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Dream Smoke E-Liquid

DREAM E-liquid Intro

Introducing DREAM e-liquids, the company formerly known as DreamSmok. [Good move on the name change.] As a company, DREAM e-liquids company is focused on creating quality products for a diverse range of vapers.

What I like off the bat is how each flavor has not only a name, but a corresponding number. Of the eleven flavors that they make, I was sent five to review. Two of them were 50/50 blends, and the others were all 70/30’s.

The bottles retail for $21.99 on their website, which ain’t exactly cheap. However, that is about how much premium juice goes for these days, give or take a dollar or two. The packaging looks on par with its premium price tag, but the real question is how does it taste? Time to find out…

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DREAM E-liquid Gallery

Notable Remarks

All of their flavors are only available in 30 mL bottles which cost $21.99 each. They also have an option where you can auto-ship, similar to a subscription service, which knocks down your price to about twenty bucks a bottle. Each flavor is available in 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strengths.

DREAM also claims their e-liquid to be rigorously tested and 100% free of any type of harmful chemicals such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, formaldehyde, etc. In addition to that, all the flavorings used for these liquids were deemed “GRAS by FEMA” according to their website.

Our Setup

When I heard that I was going to be reviewing another e-liquid line, I busted out my clapton wire for a nice flavor build. Using a standard dual 6-wrap on a 3mm screwdriver on the Mutation X, I am ohming out to around .37. I vaped these liquids at around 50W on the good old Snow Wolf.

They include a recommended wattage range of 8-20W for the 50/50 blended liquids, which I completely ignored. To be honest with you, they vaped just fine at 50W. Anything less probably wouldn’t have delivered the type of heat needed to power up these dual clapton coils.

Our E-liquid Review

Contemporary Tobacco Blend (#1)

Dream Smoke E-Liquid No. 1

Flavor Description

“A satisfying tobacco flavor that is light, flavorful and just a bit sweet.”

Our Thoughts

Ah, tobacco. Our old friend. If you used to smoke cigarettes, then you probably know him too. When I was a child, there was an old man who used to smoke a pipe in the lobby of my building. Nobody ever complained because it didn’t smell like cigarettes. It had this rich, sweet aroma.

#1 by DREAM reminds me of that kind of tobacco, unlike our old friend. DREAM took the essence of sweet tobacco and formulated it specifically for vaping, according to their site. This sounded silly to me, but after vaping it, I get what they mean. It tastes like fine tobacco, not a cigarette.

DREAM #1 has the familiarity of a tobacco e-liquid, which is great for vapers making the switch from smoking. However, it also has a nutty richness to it, reminiscent of toasted almonds, that gives it more of a complex flavor even seasoned vapers such as myself can actually enjoy.

This one was my favorite due to its rich complexity and moderate sweetness. The rest of the flavors were a little bit too sweet for my liking. Even this one was pretty damn sweet, but compared to the others, I can actually enjoy it as an all-day-vape when I’m in a tobacco mood.

Menthol Blast (#3)

Dream Smoke E-Liquid No. 3

Flavor Description

“A well­ balanced wave of minty refreshment.“

Our Thoughts

I am not a big fan of menthol flavors, but I know many of you are, so I made sure to give it a go. #3 by DREAM happened to be a very nice blend of minty flavors, reminiscent of doublemint gum. This e-liquid gave me a strong, cooling sensation in my throat without being excessively sweet. (But still pretty sweet.)

Menthol is the perfect flavor to vape if you are experiencing a cold, flu or sinuses. You can get a similar effect to Vick’s Vapor Rub, excuse the pun. Another great use for this e-liquid would be to add a refreshing minty blast to your favorite juice from the DREAM line, or any line for that matter.

Paramour (#9)

Dream Smoke E-Liquid No. 9

This is the first one we are going to look at from their higher VG line which features a 70/30 ratio. I am going to say right now, I felt like most of DREAM’s liquids were too sweet for my taste. That being said, the 50/50 blends were tolerable but these next three were a bit too much.

