What is e-liquid (vape juice)?

What are the best vape juices and e-liquids on the market?

We have summarized some of the best e-juices on the vaping market across several categories. If you are a beginner or even experienced vaper, then check out some of the tasty e-juice brands and vendors below. Our selected e-juice vendors should meet everyone’s budget and needs when it comes to the perfect vape. You will find yourself some fantastic all-day-vape (ADV) flavors below. Please note this is completely based on our personal opinion from the e-juices we have tried personally. I am sure plenty will disagree, but this is just our personal list and aimed more towards beginners!

We also have some great custom e-juice coupons on the e-liquids below, so be sure to use those to save yourself some money on your vape juice purchases.

We never recommend any e-juice we haven't personally vaped!

If you are new to vaping and are unsure what e-juice to try and what a PG/VG ratios you should use, then check out our great beginners articles and guides. You can’t go wrong with the e-liquids below, if you are unsure. If you have any other questions about the vape juices listed below or anything to do with e-liquid, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

The e-juice brands and vendors below are all ones that we have personally reviewed and tested. We do not recommend any e-juices that we haven’t personally tried. They are all very high quality e-liquids made in clean room facilities. We think it is crucial when vaping that you find high quality e-juices that can be trusted.

Best e-liquids and vape juice

  • Complete replication of their previous PG flavors
  • Delicious new dessert flavors
  • Cool new logos
  • The option to buy a 1.5 mg/mL nic strength as well as many others
  • Test results provided
  • Great reward system that helps you save money
  • Cons
  • Price
  • Not all the PG flavors are in the VG line
  • There really hasn’t been much time in the history of vaping when Halo was not considered a huge brand. Though they have updated their look, and added new flavors (and even retired some), Halo is still here. They remain as a top notch, professional e-juice company with great customer service and a host of quality e-juice flavors.The Halo V-Type flavors carry on in the same tradition as the Halo PG flavors, but the V Type flavors have much more practical applications in 2016. And, by adding this amazing line of high VG ejuice to their menu, all those people that like to avoid a lot of PG can try Halo . . . or even go back and try them again.There are currently 14 flavors in the V Type line and they come in 30 mL and 10 mL bottles. The nicotine percentages are 0, 1.5, 3, 6, and 12 mg/mL.

  • No diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein or acetoin
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, dyes or chemical additives
  • Naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves
  • First lab certified N.E.T vapor liquid and USP grade kosher ingredients
  • No “gunk factor” meaning e-liquids are coil friendly
  • Great tasting tobacco e-liquids (even for those who don’t enjoy tobacco flavors!)
  • Free shipping (1-3 day delivery)
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Cons
  • Pricey
  • The Black Note line of N.E.T e-liquids is one of the best-tasting tobacco e-liquid lines on the market. Black Note naturally extracts their tobacco flavor from real tobacco leaves. This extensive extraction process ensures you get the best tasting and cleanest tobacco e-juice around. Black Note e-liquids do not add any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes or chemical additives making it one of the most natural e-liquids on the market.

    Given the lack of additives in Black Note vape juices there is no “gunk factor” making it far more coil friendly compared to other e-liquids. Black Note is so confident in their e-liquids that they are the only brand to offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all orders. They also offer free 1-3 day delivery within the United States. Even if you aren’t a tobacco fan, you will still enjoy these world class natural e-liquids. This line is for the connoisseurs looking for a clean and natural vape coupled with outstanding flavor. These liquids are also the perfect choice for smokers looking to switch to vaping.

  • Tasty new flavors
  • High quality manufacturing standards
  • Great cloud production
  • 1.5mg Nicotine option available
  • Collaborations with Cosmic Fog
  • Custom flavor blending for high VG
  • Cons

    The new Vaporfi high VG e-juice lines are well worth trying. Vaporfi has also introduced a 1.5 mg nicotine level, which is ideal for subohm or RDA vaping. Vaporfi has also teamed with Cosmic Fog to create some interesting new ejuice flavors. Caramel Swirl, Dutch Apple Pie, Slushie and Catch Ya Latte are all outstanding new high VG flavors. If you want to create your own mix of flavors with high VG base, you can also do so and mix up to 3 different flavors. If you are looking for some new high VG e-liquid check out the Vaporfi site now.

