13th Floor Elevapors E-Liquid Interview

Vaping360 chats with 13th Floor Elevapors owner Chris Warkenton about his company and e-liquids.


You're Gonna Miss Me

Named after Austin, Texas psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators, 13th Floor Elevapors is a vaping e-liquid company with unique style and tasty flavors. The company’s e-liquids come in colorful bottles and have stylish labels. 13th Floor Elevapors’ motto is, “a different trip for those who drip.” While the e-liquids are fantastic for dripping with an RDA, they’re also perfectly suitable for modern sub-ohm tanks as well. At TPE 2016, I caught up with owner Chris Warkenton to learn more about his company and flavors.

13th Floor Elevapors Lineup

13th Floor Elevapors
Yes, my cameraman filmed a lady's chest to get this 13th Floor Elevapors logo.

13th Floor Elevapors currently has three flavors: Bermuda, Django, and Levitation. Each flavor has a different VG/PG ratio. For cloud chasers that love dessert, Levitation is the way to go. Warkenton described this 80/20 blend by saying, “It’s like as if a a milkshake ate a blueberry muffin.” While I loved that description, I was also quite fond of the flavor as well.

Going down the line, Django is a 70/30 mix with RY4-ish qualities. It’s a melange of vanilla milk, caramel, and Kentucky flue cured tobacco. As a fan of tobacco vapes and someone that has tried dozens of RY4 e-liquids, I enjoyed this flavor as well. It reminded me of a Starbucks drink with some tobacco earthiness added in.

Last, but not least, is Bermuda. The 13th Floor Elevapors owner’s personal favorite flavor, this 60/40 blend is great for fruit vape lovers. It features granny smith apples and champagne notes. Although I liked the other two flavors better, I found the marriage of apples and champagne quite interesting.

Slip Inside This House...of Vaping

After you’ve checked out my chat with with Chris, I’d love to hear what you think of 13th Floor Elevapors. Which flavor interests you the most? Leave a comment below and let me know. Bonus points will be awarded for YouTube-linking to a cool 13th Floor Elevators song!

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  • Jim McDonald

    Everyone will post “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” so I skipped that classic, and went for this solo Roky Erickson tune. Roky was the perhaps insane leader of the Elevators.