GEO E-Liquid Review

GEO E-Liquid Flavors
GEO E-Liquid Flavors

Geo E-Liquid Intro

In this article we review the Geo e-liquids by Geocigs, a US producer of sustainable e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The GEO e-liquids are a US made e-liquid line using pharmaceutical grade Nicotine.

We were kindly sent 4 different flavors by Geocigs: Mango, Acai Berry, Strawberry and Watermelon all in 12mg Nicotine.

The Geo liquids come in nice squishy 15ml bottles and come in a 40% PG 60% VG ratio. 15ml of e-liquid costs $10.99. The majority of the range comes in a standard 12mg Nicotine option with Tobacco and Menthol containing 18mg of Nicotine.


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About Geocigs

Sustainability & Recycling​

It is nice to see a vaping brand and seller of e-cigarettes put a lot of emphasis on the environment and sustainable living. Geo have created fully recyclable packaging and offer a comprehensive recycling scheme for their products, so kudos to them for doing so!​


Geocigs donate 1% of their sales to eco charities to help better the world we live in. I haven’t seen any other vape brands do this and it is very refreshing to see and perhaps other brands can take note and do the same.​

How to Recycle the Geocigs E-Liquids and E-Cigs​

You can recycle 9 bottles of Geo e-liquid and send them back to Geocigs and you will receive one bottle for free in return.​
If you are using the Geocigs disposable e-cigs, then you keep the original packaging and fill it with used Geo e-cigs and you can then send it back to Geo using the online form. You will receive a pre-paid label to send your Geo e-cigs back and you will receive a coupon for a free Geo disposable e-cig or 50% off a Geo re-chargeable e-cig.

Our Setup

We vaped the e-liquids on the Aspire Triton 1.8ohm coil on our Apollo V-Tube 4. We used a tight draw for mouth to lung vaping.

Our E-Liquid Review


Our Thoughts

Out of the four flavors we tried this was probably our least favorite vape juice. The Strawberry flavor itself was quite artificial and wasn’t as pronounced as we would have liked it to be. On the plus side it was quite sweet which we liked.


Our Thoughts

This was the best e-juice of the four we tried and the flavor was much more pronounced then the Strawberry. Again the flavor was still slightly artificial tasting, but not as much as the Strawberry. The Mango flavor itself was enjoyable and would make a decent mouth to lung all day vape.


Our Thoughts

In the past we have been big fans of Watermelon and it has been one of our favorite pure fruit flavors for mouth to lung vaping. This unfortunately wasn’t the case with the Geo watermelon flavor, which tasted very candy like and had a strong sugary aftertaste to it. This was a shame as we were greatly looking forward to this flavor.

Acai Berry

Our Thoughts

This was our second favorite out of the four flavors we tried and was the least artificial tasting one. You could really taste the yummy Acai Berry flavor and it was not overwhelming at all. This e-liquid much like the Mango could be a nice all day vape and was very enjoyable.


The Geo e-liquids are very well packaged and presented and we really love the emphasis on recycling and sustainability. The bottles are nice and squishy and have a very nice tip for easy pouring and also have a child lock. The branding on the bottles and website was all very well presented and the bottles were clearly labelled with all the ingredients and a use by date. We also enjoyed the Geocigs wrist bands that come with the e-juices.​

However, our general feel from the e-liquids was that the flavors were slightly hit and miss, with some of them being very candy-like and artificial in flavor, especially the Strawberry and Watermelon. This is just our personal taste and some people might really enjoy that candy-like flavor profile. The Mango and Acai Berry were the least artificial tasting and were two enjoyable all day vapes, unlike the other two flavors.

My brother vapes at 12mg nicotine for his all day vape and the 12mg Nicotine option to him seemed quite a bit stronger than his usual all day vapes. He said the nicotine was very strong and more like 18mg and provided a big throat hit despite the e-juice being more VG heavy. I’d like to see some more nicotine options for each individual flavor, as at the moment there is only 12mg or 18mg.

​Overall a very well presented e-juice line with impeccable branding and packaging, but the flavors for us were a bit hit and miss for what we enjoy vaping and are priced at the more premium spectrum of the market.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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