VPX Las Vegas Show Tour

Vaping360's Raymond Padilla gives you a guided tour of VPX Las Vegas 2016.


Viva VPX Las Vegas

To give you an idea of what a large vape convention is like, I’ve put together a guided tour of VPX Las Vegas 2016. There was lots to see and do at the show, and I wish you could’ve been there with me. Since you couldn’t here’s a fun walkthrough of VPX Las Vegas 2016.

Vaping Hardware, E-Liquids, and…Burlesque?

Shy Kane at VPX Las Vegas 2016
Shy Kane at VPX Las Vegas 2016

I bumped into a lot of old friends and made some new ones at VPX Las Vegas 2016. Here are some of the companies and people in the show tour.

  • Pegasus Vapor Academy: The company offers batteries with honest power and capacity specs, unlike most of its competitors.
  • iJoy & Limitless: Two of my favorite companies showed off their latest and greatest, including their collaboration — the Limitless RDTA.
  • Uwell: In addition to showing off its great atomizers, Uwell had Hotwires giving free builds to attendees that picked up a Rafale X RDA.
  • Gumi Vapor: I’m not big on candy vapes at all, but Gumi Vapor’s Dew Bear was delicious.
  • Popcorn Man Liquids: This company had a brilliant flavor called Strawberry Drizzle. It has a rich, buttery popcorn flavor topped off by strawberry. I was impressed by how the company pulled off the buttery note without diacetylor acetyl propionyl.
  • The Jester: I’ve been admiring this man’s vaping pipes for years, first at Mythical Fabrications and more recently at Harlequinn Wood Works. He gives an update on his projects…and hits me over the head with a giant hammer.
  • Steve Mac: The co-owner of VPX and ECC, he spoke about what makes his shows different from the competition’s.
  • Kylee Vapes: One of the most popular vaping tricksters on Instagram, Kylee was nice enough to give us a few tricks on camera.
  • Vape Breakfast Classics: This e-liquid company specializes in large bottles of e-liquid with great secondary packaging. Boxes of Vape Breakfast Classics comes with unicorn bottles, stickers, pins, buttons, keychains, and other goodies.
  • Vaping Jezus: This guy shows up at several vape shows dressed as Jesus. Personally, I think he should always have Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” blasting in the background. Reach out and touch faith.
  • VPX Main Stage: At the very back of the hall was the main stage of VPX Las Vegas 2016. It hosted advocacy speakers, the cloud competition, the trick contest, and more. You can see some of the contest competitors in action. One of the tricksters even did a twisty-flippy thing that I’ve never seen done at a contest.
  • Blue Label Elixir: The company had a tasty chocolate milk e-liquid called Starstruck in its Vape Style line.
  • Guerilla Straps: The company launched the latest version of its holster accessory, as well as a sweet purple color.
  • VPark: The guys and gals that work at VPark are so much fun. I always make a point to visit Adrian and Kristin when they’re at a vape show.
  • TVL: This San Diego, CA company offers some hard-hitting mods and knows how to work the crowd at vape conventions. You can see owner Marlow Younan on a megaphone, getting the crowd excited for freebies.
  • Guo Vape: David Guo was there showing the latest version of the Altus T1 coil-less atomizer. It should be ready for full production soon!
  • VPX Modders Gallery: The center of the show was reserved for a bunch of high-end mods. There was some beautiful pieces on display from Top Hat Mods, Apocalypse Mods, Psyclone Mods, and more.
  • Trinity Glass Tanks: Known for its beautiful and functional pyrex glass vaping accessories, Trinity Glass Tanks had all-new, all-different products on display — a competition-level mechanical-mod and a hybrid atomizer.
  • Off the Record Liquids: Another one of my favorite SoCal e-liquid companies, Off the Record’s Kookie Monstah has been one of my recent all-day vapes.
  • Lost Art Liquids: I’ve known the owners of this company for years and it has been a pleasure watching them grow from a modest e-liquid maker to a hugely successful one.
  • Shy Kane: It was excellent seeing Shy (pictured at the top of this section) at the Five Star Liquids booth. She’s a delightful young woman that does a lot work for numerous vape companies.
  • Cloud Chasers Inc.: CCI is a popular destination at any vape show. I have an interview with the owner on the company’s new BFDFT tank coming soon.
  • Lotus Vaping: A lot of people visited Lotus to see the Jelly Slide, but the company also had a new RDA called the Leviathan. The Leviathan units literally got off an airplane from China and made their US debut at VPX.
  • Election E-Liquid: This company is having fun with the US presidential race by offering flavors with each candidates name. Stay tuned for a full interview on this interesting social vape and political experiment.
  • Dvtch Vapers: This company was kind enough to have a burlesque show at its booth…and also a model that kissed me.

More VPX Las Vegas Coverage Coming

Vaping Jezus
Vaping Jezus Approves Vaping360's VPX Coverage

The show tour took a lot of work to put together, but it was a lot of fun to do. Hopefully it gave you guys and dolls an idea of the things you could see and do at VPX Las Vegas 2016. Vaping360 already has a bunch of interviews from the show post, with lots more on the way. Stay tuned for more VPX Las Vegas 2016 show coverage.

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