesn’t last very long.

Any other questions let me know!


Smok TFV4 Tank function seems amazing. I just put a order for this tank with a replacement TF-R1 coil today,hope it will come soon !

Alex Kendell

We will try and review the new coil that are coming out for it asap. Enjoy your vape it is a fantastic tank!


Received this a few hours ago, and have not yet used it, but the following remarks I want to add, simply from the un-boxing experience…

1. I am glad to see your tri-coil looks like mine as well. Will someone compare it with the one pictured on the box? The actual piece has 3 sets of one juice inlet. The picture on the boxy has 3 sets of 3 (note your own pictures, compare it with the ones more to the bottom, those obviously came from Smok)

2. Yes mine is authentic, yes the build is solid, and feels that way too, the box was sealed, yet the CNC work is bad. Huge scratch on the top, and some of the edges looks “scraped”

3. I had to wait for lunch so that I can run out to buy rubber gloves. The factory coil was tightened in so tight I simply could not remove it. I am not a small guy, this coil was stuck, finally got it out.

Unfortunately my supplier messed up they sent me the unit only, no juice. Arrrgghhhh! But it is home time in a minute, I shall report back.

For the price I had to pay (converted to $50,76) this beast better perform. At that price in fact it should improve my backflips!

Alex Kendell

Looks like they used the same walls as the RBA section just with side juice flow holes instead of the compartment like the quad coil. I am not too sure, maybe this was the last minute change they did to the tank? I am not sure if we have the new or old model but by the looks of it the triple coils should look like on the box (I checked a few shops for triple coils and they looks like the ones on the box). We will be getting all of the new coils from SMOK soon so I will update the article as soon as we have tried the different coils, maybe they will put the same looking triple coil in! On ours the CNC work was quite nice, seems that quality differs in SMOK products, we have seen this before on the VCT/GCT. We also had the same issue with the triple coil being impossible to screw out but we already had rubber gloves here so it was a quickly solved problem. Thanks for the heads up!


Hi Alex

I was going to build the rba last night, just wanted a benchmark and try the quad coil quick. Very quickly realised a tank holds for maybe 20 minutes. And managed to get completely silvered using 0.3mg only. So no, never even got to building it.

What I can say is this: my favourite tank by far.

On clouds: the only thing I have that comes close is my Arctic – and that is not even meeting it halfway.

On density (mouthfeel of cloud): I find it is again very much like the Arctic. The Goblin is the thickest I have felt, the Cthulhu coming close second. A lot of people will now say “close the airvent” – the answer is that you still have to open it in comparison to the size of the inner chamber. This is a general complaint with tanks this big, and this airy. You either like it, or you hate it.

On taste: Rock-solid. Then again this creates so much vapour that you could taste the age of pure VG!

On leaking: nope, nothing yet. Not a drop. Then again I can only use 80/20 and higher VG, which will make a difference to flooding, it is so much thicker.

I was thinking that you are quite optimistic about power. 100w? You must be joking right?

Surprise, you were not! I am maxing out my Sigelei 100w, and need more power! I’ve never even pushed this past 65w. But yes, even on 80w it was great.

Chris Kendell

Good to hear Rene, thanks for the awesome feedback, always love your detailed comments! Check out the Direct Vapor deal top right of the site, they have the Sig 150W TC for just $94 in case you need more power!



I wish… To get these things into our country is a bit of a mission. Customs add 14%, and shipping is about $45 up to $75. Add that to our weak Rand, it remains best to have a friend at the local vape shop. Still, it comes to about $130, a lot of moola. That is my dinner money for 2 for almost a whole month!

And here we thought that quitting smoking will save money ha ha!

Thanks for the awesome site Chris, Smok can thank you exclusively for this addition to my collection.

Chris Kendell

Ah apologies I didn’t realise you were SA based! Must be pain trying to get vape gear out there then. Do many people vape in SA? Glad we can help and we will be expanding the site over the next few months considerably so stay tuned!


Don’t apologise he he. I think we are very similar to most countries, but our postal service is shocking, and corrupt, and they have been striking for almost a year now. New packages slip through mostly through in under 30 days, the problem is them and customs… Same place. So Fasttech orders takes anything between 25 to 90 days to arrive from date of shipping.

Packaged sent by DHL still go through customs, so it takes a week to arrive through all the channels, but you pay the premium. The big complaint is juice. If they arrive (lots get lost, a general complaint even from suppliers) and customs nail you on it.

But… We live in a very beautiful country, very diverse, and what is better than enjoying a perfect view with an excellent vape?!

