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May 16, 2022
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BLVK Nic Salt E-liquid Review: Aloe Flavors

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Jeremy Mann

Product intro and specs

BLVK is an e-juice company out of Southern California that’s built an impressive lineup of flavors since 2016. They now have a total of 11 lines featuring a vast assortment of tastes, from fruits to desserts to tobaccos, for every type of vaper. If you like high nic and refillable pods or low nic and blowing clouds, BLVK has you covered.

For this review, I’m going to be using their aloe line of tobacco-free salt nic juices in 35 mg/mL (50/50 PG/VG). I recently reviewed BLVK disposables that feature two of these flavors (aloe grape and aloe mango). While those two flavors are not new to me, it will be interesting to see how they vape out of my own setup instead of out of a disposable. I’m going to be using the Vaporesso XROS Nano.

These e-liquids were sent to me from BLVK for the purposes of this review.

Flavors: Aloe mango, aloe grape, aloe watermelon, aloe pineapple

Nicotine: 35 mg/mL and 50 mg/mL

Price: $13.99 (at Element Vape)

BLVK (aloe) e-juice review

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All the BLVK Aloe juices are jam-packed with aroma and bright notes of fruit flavors. They come in 30 mL squeeze bottles with plastic needle-tip droppers.

The juices are clear as water and, despite being sweet, have not produced any issues for my coils. However, although none are called “ice,” some do have a moderate level of cooling, which is likely Koolada and not straight menthol. I do wish this would always be disclosed.

Aloe watermelon

Flavor Profile: A refreshing take on juicy watermelon slices and sweet aloe vera. 

My take: The aloe watermelon is saturated in flavor. It straddles the line between bubblegum and natural watermelon flavors. The aloe is less prominent in this juice, and the cooling sensation is minimal. One of the most flavorful watermelon juices I’ve ever tried. My #2 favorite of the line.


Aloe mango

Flavor profile: A mouthwatering concoction of fresh ripe mangos with the refreshing notes of aloe vera.

My take:  A sweet, ripe, natural-tasting mango nectar with a hint of aloe. I think there’s a tiny percentage of the cooling note in mango aloe, but if so, it’s hardly noticeable. Either way, this is a super-flavorful mango juice. The aloe cuts down on some of the sweetness of the mango which balances the flavor. Most importantly, there’s none of that “green” taste that’s in many other mango e-liquids. Kudos to BLVK on this one. My #1 favorite.

Aloe grape

Flavor Profile: Enjoy this smooth aloe vera paired with a bundle of juicy plump grapes. 

My take: The familiar candy grape taste that has an added dimension from the aloe. The aloe doesn’t work for me as well in this juice and the grape tastes more artificial than natural. It’s a flavorful juice, just not quite right for me. Least favorite.

Aloe pineapple

Flavor Profile: Get your tropical vibes in check with a puff of this juicy pineapple and aloe blend.

My take: A sweet and tart pineapple with the aloe coming in on the initial notes of the exhale—after that, it’s all cool pineapple. There’s a low level of cooling, but there’s no doubt that it’s there. I’m on the fence with this one. I really like this flavor, but I’d prefer a cream note instead of the aloe taste. Still, it’s quite good for a pineapple e-juice, which in my experience, has been one of the harder fruit flavors to nail in e-juice. Number #3 on my list.




BLVK aloe is a quality line of nic salt e-juice that will impress many. Aloe mango and aloe watermelon are the two I love. The pineapple aloe is growing on me, but the grape is just not one I’m that interested in. That said, I am not turned off by it either.

As mentioned in the intro, I’ve tried the aloe mango and aloe grape in their disposables. While I think the BLVK disposables are some of the best disposables I’ve tried, I think the juices are much more flavorful out of a pod device. And that says a lot because the BLVK disposables are no slouch in the flavor department.

The BLVK aloe juices are recommended. They’re flavorful and, unlike some nic salt e-liquids, they didn’t cause any premature coil gunking. I strongly recommend the aloe watermelon and mango, but let your tastes guide you to the specific flavors you like. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with what you choose.

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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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