Best Vape Shops

Quality vaping products can’t be bought from ordinary stores. As such, it’s important that vaping consumers are getting the best quality products from experts who can recommend items and help throughout the shopping process. Check out these various locations around the world to see where the best vape shops are located and why they are superior to other stores.

History of Vaping

Though vaping seems like a relatively new trend, the idea of modern vaping and e-cigarettes began in the the early 1960’s as Herbert A. Gilbert created the first electronic cigarette patent, though no vaping technology was ever sold to the public at that time. But the idea was born.

It wasn’t until 2003, when Hon Lik, a Chinese medical researcher, had a dream about a different smoking alternative, as he was trying to quit his cigarette habit. In 2006, Hon Lik released his design, the first modern e-cigarette to the public. The next year, Hon Lik’s invention was introduced and adopted in the American markets. Once Hon Lik’s design was released, it quickly evolved from three parts (battery, atomizer and cartridge) to combining the battery and atomizer into one device and thus easier for consumers to use.

Hon Lik’s invention is what ultimately propelled the vaping industry as new technology was created to enhance and customize the vaping experience, including creating advanced personal vaporizers. Today, e-cigarette technology comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

As the technology continues to be more innovative for e-cigarettes, so too will the vaping culture, and thus how e-cigarettes will be regulated in cities and states. In just 10 short years, e-cigarettes have gone through some major changes and will most likely continue to evolve in the years to come.

Spread of vaping

How did Hon Lik’s invention quickly spread all around the world in a matter of years? For starters, the vaping industry was able to immediately appeal to the smoking community by offering a cheaper and a far less damaging alternative than smoking cigarettes. Now it’s more common for first time vapers to have previously smoked tobacco than to have never smoked at all. By switching to vaping, cigarette smokers have found it easier to quit smoking altogether or reduce the amount they smoke.

Additionally, vaping has been able to appeal to wider population because the vaping culture has turned vaping into a hobby for its consumers. Consumers can experiment with flavors and e-liquids to create their own vaping experience. Newer vape shops often have lounges for consumers to socialize with friends while trying new products in order to enhance and customize their vaping experience.

Lastly, since its introduction into the markets in the mid 2000’s, vaping products have been more convenient to purchase for customers around the world. Thanks to Internet vaping shops, consumers can buy starter kits, mods and e-liquids from the comfort of their home. In addition to Internet shops, brick and mortar vape shops have also increased in number and even tobacco shops now have vaping product sections.

What makes a great vape shop?

Unlike online stores, vape shops are a great way for consumers to truly get the vaping experience they want. But not all vape shops are created equal. Some may only be a section of a tobacco store, while others specialized in one or two vaping products, such as e-liquids or mods. As a consumer, it’s important that you shop at a store that caters to all of your vaping needs, while being informed with the latest vaping technology. Below are some important aspects consumers should consider when looking for their next great vape shop.

Quality products

So, what separates mediocre vape shops from the best vape shops? First, is the quality of the product. Just because there’s a vape shop near your home or work, doesn’t mean it’s stocked with the best vaping products or have products to help customize your vaping experience. The best vaping shops are the ones that take pride in where their products come from. As you start (or continue) your quest to find the best vape shop that caters to your needs, research where their products come from and if they offer options, like a juice tasting bar with good and sanitary equipment.

Another good rule of thumb? See what variety of products the vape shop offers. Does the shop carry vaping essentials, which include vape starter kits, mods, PVs, batteries, battery chargers and e-juices? The best vape shops should offer a wide selection of vaping accessories.


The best vape shops will take pride in what they sell as well as in their appearance. How does the shop look on the street and on the inside? Is it clean and well organized? Do they offer a variety of products? A great vape shop may not look like a spotless 5 star hotel, but it should look professional and appeal to its customers. For instance, some vape shops are more than just a store, but offer free Wi-Fi and have an inviting lounge section where customers can meet up with friends.

Additionally, the atmosphere of a great vape shop should make you feel comfortable. If the staff or customers makes you feel out of place, don’t be afraid to move on to another store. At the end of the day, it’s important to find a vape shop you feel most comfortable hanging out in and knowing you’re buying quality products in order to give you the ultimate vaping experience.

Customer Service

Another aspect of a welcoming atmosphere is having great customer service. The staff should not only be knowledgeable in the industry, but be able to read the customers and offer suggestions and recommendations. Take note of the other people in the shop and how they are treated by staff. Also, look for vape shops that have specialized loyalty programs that reward customers for bring their business there. The amount of people in the store is a great indicator of good customer service and customer loyalty.

Another way to gauge good customer service is to do some digging online. Visit reviews of the business to see what other customers are saying and what ratings they’re giving. Their opinions are more valuable than the mission statements of any vaping business.

Online Presence

Great vape shops will also have a searchable and easy to use website. For vape shops, it’s a great way to attract new customers and keep your current customers up-to-date. Also, search to see if the vape shop has social media channels and if they post and update regularly. Great vape shops will have a strong social media presence that will help inform customers on new products as well be the experts in the cyber community and answer customer questions.