Five Pawns Taken Three Interview

Five Pawns president & founder Rodney Jerabek talks about the new Taken Three brand of e-liquid.


Taken Three: A Different Direction For Five Pawns

Earlier this week, I dropped by the Five Pawns Tasting Bar to chat with company founder & president Rodney Jerabek about the new Taken Three brand. In a nutshell, Taken Three costs less and has higher VG content than Five Pawns’ Insignia Series e-liquids. In the video above, Jerabek spoke about the inspiration behind Taken Three and described the brand’s flavors in detail. He also spoke about what Five Pawns has been up to lately and teased what’s next for the company.

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Everyday Flavors, Lower Prices

Five Pawns Taken Three
Five Pawns Taken Three

As I mentioned in the intro, Jerabek described in detail the three Taken Three flavors in the video above. Two of the flavors have some fun stories behind them. If you want a quick summary, here are the official descriptions.

  • Brevity: Banana Boston cream pie
  • Isolani: Glazed lemon zest sugar cookie
  • Kibitzer: Grilled pineapple upside-down cake

I’ve vaped a bit of all three flavors and they’re pretty what Jerabek described. I found all three to be enjoyable, but certainly not as complex as a Five Pawns Insignia Series e-liquid. That said, I haven’t vaped enough Taken Three to form a meaningful opinion. Stay tuned to Vaping360 for the full review of Five Pawns Taken Three.

China and Beyond

At the time of filming, Jerabek was fresh off a trip from Shenzhen, China. He told me a little about the journey and how the Five Pawns brand does in that country. He also teased that his next project is something in the Five Pawns brand and not the Taken Three line. As a longtime fan of Five Pawns e-liquid, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

For now, I’d love to get your opinions on Taken Three. Any of you vape these flavors yet? If so, what do you think? If not, which Taken Three flavor are you most interested in? Share your feelings (like a Care Bear) in the comments section.

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Raymond Padilla
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  • Rene Fourie

    Just wondering what they rate as “higher vg”?

    I tried finding the percentag but it is not disclosed anywhere.

    To me it is important. With my pg intolerance 80/20 is the max.

    Hoping this is close I have fond memories of Gambit being my first ever vape. And then discovering the intolerance. Hives and closed throat almost made me quit completely.

    Luckuly Google was my friend.

    • He says it in the video and the labels are shown. Two of the flavors are 70/30 and one is 65/35.

      • Rene Fourie

        Ah I see that, thanks RPadTV!

        There at 02:08 – that must have been the exact time I was on the trying to get more info – that is where I refer the lack of info to.

        TBH 70/30 is not very high. Oh well…

        • Sorry to hear that the VG content isn’t high enough for you. Which e-liquid companies make high-VG e-liquid that you enjoy?

          • Rene Fourie

            Don’t be sorry, I hope that one day 5P will get a maxVG range out.

            A mate and I bought a couple of things from VaporShark a few weeks ago. I am busy trying out the Vaping Rabbit which is quite tasty. Tops on my list was that Smoked Custard from Smoky Labs. Really really awesome sauce…

            There are quite a couple of vendors making maxVG, some even up to 99%.

            In my country a lot of the vendors are trying out new things, everybody is into DIY and selling, and most of them will do me a special order. And a lot of them is also bringing out the cloud range. I’ve tried getting the guys around so that I can send a couple of samples over to V360 but they are not biting yet. Personally I think we have some unique flavours, very well blended and we use top notch ingredients and nic.

            For proper juice I pay about R300 / 100ml, which translates to 14 Pounds, or $21.

            It’s very difficult finding an ADV. Everyone has some doughnut or cupcake or Looper clone. Ever had Elvis Breakfast? That is peanut butter and bananas on toast. Really awesome to vape, but after 2 bottles it is puke in a bucket. Lol I still have a bottle steeping for longer than a year now.

          • One of my favorite e-liquid companies, Ahlusion, lets you customize many flavors. I’ve had a few 90/10 VG/PF that I’ve quite enjoyed.

          • Rene Fourie

            Thank you for that name. I’ve checked them out, we might do an order soon. Initially I was a bit sceptic, it seems their flavours are a bit 2 dimensional, but reading another review they say Ahlusion is complex – which makes vaping so much more intricate. It’s alway nice to vape at say 40w, and tasting strawberries, bump it up 2w and kiwi pops out, and drop it a tad then it’s creams and custards. That’s also why I am not too fond of TC. Wattage made gives me a nice curve through all the flavours as it heats up.

          • There are a few of us at Vaping360 that are big fans of Ahlusion. I hope that the company has something you’ll enjoy.

  • snaktack

    Good info on the juices but,

    – Louis Vuitton is french
    – Prada and Gucci are italian
    – Not everyone has taken a vacation to whatever islands he just rattled off

    • For LV, Prada, and Gucci, I believe he meant that the Chinese are into Western culture.