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May 15, 2024
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OXBAR x Pod Juice Magic Maze 2.0 Review: Fine-Tune Your Experience!

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Jeremy Mann
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OXBAR x Pod Juice Magic Maze 2.0

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The OXBAR Magic Maze 2.0 is the updated version of the Magic Maze Pro. The 2.0 features a 900 mAh battery, 13 mL of e-liquid, adjustable airflow and wattage up to 28 watts, and a menu of 19 flavors created by Pod Juice. Fine-tune your experience with the Magic Maze 2.0.

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Product intro and specs

The OXBAR Magic Maze 2.0 (Zodiac Edition) is the follow-up release to the first variable wattage disposable vape, the Magic Maze Pro.

The OXBAR Magic Maze 2.0 has a new look and an upgraded power suite to 28 watts. It features adjustable airflow from MTL to a restricted lung hit, a USB-C charge port, a smart LED mega screen for monitoring juice and battery levels, and a single-button wattage adjustment control. It has a 900 mAh battery, and there are 19 flavors to choose from, all made by (again) Pod Juice. Although the flavors are from Pod Juice, there are new options that can only be found in this version.

Because of the variable wattage, the puff rating ranges between 15k and 30k. This new Magic Maze 2.0 only holds 13 mL, though. For its size, it seems like it should hold more. Under the hood, the Magic Maze 2.0 utilizes the UNIONE Dual Mesh Hyper Coil, with one coil activated in regular mode and the dual coil activated in boost mode.

Aside from having a lower e-juice capacity than I’d like to see, this version looks like it will be a strong performer. The Magic Maze Pro version is a Vaping360 favorite, and it got a strong recommendation from me. Is the Magic Maze 2.0 actually better than the Magic Maze Pro? Let’s see about that.

Price: $16.99 (at Element Vape)
Flavors: Big melons, blue razz cotton clouds, blue shlush ice, clear blue, clear emerald, clear green, clear jewel, clear pink, clear red, fab fcuks, fruity pebz, jewel mint, juicy bae, sour apple skitz, stawberry lolly, strawberry watermelon dragon fruit, wap drops, wateremlon skitz, white gummy ice


  • Battery capacity: 900 mAh
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Wattage: 12-28 watts
  • 15 flavors
  • Puff count: 15-30k

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The Magic Maze 2.0 Zodiac Edition is a box-mod style disposable. It weighs 88 grams and measures 26 mm x 54 mm x 76 mm. It’s got a plastic and aluminum construction, which is par for the course with disposables. In some ways, it has a similar design to the Geek Bar Pulse, except that the Magic Maze 2.0 is built on a C-frame instead of a rounded form. Overall, the construction and execution feel like a higher quality than the design of the Magic Maze Pro.

The exterior of the Magic Maze 2.0 is matte and glossy with several textures, like an embossed checkerboard pattern, that make it easy to grip. Although it’s big, it feels natural in the hand.

There’s a lot of branding on the device between the names OXBAR, Pod Juice, Magic Maze, Zodiac Edition, and the juice names. It doesn’t look busy per se, just that it’s got a lot of words printed on it. Luckily, the way they handled the coloring of the font, it’s not an eyesore.

The mega screen for the smart LED sits inside the black panel under clear plastic. It’s only visible when you take a hit. This isn’t a stealth vape by any means, but there aren’t any crazy light shows or anything, just a thin blue track light that illuminates when you take a hit. If need be, the device can be flipped over, and that light wouldn’t even be seen.

Up top, the mouthpiece is the same flattened duckbill-style tip that’s on the Magic Maze Pro. I really enjoyed that mouthpiece, and I am glad they kept it the same. There’s also a lanyard hook next to the mouthpiece, but there’s no lanyard included in the package.

Note: As of now, it seems like the “zodiac edition” is the only edition of the Magic Maze 2.0.

Getting started

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Just like with any disposable, you can start using the Magic Maze 2.0 straight out of the packaging. Remove the seal (on the bottom) and rubber plug from the mouthpiece. Then again, this isn’t your average disposable. There are a few things to know first.

As mentioned, the Magic Maze 2.0 is an adjustable-wattage disposable. You can control the amount of power delivered to the coil. If you’ve ever thought a vape was too aggressive or too light, the Magic Maze 2.0 lets you get the vape right where you like it—from strong and warm to light and cool.

There’s a single-button interface for adjusting the wattage. When you see it, you might think the device is a button-fire disposable, but it’s not. It’s an automatic draw.

The wattage adjustment button is flush-mounted and clicky. It’s positioned high on the device, and because it’s set flush, it won’t be accidentally pressed.

To adjust the wattage, first know that there are two modes, regular and boost. Each of them has three different wattage settings. To adjust your wattage:

  • Press the button once to activate the wattage adjustment
  • Press the button again to scroll through the settings
  • Regular mode: 12 W, 14 W, 16 W (up to 30k puffs)
  • Boost mode: 24 W, 26 W, 28 W (up to 15k puffs)
  • Turn off the device: hold down the button for three seconds

The boost mode settings will increase the intensity of the experience but also drain your battery much faster. If you prefer a longer runtime before needing to charge, it’s best to stay in regular mode.

