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Elixinol CBD Review: CO2 Extraction From Organic Hemp

Dave Kriegel
October 29, 2019

Elixinol has rebranded. Product pictures seen on this article don't relate to their new designs.


Elixinol is a well-established manufacturer of CBD products. Their team has years of experience within the hemp industry. They offer some of the best CBD oil, capsules and topicals and grow their own organic industrial hemp out of Colorado and Europe. They also utilize a supercritical CO2 CBD extraction process, which is a clean, solvent-free method of extraction.

They perform extensive lab testing for microbiological contamination, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Their products are also verified to be THC-free, so they won’t get you high. The lab test results that I have seen look pretty good but I would like to see a more detailed cannabinoid and terpene content breakdown. I’m going to be testing out a few of their products to see how they compare to the many other CBD brands I have tried.

These products were sent courtesy of Elixinol for the purpose of this review.

Elixinol CBD

Elixinol Hemp Extract

I received a sample-sized 7 mL bottle of their Cinnamint flavored hemp extract. It’s formulated with MCT oil and contains a naturally-extracted blend of cinnamon and peppermint. The bottle contains 70 mg of CBD (or 10 mg per mL). According to their website, Elixinol uses a similar CO2 extraction process to extract the peppermint and cinnamon flavors in their tincture.

It tastes really good! It’s a bit more pronounced than most of the MCT oil tinctures I’ve tried, but it isn’t too sweet. The cinnamon adds a spicy flavor to your typical peppermint oil flavor. I would even recommend it based on the flavor alone, but it also happens to be a very clean CBD oil extract, which is backed up by the lab test results on their site.

Their tinctures are available in much stronger concentrations containing up to 3600 mg CBD. If you’re looking for a THC-free CBD oil that actually has a pleasant taste, go with Cinnamint. If you’re not into cinnamon and mint, they also offer an unflavored version of it as well. I have yet to try it, but I would imagine it to have more of a neutral taste.

Price: $29.99, $249.99 (300, 3600 mg CBD)

Elixinol Daily Balance

Elixinol’s highest strength broad spectrum tincture available contains 3600 mg of CBD. They utilize CO2 extraction and organic cane ethanol distillation. It’s available in Natural and Cinnamint flavor containing naturally extracted flavors. They are THC free and contain no harsh solvents or toxic chemicals.

Elixinol Capsules

I tested out a few sample packs of Elixinol capsules. Each one contains two capsules formulated with MCT oil and 375 mg CBD extract, which contains 15 mg of cannabidiol. The bioavailability of capsules versus vaping CBD or using it sublingually is significantly lower, so this needs to be taken into account when determining your CBD oil dosage.

These capsules look like standard gel caps filled with CBD oil. The liquid is a dark amber color with a medium viscosity that isn’t too runny or thick. I cut one of the capsules open and dropped it under my tongue. It has a bitter taste, but I can’t complain because it was not designed for sublingual use anyway. I took the other capsule orally. It takes longer to kick in because it needs to be digested first. But if you really hate the taste of hemp, taking capsules is a nice alternative to using CBD vapes and oil tinctures.

I wouldn’t suggest opening the capsules or taking them sublingually, I only did that to sample the quality of the hemp extract. Just get a bottle of their tincture instead. But if you’re into taking CBD oil in capsule form, you might want to check them out.

Price: $44.99, $79.99, $99 (450, 900, 1350 mg CBD)

Elixinol CBD Capsules

Elixinol CBD Capsules

Elixinol CBD capsules are made with organic full spectrum CBD extract. They contain cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and are THC-free. They are made utilizing CO2 extraction and they are thoroughly lab tested for safety and efficacy. Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules, and they’re available in up to 1350 mg CBD.

Elixinol Extra Strength Hemp Balm

I also received a bottle of their extra strength hemp balm. It’s 120 mL and contains 250 mg CBD in total. It’s also formulated with copaiba, calendula and a plethora of other natural oils and extracts. The balm has a minty eucalyptus smell to it, which is common with pain rubs. I applied it to my neck, and it left a nice cooling sensation. If you like the smell of Icy Hot or similar pain creams, you’ll most likely enjoy the way this balm smells.

It feels a little bit greasy at first, but eventually it absorbed into my skin. Just be careful not to get it in your hair. It’s pretty difficult to gauge how effective the balm is because I have been taking CBD in a number of ways. If you’re looking for pain relief, I wouldn’t suggest using CBD topicals as your first option, but rather as a companion to oil and vapes. It’s not the most cost effective option, but if you can afford it, it’s worth a try.

Price: $49.99 (250 mg CBD)

Elixinol Hemp Balm

Elixinol Hemp Balm

Elixinol Extra Strength Hemp Balm contains 250 mg of full spectrum CBD extracted from 100% organic hemp. It absorbs quick, penetrates deep and contains no artificial ingredients. Elixinol Hemp Balm is formulated with plant butters and essential oils. It has a refreshing minty scent and provides effective pain relief.


I’ve only had a small taste of what Elixinol has to offer, but so far so good. Their brand name sounds like a prescription drug, but it makes sense when you realize that they produce pharmaceutical grade products. I like how they display lab test results for all of their batches too. According to their website, they implement extensive quality control measures and have access to leading HPLC-DAD pharmaceutical-grade testing facilities.

I would really like to know more specifics on their cannabinoid spectrum analysis. They only display the test results for THC content and CBD content. Their products are labeled as full spectrum, so I would imagine there are also a variety of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Technically I would consider that broad spectrum, given the lack of THC.

Other than that, there really is nothing else I can fault them for. I really enjoyed the taste of their Cinnamint tincture, and their balm and capsules seem to be very well produced. Elixinol offers free shipping on all US orders, so that’s another good reason to try them out. I would put them on my list of reputable CBD brands that offer a nice variety of hemp-based products.

Have you tried Elixinol CBD yet? What was your experience like?

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