  • Variety of flavors
  • Kind to your coils/wicks
  • Well crafted juice
  • Attractive branding
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Not overly sweet
  • Cons
  • Only available in 70/30 VG/PG ratio
  • Every now and then we come across find an e-liquid company that keeps it 100. Naked, despite their silly name, falls into this category. Their branding is subtle and clean, which represents what the juice is all about. Simple, desirable flavors that won’t turn your coils into a gunky mess.

    All of Naked 100’s e-liquid is either clear or very light in color. They aren’t loaded with artificial sweeteners like many others. Naked 100 offers some great natural-tasting exotic fruit flavors, to candy, tobacco and menthol. Once you try ’em, you’ll understand why Naked 100 is on this list.

  • Complex flavors
  • Wide variety of fruit/desserts
  • Elegant packaging
  • Good reputation
  • Variety of branding
  • Cons
  • No menthol flavors available
  • Charlie’s Chalkdust has established somewhat of a cult following in the vape game already. Best known for their classic black and white bottles, Charlie’s Chalkdust screams elegance. The juice lives up to its name with flavors rich in sophistication, without being overly pretentious.

    Whether you’re looking for a nice sour apple candy flavor, or a rich vanilla cream, Charlie’s your man. Their White Label line focuses on sweet candy flavors, while their Black Label caters to the dessert lovers. They also have a variety of other tangy, sweet and decadent savory flavors such as their latest Mr. Merengue line, and their exotic, tropical Pacha Mama fruit collection.

  • Addictive flavor profiles
  • Attractive pink bottles
  • Made in an ISO-8 laboratory
  • Reasonably priced
  • Recommended for sugar lovers
  • Cons
  • Only three flavors available currently
  • If you’ve been looking a vape juice that will take you back, then try Vape Pink. Each flavor is carefully designed to satisfy that vapor with a sweet tooth. It might even conjure up childhood memories of when you ate some raw cookie dough when you thought nobody was looking. Cookie butter is a truly special blend that once you try, you’ll be hooked. It’s really that good.

    They currently have three varieties available. An oatmeal cookie dipped in milk, a take on that popular chewy pink candy and last but not least, a whipped rainbow sherbert delight. The bottles are fun and attractive, and the juice keeps up that energy. If you like sweet, think pink!

  • Well-balanced and crafted
  • Not too sweet
  • Good variety (tropical , dessert , tobacco)
  • Attractive branding
  • Original flavors
  • Cons
  • No menthol flavors
  • Dinner Lady has made a name for themselves quickly in the last year. They made a big splash with their initial lineup. All of their flavors paid homage to popular English desserts, such as rice pudding with jam and cornflake tart. Expertly crafted to perfection by the Dinner Lady herself.

    Their flavors are well-balanced and decadent, but without being too sweet. Other flavors include lemon tart and strawberry custard. If you are into dessert flavors, but tired of everything that’s out there, give this stuff a try. Dinner Lady now has a line of tobacco and tropical flavors too!

    Each flavor comes in a 70/30 VG/PG Ratio

  • Handmade in small batches
  • Expertly crafted
  • Gourmet status
  • Variety of original flavors
  • Available in Cync pods
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • Five Pawns is another well-established brand within the vaping industry. Their juices are sophisticated for the vaper with a refined palate. Each liquid is handmade in small batches. Their goal is to provide a different flavor to satisfy all five types of tastes, hence the name.