Our vape industry is definitely growing, it still remains a grey area in restaurants, even in the smoking sections. My mate is doing a website which is classifying local juice only, the last I heard it was over 500 flavours! They are all mostly premium, one standing out as exception is this:

That is about $25 / 100ml, you should try.

In the end any country can get any product in – but because the market is so select the vapeshops are very careful what they import – as it needs to sell. Proper research leads to us getting new products amonth or two later only, but our market is not flooded with inferior products. So as consumer we are kinda lucky. We can walk into any shop and know what is on display is mostly good.

Chris Kendell

Customs is an issue for us here in Germany as well! I have found a few cheeky ways to get around them, but it doesn’t always work.

SA sounds like a beautiful country and its on my list of places to visit. I am big rugby fan so will have to tie in a visit with some Rugby Championship games.

Its great to hear that vaping is catching on over there and that e-liquid company looks great, maybe I’ll reach out and ask if they would be interested in a review!


And for some reason I thought you are in the states, was wondering how you reply when America is still asleep.

One of my best mates moved to Germany, wonderful place I hear, here I sit and I have never even seen snow.

Rugby… Best you learn how to braai as well, the beer and Jägermeister I am sure you can manage, now just to learn the Coke and brandy thing – then you are sorted.

Kieran makes that e-liquid, I am sure he will love international exposure, in fact how about the top guys simply all come together and send you a sample pack? I know many of them so it should not be an issue.

Chris Kendell

We are mainly focused on the US market, given it is so big, but we are planning to do more reviews from around the world.

I have heard great things about a Braai and will definitely have to try it when over there alongside some beer and Jaeger. Sounds like a fantastic combo!

If you could sort something out Rene that would be awesome. Please forward on our email address [email protected] if they are interested, as we’d be happy to review some nice SA juices! It would be something different and definitely give them some international exposure. Thanks!


We are busy racking a few people up, so far they are rather optimistic, we should be having something very soon.

My mate also made the first SA designed rba, it will be ready in 2 months it seems, I will mail you the details.

Thanks Chris!

Chris Kendell

Sounds great, look forward to it Rene! Thanks


Apparently if you run sweeter juices like One Hit Wonder Milk Man
it kills the quad coil in under 24hrs. keep this in mind when picking a juice to run in this setup.

Chris Kendell

Good to know Chippah, thanks!


I’ve yet to have a single leaking issue with it and I’ve had it for 9 days now. I’m using the triple coil with max VG juice.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the info Joseph! Good to know we aren’t the only ones not having leaking issues!


Zero leaking here as well, bone dry

Chris Kendell

Good to know Chippah, thanks for the comment!


hi, I have had my tfv4 for 2 days and have lost about a 1.5 tanks of juice due to leaking ith triple coil, any help please

Chris Kendell

Hi Dave. Unfortunately it seems a bit hit and miss with the leaking issue. We haven’t had any issues. Perhaps someone else here has found a solution to their leaking?


took apart and cleaned and it turned out the coil had worked loose. 24hrs later, no leaks yet

Chris Kendell

Thats great to hear and I hope it stays like that for you! Thanks for updating us on that. Vape on!


Got mine today as well and leaks like a siv.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the heads up Chasedart. It seems quite a few people are having this issue. We personally are having any leaking issues, but a few people have commented saying theirs is leaking.


My quad coil lasted a day and a half before it died
Triple has more vapour
Its a lovely looking tank but is shamed by my Vision MK tank when it comes to clouds
But….the reason why its been binned is…. Did Smok think it would not leak with no seals, just bare glass next to bare metal
I lost a third of a tank every fill up, it just goes under the glass bottom and straight up and out, all the way round the glass
Even tightening tank so much that the first glass cracked wasn’t enough to stop it
Without seals for the glass this is going to cause a lot of people a lot of problems

Chris Kendell

I have added a note about this on the review. What wattage and how intensely were you vaping the quadcore?

Chris Kendell

Hi Dave. Thanks for the feedback on the tank. The Vision MK does absolutely chuck clouds, but we were never the biggest fans of the flavor on it. It seems quite a few people have had issues with it leaking. Ours isn’t leaking whatsoever despite what you say about the seals. We are re-filling it through the top. I have emailed my contact at SMOK about the leaking issues and will add something to the review asap!


I got my Smok TFV4 today and it leaks like hell through the air holes. Is there any way to prevent this?

Chris Kendell

Hi Joe, sorry to hear that, ours has been watertight since we got it. What coils are you using on it?

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