Flavor Description

“Ripe, sugary fruits with a light, silky cream taste, and a hint of a nutty tingle”

Our Thoughts

First of all, if that flavor profile doesn’t tickle your funny bone, then there must be something wrong with me. This happened to be my favorite of the three higher VG blends sent to us. That being said, I had the same issue with all three of these liquids. They are just too damn sweet!

You definitely get a blend of sugary fruits on the inhale. On the exhale, you get a creamy taste that reminds me of Cool Whip, making it more than just your average fruity blend. I didn’t notice the “nutty tingle” but it definitely has a richness to it, making it a bit less sweeter than the next two flavors…

French Sunrise (#10)

Dream Smoke E-Liquid No. 10

Flavor Description

“Granulated sugar, red oak maple syrup, rich, fine vanilla, and ‘melt in your mouth’ French toast”

Our Thoughts

Anytime you see sugar as the first flavor listed, you know it’s going to be super sweet. This e-liquid is no exception. It was almost like vaping pure syrup to me. I already know people are going to love this stuff if you love Pancake Man or French Dude, but to me it was just overkill.

DREAM #10 definitely lives up to its description of sugar and maple syrup but I didn’t get that authentic eggy taste I have come to expect from other French Toast vapes. Upon the exhale, all I got was sugar, syrup and more sugar. Unfortunately I was not a big fan of this particular flavor.

If you are the type of guy who orders French Toast at a diner and then proceeds to dump fifteen gallons of maple syrup over them, this might be your new favorite. For those who are overly sensitive to sugar and sweets, I challenge you to enjoy this flavor and find the French Toast in it.

Here is a short clip from The Office of Dwight eating pancakes. Couldn’t find the part where he dumps tons of syrup on it, but still pretty hilarious.

Dulce Dream (#11)

Dream Smoke E-Liquid No. 11

Flavor Description

“Golden honeyed caramel and sugar-roasted hazelnuts is topped with white chocolate and infused with rich, fine vanilla”

Our Thoughts

I probably should just stop complaining about how sweet all these flavors are, as long as it lives up to the flavor description. If you were to combine honeyed caramel (I guess that is caramel made from honey), sugar-roasted nuts, white chocolate and vanilla, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.

In that case, DREAM has achieved a similar level of intensity with this flavor. In addition, this flavor contains that bold, nutty taste reminiscent of their Contemporary Tobacco flavor (#1). I am also tasting those notes of caramel and white chocolate with this build in my little Mutation XS.

I would consider DREAM #11 to be a dessert flavor for people who want a nice little “snack”. It is a fairly smooth and pleasant vape. The complexity of the nuts, white chocolate and vanilla liquid tries to help balance out the overwhelming sweetness, however not enough to my liking.


By now you are probably tired of me talking about how most of these e-liquids were too intense for my taste buds to handle. That was just my experience, but I am the type of person who adds seltzer to my drinks and avoids sugary foods. I’m pretty sure not all of you are about that life.

I only mention this because a juice review is based on personal taste, which can vary greatly from person to person. Just because I didn’t enjoy all of these flavors, doesn’t mean you won’t. I just personally prefer the e-liquids that hit me with just the right balance of sweetness and flavor.

These just didn’t do it for me. I felt as though DREAM went a little bit overboard with the sweetness factor. Despite this, the packaging and the nicotine they use is on point with the Premium label. The only flavor that I could ever see myself ordering is the tobacco one.

If you have a sweet-tooth and are looking for the most extreme sweetness imaginable, then I would highly recommend the DREAM line for you. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more subtle, look elsewhere. Even their tobacco and menthol blends are sweeter than most of the others I have tried.

I would also recommend using these e-liquids with a tank to help mellow out the intensity.

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*Shipping to USA only, coupon expires 15/AUGUST/2016
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