    Flavors such as Castle Long incorporates notes of Kentucky bourbon while Bowden’s Mate takes peppermint, chocolate and vanilla to provide a refreshing dinner mint experience. These are the type of mature flavors that you can come to expect from a company like Five Pawns.

    Save 15%
  • Well crafted flavors
  • Good quality
  • Max VG
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a giftbox
  • Attractive packaging (without being child appealing)
  • Cons
  • Flavors cannot be swapped
  • Only five to choose from
  • Only available in 0 / 3 / 6 mg nicotine
  • Fa-Q e-liquid comes straight from the heart of California, their name stands for flavor and quality. That is what you get when you vape their juice. It’s all about the flavor, but not without the quality. From tropical to savory, Fa-Q has a little bit of something for every vaper.

    Now they have reformulated their juice to be max VG, so you cloud chasers can enjoy the fun.

    Starting with Guava Blast, which is an unparalleled combination of sweet guava complimented by lemon grass, than you have Funky Monkey, a banana strawberry treat with a touch of kiwi. Next there’s Miss Samoa, one of their hottest sellers, a decadent girl scout cookie. Coney Apple is a caramelized apple straight outta Coney Island and last but not least there’s Green Party which is a succulent blend of apple and kiwi. Fa-Q has the flavor and quality that vapers crave.

    Best cheap e-liquids

  • Nice variety of flavors
  • Frequent special deals
  • Fairly priced
  • Laboratory made
  • Attractive branding
  • Cons
  • Only available in 80/20 VG/PG
  • The Sauce LA, much like Humble Vape Co. lands somewhere between premium and budget juice. The packaging is clean and attractive, despite that it comes in plastic bottles. The e-liquid is made in a sterile and safe environment, so you get quality juice at a much lower price.

    Their pricing is extremely reasonable, especially if you take advantage of their frequent BOGO deals. The Sauce LA covers every corner of the spectrum, from bubblegum to cappuccino. Open Road is a gooey caramel-covered rice krispie treat that will have you lost in the sauce.

  • Incredibly affordable e-liquids
  • Huge variety of flavors
  • Big bottles available
  • Differing ratios and nicotine strengths
  • Strong customer service and loyal fan base
  • Bonus e-juice on orders over $15
  • Free shipping over $30
  • Cons
  • E-liquids require steeping time
  • Vape Wild are probably one of the biggest affordable online e-liquid shops around. They have a massive social following and loyal fan base of customers coming back time and time again. Vape Wild have a huge selection of flavors, PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels. 480 mL of their standard e-liquid line costs a very reasonable $59.99 (that’s pretty darn cheap!). Vape Wild also include a bonus e-juice on orders over $15 and if that wasn’t enough you also get free shipping on orders over $30!

  • Wide range of flavors
  • Competitively priced
  • Well-crafted flavors
  • Frequent special offers
  • Good quality
  • Free shipping
  • Cons
  • Only one VG/PG option
  • Humble Juice Co.’s main objective is to provide the absolute best-tasting juice. Their prices are good, but don’t get it twisted, this isn’t just budget juice. Their e-liquid is made in Los Angeles, California by the utmost standards of quality. The bottles have a clean, fresh and attractive look.

    With over twenty varieties, you are bound to find something you desire. Everything from tobacco to dessert to tropical fruit blends. With such reasonable pricing, you’ll save money without sacrificing the premium flavor. Don’t miss out on their BOGO offers! Sit down. Be humble.

    Each flavor comes in a 80/20 VG/PG ratio

    Best natural/organic e-liquid

  • Exotic and tasty
  • Wildcrafted botanical extracts
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Organic ingredients
  • Amazing customer service
  • Test results provided
  • Completely PG free
  • Cons
  • Price
  • Kindjuice is an ejuice company for those vapers that always read labels and really care about ingredients, those with an adventurous palate (though Kindjuice doesn’t only sell exotic flavors), and especially for those creative types. Everything about Kindjuice seems to reach out to the picky, persnickety and finicky. If you’ve got high standards, Kindjuice can match you. If you just want to taste something special, Kindjuice has that too. Their juices are available in a range of sizes and nic strengths.

