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We review Titanic Vapour’s line of e-liquids, straight out of Belfast. High VG blends with optional nic shots for an extra kick.


The Titanic sets sail again

Titanic Vapour is a relative newbie on the British vaping scene, but has already made a big name for itself in Belfast. Run by James and Jamie, the shop has been around for just over a year. Aside from a wide array of starter kits and competition gear – rebuildables and mech mods – Titanic Vapour also produce their own line of e-liquids. You’d best brush up on your Titanic trivia though, because the entire line is themed around the story of that ill-fated vessel, famously built in Belfast.

There are ten liquids in the line, all with an 80/20 VG/PG level and optional nicotine shots. Add them to the 60 mL containers for a 3 mg/mL nic concentration.

Disclaimer: We received the Titanic e-liquid line from Titanic Vapour for the purpose of this review. Your take on these flavors may differ. Opinion is subjective!

Let's crack the iceberg this time!

Set up

For this review, I blind taste-tested the Titanic Vapour e-liquids in a variety of rebuildables (Peerless Special Edition, Cheetah II, Skill, Crius RDTA), typically with a dual-coil build around 0.2 ohm and wattage between 80 – 100 W.

White Star Line

They say: Fluffy pound cake layered with a mild lemon drizzle.

We say: At first I struggled to figure out what this was. There’s hints of vanilla, and lemon and the overall taste is dessert-like without being too sweet. It tastes like a lemony sponge cake. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s too mild to be a regular go-to for me. I also noticed it gunked my coils more than the other juices in the line.

37 Seconds

They say: Blueberry infused Greek yoghurt topped with granola.

We say: My first impression was of a creamy honey flavor. It reminded me of “Honey Bunz” from Coil Glaze. There’s a nuttiness to it too, especially when you smell it. The berry note is hard to make out, but all in all this is one of my favorites. It captures Greek yoghurt really well. I’ve been vaping this all-day for a while now.

The Berg

They say: Blue raspberry flavored sensation with a tarty sour kick.

We say: The first note is some sort of berry. It could be raspberry, probably blueberry. After that comes the sour note, making the juice overall a bit tart. Not really my thing, but it hits the right flavor notes.


They say: Powdered doughnut with a raspberry jam filling, oozing from the center of each vape.

We say: Tasting it blind, I got biscuit base/doughnut and raspberry. The nic content didn’t come on too strong. 1912 is smooth and easy in a dripper. This flavor pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you like doughnuts, this is a winner. Another ADV.

Captain Edward

They say: Full of the rich and buttery flavor of salted caramel layered with creamy custard.

We say: Like this one! At first I thought it was a cinnamon flavor. There are also buttery notes to it. Nice kick with the nicotine. I did a double take and realized I’d mistaken cinnamon for caramel. The custard becomes more pronounced when upping the wattage. Another favorite of mine, and ADV.

Negative 2°

They say: Warm spicy cinnamon roll and apple make this a perfect start to the day.

We say: At first this just tasted like a cinnamon roll. But up the wattage to around 120 and the full flavor profile starts to come out. Beautiful combination of cinnamon, apple, and a nice bit of spice too. I enjoy this one a lot!

Millvina Dean

They say: This complex blend of strawberries and cream followed by a hint of biscuit makes a perfect all day vape.

We say: Biscuity, creamy, fruity. I think raspberry or strawberry? Yeah, strawberry. Nice little kick from the nicotine, bit of a throat hit. I’d like the strawberry to pop a little bit more. But overall, not bad. It’s not my ADV (no strawberry flavor is) but it does the job.


They say: Zingy lime flavored slush makes this a sharp, fresh and fruity vape.

We say: This one has a fresh taste. It’s lemony – or lime I’m guessing. And sweet, a bit like cotton candy. Citrusy tang. That’s about it. I don’t like it this tangy citrus note much.

SS Californian

They say: A fruity blend of kiwi, sweet strawberries and juicy grapes makes this blend a fruit lover’s dream.

We say: This one tastes floral and fruity. I think I taste peach? In a dripper I can taste the kiwi fruit more strongly. Overall, the strongest flavor notes are kiwi fruit and grape. I don’t really get the strawberry though. The 3 mg/mL is mild and provides a little bump without being harsh.

23 Knots

They say: A complex blend of pineapple, sweet strawberries and tangy key limes with hints of vanilla ice cream makes this a mouth-watering vape.

We say: I taste a general fruitiness with a cooling touch at the end. There’s a strong note of vanilla ice cream which for me is the dominant flavor. I couldn’t make out particular fruit notes. The cooling feature combined with the nicotine hit makes for an unusual combination.


This was my first e-liquid blind taste-test, and my taste buds were way off at times! Titanic Vapour’s line covers a lot of ground, with something for just about everyone. I wasn’t so hooked on the fruit vapes, but four out of the ten were strong favorites. I wasn’t too surprised by that – those are the kind of flavors that I’m normally into – but the important thing is that the full flavor profiles were there.

If you do want to cloud up a room with the Titanic line, I’d suggest unplugging any smoke detectors in the vicinity first. With their high VG content, these juices are foggier than a pensioner’s memory, and I’m getting tired of setting off the alarms through the whole office twice a day. Try them out for yourself!

Favorites: 37 Seconds, 1912, Captain Edward, and Negative 2°.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.