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November 4, 2017
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RUBI by Kandypens: Performance Beyond Expectations

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Jeremy Mann
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Kandypens Rubi

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Savor your favorite oils free of leaks or spit-back. The Kandypens Rubi is an ultra-compact oil vaporizer with a 1 mL refillable pod, fully developed in the United States. The Rubi boasts a sleek, innovative design, taking advantage of OCELL ceramic coil technology. A subtle look for the robust device within.

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RUBI by Kandypens review intro

The RUBI is an open-system pod vape perfect for using your own nic salts or any ejuice. It comes with a 1 mL empty pod and a universal micro-USB charger. It’s slightly larger than the JUUL but more ergonomic with rounded edges. It also has a larger e-juice capacity, more airflow, and longer battery life at 280 mAh. And speaking of the battery, Kandypens states that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Although it may look like a JUUL, the RUBI is different. It even works with concentrates. But my usage is strictly about the juice.

On pre-order: $49.95

Empty pod: $9.95

RUBI by Kandypens specs and features

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  • Patent Pending Elegant Design
  • Super Compact: 100 mm x 17 mm x 8.5 mm (Only 4 inches tall)
  • Universal Micro-USB Charging Port
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Developed & Designed in the USA
  • *Only one RUBI per household, sorry
  • Features:

    • Refillable 1 mL Capacity Pod
    • Leak-Proof Pod Design with Air Carb
    • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)
    • Leak-Proof Pod Design with Air Carb
    • Draw Activated (No power button)
    • Ceramic Coil with Japanese Cotton
    • Charges in under 1 hour 20 mins

      Vape what you want

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      Filling and refilling the pods is simple. Choose your ejuice, then just pull off the side rubber stopper, fill with a needle-tip dropper, replace, then pop the pod in with a satisfying snap. In the week I’ve used it as an ADV, I haven’t had the slightest leak. No condensation or wet contacts. Also, there’s been no spit back like so many other similar devices. Juices from 50% VG to 70% VG have worked like a charm. No dry hits so far.

      Small device, big vapor

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      These pods work well! One has lasted me a week so far with no drop off in performance. Utilizing a ceramic coil wrapped in organic Japanese cotton, the RUBI’s given me solid flavor and incredible vapor – easily the biggest clouds I’ve seen from a device this size. The draw is like 1.5x as open as the JUUL, but it’s still good for MTL or even restricted lung hits. It’s kinda remarkable for such a small thing.

      Just trying to find objective cons about the device feels forced. I do wish it had pass-thru charging, but that’s a pretty weak gripe. Especially when it doesn’t use a proprietary charger like so many others. The only other objective issue I have is that there’s no visible window to monitor your juice level. But it's no biggie. Simply pop out the pod to see how much juice is left. When the flavor drops a little, that's when the pod is getting low.



      I gotta give props to Kandypens for this device. It's designed and built well. And the performance has been consistent. Although I've only used it for a week so far, I've purchased several pod vapes that barely work on the first day. Dribbling e-juice in the mouth. Weak hits. Dry hits. Misfires. Leaking! It goes on and on.

      The RUBI has been free from of all that. I’m impressed... not because it performs how it should but because it performs better than I thought these devices could. I strongly recommended the RUBI if you are into these kinds of devices and want to be able to use your own e-juice.

      Kandypens Rubi

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      Jeremy Mann

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      Jeremy Mann

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