    Best e-liquid subscription boxes

    Save 10%
  • Features top name e-liquid brands
  • Enthusiast box also contains vaping hardware
  • Two e-juice boxes to choose from
  • Pretty accurate flavor profile
  • Choice of 4 different PG/VG ratios
  • Easy to sign up and select your flavor palate and box
  • Easy to cancel subscription
  • Deliver internationally
  • Cons
  • Slightly pricier than some other e-juice subscriptions
  • Vapebox is a US based e-liquid and hardware subscription service. You can choose between either e-liquid only subscription boxes or the popular enthusiast box which contains a mix of both hardware and e-liquid. 80% of Vapebox customers are subscribed to the enthusiast box. We have been receiving the enthusiast box and have been very impressed by the e-liquid brands and hardware we have received. Shipping costs $4 for the sampler pack, $5 for the juice lovers and $6 for the enthusiast box. Shipping outside of the U.S. is more expensive. Vapebox makes discovering new e-liquids and hardware an easy and enjoyable process.

    Vapebox Subscriptions:

    • Sampler: 2-3 bottles $20/mo (45 mL of e-liquid)
    • Juice Lovers: 4-5 bottles $32/mo (75 mL of e-liquid)
    • Enthusiast: 4-5 bottles and 1-2 pieces of hardware and/or accessories $60/mo (75 mL of e-liquid + hardware)
  • Best price per milliliter for e-liquids
  • Choice of 3 different vape juice boxes
  • Choice of 5 different flavor profiles
  • Improved flavor palate system
  • Great community for trading e-liquids you don’t like
  • Great customer service
  • Over 2000 e-juice flavors
  • Deliver internationally
  • Cons
  • Brands sometimes relatively unknown
  • Zamplebox is probably the most well-known and popular e-juice subscription service in the United States. You can choose between Fruit, Dessert, Menthol and Tobacco flavors. Zamplebox also allows you to specifically avoid certain flavors or add particular flavors you really enjoy. You can then choose between 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg nicotine options. Postage costs $3.99 for the silver box, $4.99 for the gold box and $8.99 for the platinum box. Zamplebox also has a large very active community where you can trade e-liquids you do not like. Per milliliter, Zamplebox is the most affordable e-liquid subscription service available on the market. If you are looking to discover new e-liquid flavors and brands at a big discount to market prices then Zamplebox is worth a try.

    Zamplebox Subscription Boxes:

    • Silver: 3 bottles $19.99 (30-50 mL)
    • Gold: 6 bottles $24.99 (60-100 mL)
    • Platinum: 11 bottles $44.99 (120-180 mL)

    E-Liquids and e-juices explained

    What is e-liquid?

    Eliquid — or e-liquid (and, in common slang parlance within the vaping community: juice or e-juice) — is a viscous liquid, somewhat thicker than water, either with or without flavorings and/or liquid nicotine. Eliquid makes the vapor that is inhaled and exhaled.

    E-liquid wets the metal coils in the atomizer, usually by a wicking process. When the coil is heated with an electrical current, the eliquid is flash vaporized, producing vapor. This vapor isn’t precisely the same as the steam produced by heating pure water, in that it doesn’t evaporate/dissipate as quickly. It’s similar to steam, however.

    E-liquid ingredients


    E-liquid is typically composed primarily of either or both of two thicker-than-water liquids: vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or propylene glycol (PG). These two liquids, either alone or mixed together in some ratio, form the base carrier of eliquid, usually comprising at least 80% of the total weight and volume.

    In addition, most e-liquid also contains small amounts of concentrated flavorings similar to the kinds of flavorings used in cooking. E-liquid flavorings can be either natural extracts or artificial, lab-based chemical formulations, and they are typically sold diluted in PG or much less frequently in VG.

