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April 17, 2024
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DELICIU E-liquid Review: Ten Fruity E-Juices Created by VAPORESSO

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Spyros Papamichail
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DELICIU E-liquid

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The DELICIU e-juice line comprises 20 fruity iced flavors in 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine salt. It is created by VAPORESSO and aims to serve as a segue for disposable users into refillable vapes. The juices come in 50/50 VG/PG and are tailor made for the XROS line of pod systems. If you are a fan of disposables and you’re looking to save some money (and create less waste!) this line is for you.

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Introduction to DELICIU

The DELICIU e-juice line is VAPORESSO’s latest attempt to win the battle over disposable vapes. This project began with the release of the (impressive) ECO Nano last year, which was the closest one can get to a disposable without having to throw away a whole device every couple of days. The COSS Click is another interesting approach (removable e-juice section), although it is, in essence, a 10 mL TPD-compliant disposable. Now VAPORESSO is back with what I think is its first e-juice line, promising a flavorful disposable-like experience from refillable pod systems.

The name of the DELICIU e-liquid comes from “délicieux,” which is the French word for “delicious.” The line comprises 20 flavors in two nicotine strengths (10 mg and 20 mg nicotine salt) and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. Along with ten of the flavors, they were kind enough to include an XROS PRO device with some pods in the package, which, according to them, is the ideal device to vape these juices on.

Does the DELICIU eliquid line have what it takes to lure vapers away from spending a ton of money on disposable vapes? Keep reading to find out.

DELICIU e-liquid review

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I tried the DELICIU ejuices on the XROS PRO (0.4 and 1.0-ohm pods) and a couple of older XROS devices—the XROS MINI and the XROS 3 NANO. I won’t go into much depth in describing them since there are not many surprises here. You get what’s written on the label. The juices are rated for sweetness, coolness, and sourness by VAPORESSO, but as you’ll see, my opinion differs for some of them. Here's my take on the ten flavors I tried, in order of preference.

Lemon lime: That’s the only juice out of the lineup that I would classify as sour—especially on the inhale. The lime takes over on the exhale and adds a bit of sweetness. Probably the best candidate for an all-day vape for me. Minor cooling.

Menthol: An excellent mint/menthol vape, that’s the one I finished first. It helped clear my palate as well. Balanced sweetness and less cooling than I expected. In fact, some other flavors probably have more menthol in them.

Strawberry raspberry cherry ice: That’s one of my favorites. I was expecting it to be super sweet, but it’s a balanced flavor with a tiny bit of sourness, especially on the inhale. Strawberry is the star of the show here, with raspberry and cherry blending in the background. Medium cooling.

Pineapple ice: An unmistakable pineapple flavor with no fancy pairings other than a small dose of ice. Like pineapple itself, that’s a sweet juice, but it’s fitting. An excellent pairing for a cocktail night out. Minor cooling.

Fizzy cherry: A cherry candy flavor that, considering how difficult it is to get cherry right in ejuice, is surprisingly good. It is one of the sweetest juices of the line, but it’s kinda fitting for the profile. Minor cooling.

Blackberry lime: I didn’t really like this one on the inhale, but the lime on the exhale balanced things out. I wish the sourness of the lime popped out a bit more. It's not an all-day vape for me, but it's tasty. Medium cooling.

Apple & pear: No surprises here; that’s a simple red apple and pear pairing. I am a sucker for apple vapes, but the pear here adds some extra sweetness that I didn’t love. Not bad, but it could be better. Medium cooling.

Pineapple peach mango: Pairing three sweet fruits makes for a super sweet vape. This is too heavy-flavored for me, and the flavor wouldn’t go away from the pod. You’re better off with the pineapple ice flavor for a tropical vape. If I remember well, cooling was minor.

Kiwi passion fruit guava: Not my favorite flavor profile, and a bit over-flavored (and too sweet) in my opinion. If you like the combo, it may be good for you, but I don’t think I’ll finish this one. Minor cooling.

Blackberry sour raspberry: Some berry juices just don’t agree with my palate; I don't know how to describe it, but I get a weird odor out of them. And that’s one of these juices. I can’t say if it’s good or bad, but a couple of friends tried it and thought it was fine.





Compared to your average e-liquid, the DELICIU ejuices are certainly heavy on the flavoring. And regardless of how they are described in the promotional material, they are also heavy on the sweetener. But I must admit that I am not exactly the target audience for these juices because I like my e-liquid lightly flavored and unsweetened. I wish they had 20% less flavoring in them, and I also feel that the XROS PRO they sent was a bit overkill—this thing is a flavor machine! Trying them in the smaller, less powerful pods gave me a more balanced vape.

But the line is not competing with your average e-juice. In fact, most of the juices in this line are low on the sweetener compared to the average disposable. So, if you are coming from the world of disposables, I think you are going to appreciate the extra flavor, and even more so on something like the XROS PRO that’s going to help them pop even more.

I wish they had sent me the full line for this review, especially since there are at least a couple of flavors I didn’t get to try that I hoped I would. I also wish the line didn’t only comprise fruity iced flavors. I’d have liked to have seen at least a couple of tobaccos, or if that’s too much to ask, maybe some desserts? Some of the flavors I’ve tried, like the blackberry raspberry or the apple pear, would have probably been elevated with some cream and/or some biscuit or cake flavorings. But it’s hard to blame them when practically every disposable on the market is a fruity iced flavor.

It sure isn’t a coincidence that they chose the UK to be the first place to release these juices, with the disposable bans coming soon. When that time comes, a lot of vapers will need to replace their favorite disposables with a refillable vape that will satisfy both their nicotine cravings and their sweet tooth. For these vapers, the DELICIU line will hit all the right notes.

DELICIU E-liquid

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