The Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

    Different Types of E-Cigs
    Different Types of E-Cigs



    The Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes/E-Cigs


    For those new to electronic cigarettes it is very confusing distinguishing between the different types of electronic cigarettes on the market. I spent ages trying different types before I found the right one for me. To make things a lot easier for you I have created a small guide below outlining the different types of electronic cigarettes/e-cigs that can be bought on the market. Please feel to ask any questions or comment in the comment section below! To fin the best electronic cigarette for you check out our e-cigarette review page.


    Mini E-Cigs aka the Cig-a-Like




    Of all the different types of electronic cigarettes mini e-cigs are the ones that most closely resemble a normal cigarette and hence are known as cig-a-likes. These mini cigarettes are the most common buy for first timers and usually feature in the starter kits. They are small and lightweight and often come in a rechargeable option or as a disposable. These minis are extremely popular especially for moderate smokers and those who do not like to draw attention to themselves. The minis provide an extremely discreet option that other larger e-cig models do not provide. The one downside with the minis is that with their handy size also comes a limited battery life which requires you to recharge or carry replacements with you.  Also if you are a heavy smoker the minis might not give you the full satisfaction that you require or are used to.


    Our favourite minis include the following: Epuffer Magnum Snaps, NEO Infinity and JAC Vapour VIP. For more on minis check out our mini e-cig reviews.


    Mid-Sized/ Ego Electronic Cigarettes



    EGO Electronic Cigarettes
    EGO Electronic Cigarettes


    The mid-sized e-cig or ego/vaporizer as it is also known as, is my personal favourite when it comes to the many different types of electronic cigarettes. The advantage of the ego electronic cigarette is that it produces a lot more vapor, which tends to provide you with more of a throat hit as well. This is why it is the preferred option for heavier smokers. The slightly larger size of the e cigarette ensures that you get a longer battery life as well so you do not have to charge all the time! The device is fairly easy to use but requires you to refill the tank with e-liquid/e-juice which is purchased separately. The ego is usually made up of two main parts: the bottom part which is the battery and the top part which is the tank. The tanks contain an atomizer or coil, which will at some point burn out and will need to be replaced. Sometimes you wont be able to change the coil separately, so you will need to buy a whole new tank. From my experience they last for a couple of weeks depending on how much you use them. But do not let this put you off. To see how easy this is and to get a feel for a ego electronic cigarette, check out our videos on youtube.


    Personally I would jump right to a mid-sized model if you smoke a lot and I also think it provides users with a more cost effective solution when compared to the minis.


    Our personal favourites include the following models: V2 Pro Series 3, Halo Triton, Vaporfi Rocket and the Apollo Endeavor Kit. For more models check out our ego electronic cigarette review page.



    E-Cig Mods and APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers)



    Advanced Personal Vaporizers(APVs/MODs)
    Advanced Personal Vaporizers(APVs/MODs)


    Advanced personal vaporizers or mods are the big boys of all the different types on electronic cigarettes. These advanced e-cigarettes provide the user with the ultimate vaping experience and are usually only used by hardcore vapors. The mods allow for a high degree of customisation whereby the user can define the amount of vapor, battery strength variable voltage etc. There is a growing community of “do it yourself” modders who take the e-cig to the next level. Most mods will require a lot of putting together and customisation, so we therefore recommend for beginners to stick to mid-sized and mini e-cigs to begin with until they have a good enough understanding of e-cigarettes.


    Our favourite APVs and Mods include the: Vaporfi Rebel II, Vaporfi Vox Mod and the JAC Vapour Series-E.




    E-Hookahs and Shisha Pens


    E-Hookah Review


    The latest product to emerge on the market which is becoming increasingly popular is the e-hookah (shisha pen, hookah pen, e-shisha). These e-hookahs in their most common form resemble a mini ecig but doesn’t contain any nicotine. These type of e-hookahs are the most prevalent types and you can find them popping up across most gas stations and convenience stores. The other type of e-hookah is the electronic version of a normal shisha hookah. This is a waterpipe like device that instead of being powered by charcoal and tobacco, is powered by a battery and uses shisha e-liquid. Using no tobacco, means that e-hookahs are possibly a less harmful option to normal shisha smoking, where one session can be the equivalent of up to 40 cigarettes. Check out our e-hookah reviews page where we review some of the best e-hookahs out there.



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      Awesome post on the types of electronic cigarettes. Its great to konw about mini e cigs, mid sized e cigs, e cig mods and e hookahs. Thanks for sharing!

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      Great knowledge shared on the types of electronic cigarettes. I still remember the time I started vaping with the mini e cigs.