Kindjuice Tobacco Ridge review | Real tobacco flavor… and more

The Kindjuice Tobacco Ridge line is a set of high-quality e-juice flavors made from extracted leaves of tobacco.


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Kindjuice is an e-juice company out of Miami, Florida, that specializes in liquids with extracted flavors. And Kindjuice runs the gamut — from bakery to drinks to fruits to florals to tobacco — with several fascinating flavor combinations to choose from.

In a short, Kindjuice has a lot to offer. But this review is about their new line of N.E.T ejuice called Tobacco Ridge (early this year I reviewed other e-juices from Kindjuice). This round will be for three juices from the Tobacco Ridge line: Sultan’s Empire, Partiot’s Brew, and Sweet Carolina.

Before I get into these bottles, I will explain a little bit about N.E.Ts, and what Kindjuice has to say about their process for extraction and filtration.

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Real tobacco flavor

What is an N.E.T?


N.E.T (naturally extracted tobacco) e-juice is a type of e-juice that has been flavored with extracts made from macerated tobacco. Typically the process involves soaking tobacco leaves in PG or VG (or both) for long periods of time. The resulting liquid is then filtered, and the final extract is then used much like any flavoring would be used in any e-juice.

The flavor from N.E.Ts is not like artificially flavored tobaccos e-juices at all. Artificial (or synthetic) flavorings try to mimic a “smoking” flavor (which rarely if ever is accomplished), where N.E.Ts are more about the actual taste of the tobacco itself, unburned. The flavor of these kinds of tobacco juices can sometimes draw an immediate recall to the smell of a fresh pack of cigarettes, pipe tobacco, or cigar.

The flavor that generally comes through in an N.E.T ejuice is a mixture of the earthy tobacco, the tobacco’s casing (a flavoring added to virtually all smoke-able tobacco to make it more palatable), and its top dressing (flavors added to tobacco responsible for aroma and some taste).

While there is no rule against adding flavors to N.E.Ts after the extraction, typically it is left as is, with no adulteration.

Kindjuice's process

From Kindjuice: Our Tobacco Ridge vape juice features an extraordinary selection of hand harvested tobacco varieties from around the world. What makes it the best vape juice is that it starts with N.E.T (Naturally Extracted Tobacco), is brewed for 2 months, before being perfectly aged for 4 months. Finally, we filter and steep it for an additional 3 weeks for an exceptional experience.

The review

Sweet Carolina

Sweet Carolina: Canadian Flue-Cured Tobacco, Orange Blossom Honeycomb

Sweet Carolina is easily the most exciting flavor of the bunch, but I am almost certain this is tobacco extract plus other flavorings. The orange blossom honeycomb is unlike any other flavoring I’ve tried in an ejuice, and it is made all the more interesting by the natural tobacco base.

Without getting too spacey in trying to describe the taste here, I can say that it tastes exactly like how it is described. That said, I have never tasted “orange blossom honeycomb”, but each of those elements can be picked out. You totally get a honeycomb taste mixed with a light botanical flavor from orange blossom, and the flue-cured tobacco (likely a Virgina) gives Sweet Carolina a slight smokey edge.

Overall, I find this to be an intoxicating juice. Really unique. Really good! For the adventurous palate.

Sultan's Empire

Sultan’s Empire: Yenidje Oriental Turkish Tobacco Leaf, and Izmir Turkish Oriental Tobacco Leaf

For fans of Turkish tobacco, this liquid hits the spot. It is rather mild in overall flavor, but it has a wonderful balance of smokiness, spice, and that fresh-out-of-the-pack smell. That is not to say that the tobacco used is “cigarette tobacco” necessarily, but I swear it has a bit of that Camel taste (when you hold the cig in your mouth without it being lit).

Overall, I’d say this is a solid choice for those that really want to taste tobacco in ejuice without any interference from other flavors. For the purist.

Patriot's Brew

Patriot’s Brew: American Flue-Cured Tobacco, Whiskey, Maple, Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Oak

Out of the three e-juices from this line, this one gets my vote for most-layered/complex.

Every flavor in here tastes like it came directly from top-dressings of tobacco, and yet, you still can taste the tobacco. It is more woody and earthy than smoky, but there is a touch of smokiness. The brilliance in this flavor is the blend of tobaccos.

None of the flavors are particularly intense — they’re all relatively subdued. But depending on your vape setup, you should be able to make out the vanilla and maple in the sweetness, and the whiskey and oak in the background. The tobacco is there always giving the body of the liquid an oomph.

Overall, I find this liquid to be the best blend/mix of the three. This is one helluva an N.E.T.


As a former avid vaper of natural tobacco liquids, I can say that these juices are made very well. I can only guess how long it took Kindjuice to master their extraction and filtration process, but whatever the particulars, they are doing something right. The three liquids I have are all top-notch in terms of flavor and all of them “burn” relatively cleanly, which is often an issue for N.E.T juices.

I think fans of tobacco liquids — and especially fans of N.E.Ts — should consider this line of juice.

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