    In rare cases, very small amounts of distilled water (for thinning) or alcohol (such as vodka or other spirits for flavoring) are added to an eliquid mix. This is exceedingly rare, however. Most e-liquids contain only VG, PG, and, optionally, flavorings or liquid nicotine.
    All these components can be mixed in any proportion desired.

    PG vs. VG

    pg vs vg vaping

    PG is thinner in viscosity and more neutral in flavor than VG, which is thicker and slightly sweet.

    In the early years of vaping, a common belief within the e-cig community was that PG was better for flavor delivery, while VG was superior for vapor production. The latter assumption is definitely true, but the former is questionable. VG is probably as good an e-juice flavor carrier as PG; it just takes flavors longer to meld and mature in the thicker viscosity of VG.

    With the development of higher-power, sub-ohm vaping, VG has become the base liquid of choice, since it produces thicker clouds of vapor.

    For more information on PG and VG head over to our PG/VG article.

    E-liquid flavorings

    Literally thousands of e-liquid flavors are available. The most popular vaping flavors are fruits and desserts. More exotic blends of every kind are available, however.

    Certain chemicals in some flavorings have been targeted as potentially harmful to inhale, and many flavoring companies are reformulating their flavorings to remove those chemicals. This is still controversial, however, since vaping is too young to have any long-term studies of respiratory health effects. If you want to minimize the risk, vape unflavored e-liquid. The only way to eliminate the risks with complete certainty is to not vape at all.

    For more information of e-juice flavorings head over to our e-liquid flavorings article.

    Liquid nicotine

    Liquid Nicotine, usually lab synthesized, can be added to e-liquids in very small amounts to “brighten” or “sharpen” the taste experience and give what is called “throat hit,” which is a kind of impact on the back of the throat.

    The amount of liquid nicotine used in any e-liquid is chosen by the vaper.

    Over time, vapers tend to reduce the amount of nicotine in their e-liquids. That process can be intentional or natural.

    For more information on vaping nicotine head over to our nicotine article.

    Steeping vape juice

    Freshly mixed eliquid usually tastes different than e-liquid that has had time to mature. In general terms, vapers tend to prefer mature e-liquid to fresh.

    While flavorings may dissolve into solution relatively quickly, just by shaking the bottle for a couple moments, they take time to meld and develop their full flavor. The process is similar to curing, as with wine or spirits stored in casks before bottling. In vaping, this process is called “steeping.”

    Oxygen is reputed to aid the steeping process, so some vapers remove the caps to new bottles of e-liquid, then place them in a darkened cabinet for at least a week, sometimes more. The case can be made, however, the small air space at the top of the bottle is sufficient to promote adequate steeping, without removal of the caps.

    Either way, time is the key. E-liquid has a long shelf life — measured in years, sometimes as much as five or more — and, especially over the first year, older tends to be better. That said, no hard-and-fast rules exist, with the possible exception of this: If a particular e-liquid tastes good fresh, then go ahead and vape it. If it doesn’t taste right, then put it away and try it again after a week or two. If it still doesn’t taste good after a couple of months, pour it onto your compost pile.

    For more information on steeping head over to our steeping e-liquid article.

    Inhaling techniques

    mtl vs dl inhaling graphic

    Two approaches to inhalation predominate in vaping.

    The older approach is called “Mouth-to-Lung” or MTL inhaling. In this method, the vaper presses the mod’s fire button and draws vapor into the mouth first, allowing it to remain there for a second or two while savoring the “mouthfeel” and flavor, then inhaling a second time and taking that vapor mixed with air into the lungs. In MTL vaping, three stages of flavor are experienced: first in the mouth, then in the lungs, then last on the exhale.

    A newer method that has gained widespread popularity is called “Direct Lung” or DL inhaling. When the fire button is pressed to activate vapor production, the vaper inhales directly into the lungs, with no outside air mixed in. This is a much more intense experience that requires very low levels of liquid nicotine.