When you set your preferred wattage, you’ll also want to adjust your airflow. On the bottom of the device, there’s a slider switch that covers a little airflow slot. The switch has a nice amount of resistance, and it stays set where you want it.

Slide it and check the draw. Set it where you want and leave it. What’s nice about this airflow is that it can perform a restricted lung hit all the way down to a legit MTL in virtually any of the power settings. In other devices with the airflow set on a switch, you can’t choose MTL for a higher power. With the Magic Maze 2.0, you can have any airflow setting with any power setting.


How does it hit?

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The Magic Maze 2.0 has quick and consistent coil activation. It’s an impressive hit! Even in the lowest power setting, the vape engages immediately and is still satisfying. It’s a great hit, no matter what combination of airflow or wattage settings you use. That said, I like to use mine at 24 watts with the airflow switch set toward the middle. That provides a flavorful and warm vape with a nice, restricted lung hit.

I’ve tried to do a direct lung hit with the airflow open all the way and at 28 watts, but there’s not quite enough airflow. At higher wattage settings, the throat hit is pronounced but not aggressive. At the lower settings, the throat hit gets milder as the vape gets cooler. If you want the smoothest experience, I recommend using it in regular power mode with the airflow open all the way.

With so much adjustability, you’re going to have to find what works best for you.

OXBAR Magic Maze 2.0 best flavors

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Yes, the flavors are good. Although they are different for the most part from those in the Magic Maze Pro, the Pod Juice mixes shine again with their fruit concoctions. Their juice mixtures have a sweet and tart, almost Pixie-stick flavor that gives them a signature taste. Most have a cooling element, but it varies and is never overpowering. These are my five favorites. 

Fab fckus (Capricorn): There’s no actual flavor description, but I think this is a blue raspberry. It’s tart and minimally sweet, with a noticeable berry note. Medium cooling. 

Juicy bae watermelon (Pisces): A sweet and vibrant watermelon flavor, leaning toward the candy side but also with a natural flavor. Much more flavorful than your typical watermelon vape. Light cooling.

Jewel mint (Taurus): The brilliant mint flavor from the Magic Maze Pro. It’s a mix of peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen with a sweet, almost chewy taste. There’s nothing boring about this mint flavor. Medium cooling.

Fruity pebz (Gemini): The aroma of Fruity Pebbles with that Pixie-stick taste of various fruits. Addictive! Light cooling.

Clear pink (Libra II): A lightly flavored mix of red berries and maybe pink grapefruit. Very well done. Light cooling.

How long does it last?

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For a 900 mAh battery pushing up to 28 watts, I’m impressed with the battery life. Of course, if you’re using it at 28 watts, the battery life per charge is going to be greatly diminished. But you'll notice the extra life compared to something like the Geekvape Pulse, which has a 650 mAh capacity. I’d estimate that at 28 watts, you can get a full day of light to moderate vaping. If you’re using it at 14 watts, you could easily go a couple of days without needing to charge. 

The Magic Maze 2.0 is USB-C compatible. To charge it, just plug in a USB-C cable to the bottom of the device and hook it up to a power source. I used a 2A wall charger and was able to charge it in approximately 65 minutes (27 minutes to 50%). The device isn’t advertised as having a fast charge, but it’s faster than much of the competition, including some with 650 mAh batteries. 

One thing I was worried about was the smaller juice capacity. At 13 mL, I figured these devices wouldn’t hold up to many charges. I’ve gotten as far as my third charge and am still above 50% liquid capacity. Although I thought 13 mL was too low of a capacity, I’m finding that the device doesn’t guzzle juice. That’s another pro. 


Pros / Cons


  • MTL to restricted lung hit
  • Quick activating coil
  • Flattened duckbill mouthpiece
  • Consistent performance in every setting
  • Simplified interface
  • Up to 28 watts
  • Amazing flavors
  • Robust flavor output
  • Larger battery (900 mAh) and relatively fast charging (65 minutes)
  • Improved build quality and design


  • Could have a larger juice capacity (13 mL)



There’s a lot to love about the Magic Maze 2.0. The level of adjustability is high, and the power available is hard to beat. It’s got that familiar box mod form that I’m sure old-school vapers will be fond of. 

If you love a flavorful, restricted lung hit, the Magic Maze 2.0 is a great disposable. The MTL draw is really nice too, but where I think it shines the most is with the open airflow. That’s just my opinion, of course. The facts are that this device can cater to various vaping styles without skipping a beat. For functionality and performance, the Magic Maze 2.0 is about as flawless as you can get in a disposable vape. 

Although the Magic Maze Pro was my favorite disposable this year, the Magic Maze 2.0 is actually better due to the greater power range and the better build quality. 

Highly recommended.

OXBAR x Pod Juice Magic Maze 2.0

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