JAC Vapour Series-E Review

JAC Vapour Series-E
JAC Vapour Series-E

JAC Vapour Series-E Intro

JAC Vapour is a UK producer of electronic cigarettes with a great range of e-liquids, cig-a-likes and E-Gos. They ship to the EU, the US and the rest of the world.

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JAC Vapour has a really friendly and helpful customer service and they put a big emphasis on making top quality products.

A big thanks to JAC for sending us their latest product that came out last week – the JAC Vapour Series-E Aero Tank Starter Kit. So today we will be doing an in depth review on the JAC Vapour Series-E and will follow it up later in the week with a Youtube video. We didn’t get the hard case as they didn’t have this available when they sent it to us. It should be available towards the end of November 2014.


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JAC Vapour Series-E Specs and Features

JAC Vapour Series-E Kit Content
JAC Vapour Series-E Kit Content

Contents of the JAC Vapour series-e starter kit include the following:

  • 1 x Series-E Battery (INCLUDED)
  • 1 x Additional Series-E Battery (OPTIONAL)
  • 1 x Aero Tank plus two coils
  • 1 x Short Lead USB Charger
  • 1 x Beauty Ring
  • 1 x Custom SERIES-E Hard Case

As you can see this kit comes with the Aero tank. You can also get the kit with the Pro Tank 3, which costs £5 less. However we would definitely recommend sticking to the Aero tank.

  • Thread/Connector : 510, Ego, evod
  • Kit Batteries: Choice of 1 or 2 Series-E Variable Voltage 1000mAh batteries
  • Kit Cartomisers or Tanks: Advanced stainless steel Aerotank with airflow and 2 coils

Notable Remarks

JAC Vapour Series-E
JAC Vapour Series-E

The first thing that struck our eyes was the sleek looking stainless steel finish on the series-e. It looks great and it’s really small and handy, impressive for a 1000mAh battery. To get an idea of the JAC Vapour series-e’s size, check out the picture below where we have compared it to a mini e-cig and the 510 twist from JAC.

The JAC Vapour series-e starter kit comes with an impressive Kanger aero tank. We really like the tank as it lets you choose your preferred airflow. The airflow affects the resistance of the draw and to some extent the vapour production. This means you can change it to suit your personal preference and create your ideal vaping set up. The tank is also easy to refill, with plenty of space to drip in the e-liquid. The aero tank is slightly on the heavy side which makes the series-e a little bit top heavy. The additional weight does it make it very solid and sturdy, which means it will no doubt survive being thrown around and dropped a few times. The coils are fully interchangeable and the kit comes with 2 coils. We would recommend getting a few extra ones so you don’t run out. Make sure when you replace the coil or refill the tank that it is sitting in tightly otherwise you might get leakages.

*JAC will be bringing out an upgraded coil and wick with some sort of special Japanese material, so we eagerly await those!

The JAC Vapour series-e comes in three different voltages: 3.7V, 4.2V and 4.8V. To change these you need to tap the button three times and a different colour will be shown indicating a different voltage. RED is 3.7, Green 4.2 and White is 4.8V. Even on the lowest voltage setting, the series-e was producing huge clouds of vapour and had a fantastic throat hit. We will do a video review showing the vapor production on the different voltage settings later.

The battery also features some advanced safety features including an automatic cut-off, battery ventilation and 5 click locking. These are nice features as safety is always a key concern when vaping. The battery life is really impressive. We have been vaping the series-e now for the last two days and it is still going. This was with moderate vaping usage, for a heavier vaper I think the battery should last around a full day.

Overall a great kit and well worth its £49.99 price tag. We really loved the JAC Vapour series-e. It is more powerful and more customizable than an ego which makes it perfect for both beginner vapers and heavier vapers a-like. The whole kit is oozing with quality and feels like a really well built product.


  • Adjustable airflow on the Aero tank
  • Variable voltage (3.7V, 4.2V and 4.8V) with the click of the button
  • Strong 1000mAh battery
  • Compact size
  • Elegant, modern and stainless steel design
  • Aero tank can fit 2.5ml of e-liquid in it
  • Great vapour production and throat hit which you can customize to suit your individual preference using the variable voltage and adjustable airflow


JAC Vapour Series-E Size Comparison
JAC Vapour Series-E Size Comparison

There really aren’t any big negatives at all with the series-e as it’s such a well built and well designed vape pen. The flavour, vapour production, battery life and size and weight are all spot on, and it is no wonder it is one of our highest ranking ego electronic cigarettes on our site!

As the series-e is quite powerful and produces lots of vapour, it does use the e-liquid quite quickly. If you are used to a standard ego the Series-e does in comparison use e-liquid quicker, as it produces more vapor and flavour. We went through quarter of a tank in around 30mins of heavy vaping, but this is fairly normal for such a powerful device.

Our only other feedback for JAC, if we are going to be ultra picky, would be about the variable voltage function. The variable voltage is great, but changing it is not as easy as it would be with a twist function at the bottom, or with a LED screen and extra buttons for instance. An LED screen could also give you the ability to show the wattage, which would be a useful feature. I know adding extra buttons and a screen would probably ruin the sleek appearance of the JAC Vapour series-e, so it is easy to see why JAC have stuck to just one button. Not a big deal at all, but maybe something for JAC to think about going forward.

Suggested Additional Purchases

The e-series kit currently comes with one bottle of JAC Vapour 10ml e-liquid but this is only a November launch promotion. After that I think you will need to purchase some e-liquids separately. JAC have a great range of UK made and clear steam e-liquids. You can check out our review on their e-liquids here.

The tank comes with two coils which should last you a couple of weeks of intense vaping. If you are a serious vaper I would recommend buying some additional coils. The coils cost £2.25 each and come in 1.5,1.8 and 2.0 Ohm variations.

I have also heard that many people also purchase extra mouth pieces. We haven’t tried them ourselves, but the rubber ones and flat and round metal tips are meant to be good.


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