    Some vapers take a “primer puff” before inhaling. They press the fire button, inhale briefly into the mouth, but expel that vapor. Then, keeping the fire button depressed, they inhale more fully into the lungs. This allows the coil to heat to its maximum temperature, increasing the intensity of the vapor. Other vapers do a “reverse primer puff,” blowing into the atomizer before inhaling. Same reasoning, same result, opposite technique.
    For more information on inhaling techniques head over to our inhaling article.

    What makes a quality e-liquid?

    Put simply, a quality e-liquid is one you like. All other considerations — price, ingredients, reputation, etc. — are secondary in judgement.

    In more general terms, a quality e-liquid will be well-blended, taste good, and produce ample vapor. Light-colored or clear eliquids are held in higher esteem than darker-colored e-liquids, since those tend to gunk up coils quickly.

    Health and safety

    E-liquids are the main source of concern about the health safety or danger of vaping. Human beings are biologically designed to inhale only clean, moderately humid air, so anything else we inhale — from overly dry air through smoke and particulates (such as asbestos fibers) to vapor — raises legitimate concerns about long-term respiratory repercussions.

    The Vaping360 team is a diverse group of experienced vaping contributors. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!


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    2. Is there any of these companies provide “Material Data Safety Sheet” which is what MSDS stands for in order to see if they item can be shipped overseas? any idea about that?

    3. My favorite cheap eliquids are Ejuice Mafia. $15 for 120 ml 75vg/25pg and great flavor tropical strawberry lemonade & banana cream pie are awesome! Check them out ejuicemafia.com

    4. IF buying by JacVapour than buy UKMade aromas they are way better than standard aromas they got. Next step I’m gonna do is DIY from JacVapour heared only good stuff and super easy to mix.

    5. Good day
      I would like to draw attention to one of the most exclusive Liquid manufacturers in Switzerland whom I blindly trust since the beginning of my second career as steamer . This are the Liquids of Vapelounge . This admirable manufactory impresses with their budget and connoisseurs line.
      If you have the opportunity , you should by steaming a ” test tank “.
      With kind regards
      Yves Mathis

    6. as a total beginner and someone who is trying to quit a 40 a day habit, what do you all recommend?

      • Hello smoker you..
        I think we all recommend: get into vaping hahaha.
        First get a starter kit. I’ve recommended to friends the joytech egrip and they all stop smoking immediately.
        As for e-liquid I recommend halo tribecca or prime15 for starters, or any ry4 type (almost all brands have it). That’s it, after that is welcome to vapor world and goodbye stinky ash trays and ungly coughs

          • Cuttwood also has some great E-Juice.. Make sure if you are sub-ohming you get a higher VG blend.. like 70/30.. E-Juice that is heavier on the PG is much thinner and will cause your tank to leak, as well as getting spit-back and your tank literally eating all your juice.

            • Any coil that has a resistance value of under 1.0 ohms is considered “sub ohm” Most times (not all, so be sure to check) those coils also have a more open draw, too….. & only a direct to lung inhale is possible, rather than the (cig like style) mouth to lung inhale many are used to & looking for. Hope that helps. 🙂 Enjoy!

            • Every single thing you said… one thing right after the other, was absolutely incorrect. Please be aware that even if you are sharing info you believe to be true, but maybe weren’t sure… Considering how wrong that info actually is…. you’re only misinforming these new(er) vapers…. (not to mention, prob. confusing them even more) Please… stop. Using coils that are < 1 ohm is considered sub-ohming. Doing such is a direct to lung inhale rather than the mouth to lung/similar draw… 99% of smokers wanting to convert.. would be looking for. E-liquids come in a variety of pg/vg ratios… What that ratio is heavier in, has zero bearing on whether or not a tank leaks, sputters, spits back OR uses more liquid. Those things, are caused 100%, however, by user error. If set up correctly, a new coil is primed & broken in properly…. any tank is filled as it should be without overfilling (being sure to close ANY top fill AFC prior to opening.. in order to maintain internal vacuum pressure that's needed to wick/feed well & hold that liquid INSIDE)…. by design anyway, NO tank out there should ever be gurgling, flooding OR leaking… period! If it does, just a sign to STOP & check stuff out, something went wrong. Properly breaking in that coil, helps avoid any popping/spit-back, too btw…. Any sub-ohm tank using <1 ohm coils, will be vaped at higher wattage, use more power & will, naturally vaporize its contents quicker, that's all. So no matter the contents… a, say… subtank mini will ALWAYS go through your e-liquid quicker than, something like a Nautilus mini or Evod tank. ALL, has ZERO to do with the liquid used OR it's pg/vg ratio, however….. What that ratio is, is all a matter of preference & preference alone. PG is thinner, wicks better & carries flavors better. It also provides some throat hit tho & less vapor production. VG, on the other hand, is thicker & a little sweeter, in nature.. It doesn't wick AS well & doesn't carry flavors as easily as…. but it provides a smoother vaper overall with less TH & increased vapor production. A good starting point is anything that is 60/40 (vg to pg.. is how most are listed these days) or 70vg/30pg… to give ya the best of both Worlds, leaning towards a touch more vapor/thickness…. Luckily, that covers a LOT of what's out there & coming out from companies… keeping in mind that "MaxVG" can mean anything from 51% vg & up…. to the highest amt possible. Many times, they don't say the actual amount, so… just something to be aware of. Unless ya know for sure, Jonathan… please don't…. Well, at least you know now, so it's all good. 🙂 Enjoy! Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm

      • All the listed juices are sub par. U wont get that heaven exhale with this stuff. Just a this tastes good response. My thing to you is to find the correct hardware thats fits you.

      • juice depends on what you are using. a tank or a rda/rta. if your gonna use a tank which all starter kit pretty much do. your gonna want to use a premium juice. the more expensive brands like vaporgate..lost arts..whatever. there are some budget companys you can still use in a tank. i recommend big bottle co. they only have five flavors but they are all very good. $24.95 120 ml free shipping. if you dont have a starter vape kit yet i would recommend a evic vt mini or a cool fire 4 plus 100wtc. get ya some .5 coils and vape at anywhere from 20 to 25 watts. until you get used to vaping and cut your nic lvl down. always remember in sub ohm tanks the nic is like double. so i would say start at 9 nic . i started at 12. but that was too harsh and gave me a headache. went to 9 for about a month. i was ordering from mech sauce. good juice but you have to steep it 2 weeks and its very hard on your coils. i was burning out coils in a week, thats why i say you to buy the more premium e juice to start. vape wild is another great e juice company but again you have to steep it 2 weeks. same with mt baker vapor. iam rather new to vaping still. started in april. was smoking 2 packs a day newport red 100s. for 20 yrs. vaping has saved my life. anyway thats some of the things i have learned about juice and such. i quit smoking using a cool fire 4 plus. with a i sub g tank . hope this helps

      • haha janet, did you understand any of that?? I too am a beginner, I’m getting a kangertech dripbox, still dont know anything about wattage or temps, all i know is i want to blow lots and lots of vapour out of my mouth, thats all, all the subs, ohms and all the rest of it are a complete mystery.
        All I can say is, research, research, research, and eventually u will come upon someone who understands that beginners have NO idea what the lingo is all about, we will get there eventually!!

    7. I would recommend everybody to try The Vapor Chef. The best liquid I’ve ever found, hands down! Just to give a little insight, I’ve been vaping for over 6 years, and I have tried a lot. Any vg/pg ratio you want, and nic levels down as low as 1.5 mg.

      • Not new to the game & definitely in it for the right reasons.. VC knows what they are doing & aren’t just throwing out a ton of flavors to make a sale. That said, while their products are well thought-out & quality made.. complex & for the most part, accurate to their given descriptions… The one ‘thing’, for me anyway…. was how incredibly subtle they are, overall. If ya have to hunt & hunt just trying to pick out a flavor (one you needed to go use the incredible powers of suggestion & influence.. checking their label or website to still try & figure out…) & that’s on a dripper?! Holy hell.. in a tank/stock coils, would be pretty non-existent. & for me, that’s exactly what it was, sadly. Wanted to love ’em & as I said, definitely a quality product, well thought out, etc… WAYYYY too lightly flavored tho, imho…. making all the hard work I’m sure they put into creating them, kind of a waste. Been vaping over 5 yrs & finding good, let alone great… clean/quality, flavorful & accurate e-liquids, phew… has been my only & constant struggle. Wouldn’t even dare count how many bottles I’ve bought now (all online, yeesh!) just trying to find ADV worthy ones. My bank account is cursing me out now…. just for speaking of it. =p Thing is, catch 22… how will I ever find great ones, unless I DO keep ordering more??? My thoughts, exxxxxactly! =) Anyhoooo… enjoy! Live long(ER) &vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm

    8. Have you tried the amazing line of Aspire ejucies at aspirevapeco com. They have amazing tanks now these e-juices are becoming my favorite.

    9. Ok so ive been reading your reviews for a while and never commented yet but i feel the need to now. Ive been vaping for a while now about 3-4 yrs while smoking cigarettes the same time i was going through a pack a day plus sometimes 3 packs a day. I recently moved for the zillionth time and toured my local shops to see what the offered in my area i found my new home. Its Vapor Grande and the e-juice i get from them is amazing the can make any flavor you could dream up no joke. The staff is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I recently got my gf to stop smoking and after two weeks of no cigs she tried one and was appould by it. I now have stopped smoking for over a week and don’t care to look back. Levi is the best i know im a pain in the arse to him on how picky i am i was missing the ocean one day and tested point break (flavor) and it brought me back to my days of surfing.

      I highly recommend trying them out. Like i said any nicotine level and any flavor you can dream up, my gf wanted vics vapor rub and she loves it (don’t ask me its nausiating) i started at a 30 nic and now at a 12 and rdy to step down again.

      Now what to do with all these zippos and collector ashe trays lol.

    10. I would recommend making your own juice as vaping 10-20ml a day (which you will if you sub ohm or drip) will break the bank.

    11. If you have the shop near you, or can get it, the in house juice made by Avail Vapor is amazing. I am currently vaping on their Max VG line and it has some amazing flavors

    12. I found Vaporhq Max VG very good blend of flavors. Shark tooth and tropic frenzy are my favorites.

    13. I have to say, there is some absolute RUBBISH on here. Those Virgin juices are essentially unvapeable! Absolute trash. The NJOY ones are barely any better. Thos are the only 2 brands I’ve tried off here but if the others are as bad as that, then I’ll make sure I avoid all of these. I realise that you guys probably benefit financially from the sales of these but if you want to be taken seriously, it might be worth listing some juices that aren’t absolute dogshit!!

    14. I smoked for 17 years and when I decided to quit I figured id save some money by switching to vaping. I was spending 20-25 dollars every 3-4 days on Premium E-Liquid that I didn’t even like very much. Then I found Poseidon made by Cyclops and it was not only my favorite that I ever tasted, I was only spending 13 bucks a 35ml! So I did end up saving money and now that I found their brand I have a few favorites from them Poseidon, Colossus, Siren and Gryphon. I found out that they are not in every store like most of the big liquid lines but I’m sure if you request them at your shop you can get them in there.

    15. Mech Sauce destroys everyone’s juice and their prices are a fraction of the supposed high end juices. 120ml for $18 bux and the quality is top notch. Read the reviews on their site and others on Reddit. Real people are the ones to listen to, not websites that stand to gain financially.

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