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January 9, 2017

The vape scene in Dallas is strong, but in a city so large and diverse, it can be hard to find the very best options to fit your taste when it comes to your specific vaping and e-liquids needs. We’ve put together a short list of some of the top vape shops in and around Dallas so you can find the right vape shop for you.

ECA Vape1

2525 Inwood
Dallas, TX 75235

With their primary location in Dallas within walking distance of the Inwood/Lovefield Train Station, ECA Vape1 is a hidden gem. The shop prides itself on helping smokers quit and calls vape education their number one priority. ECA Vape1 is more than just a simple vape shop; they also have a coffee bar and a big screen TV along with a comfortable lounge area. They host several events throughout the year and feature special guests including “e-liquid industry legends such as Pip from Suicide Bunny, Jason from Jason’s Juice Joint, Three Dukes, and the infamous Nick Green from Doused e-liquid.”

New and experienced vapers alike are talking about ECA Vape1. One customer said, “They were patient with me as I sat there and tried everything for over an hour even after the store closed.” Another vaper was so impressed with the service that she left this glowing review, “When we walked through the door, we were greeted like old friends and were immediately waited on, and there were other customers in the store.” Their individualized attention to each customer sets the shop apart.

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ECA Vape1 - Vape Shops - Dallas

All Vapes

3409 Main St
Ste A
Dallas, TX 75226
Deep Ellum

Located in Deep Ellum, All Vapes is a cool little shop with an incredible selection of house and premium juices. The staff is friendly and attentive and the prices are reasonable. The interior of the shop features unique graffiti art, and the whole place has a nice vibe and friendly feel to it. One customer praised the excellent house juices, saying, “great flavor and the vapor is thick unlike a lot of other house juices.”

Another customer was so pleased that he said, “I won’t be going to another vape store again! All Vapes is the only place I will go.” This shop is right up there with the best of them when it comes to selection, service, and price.

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All Vapes - Vape Shops in Dallas

Flavor Vapor

5706 E Mockingbird Ln
Ste 140
Dallas, TX 75206
Lower Greenville

A cool modern shop in Lower Greenville, Flavor Vapor holds very high quality products. The open floor plan offers plenty of space and the shop is kept neat and clean. The high level of customer service has been noticed by almost all who walk through the doors. One customer even left a review that said, “Everyone that is in the service industry of any sort should bring their team here and get a lesson on customer service.”

The owners also do a great job of educating all customers on the products and on vaping in general. They have a great tasting selection of house juices and one customer said that they even offered him drinks. A visitor to Dallas said they would definitely be visiting the store upon their return to the city. The customer service and the great selection has everyone coming back for more.

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Flavor Vapor - Vape shops in Dallas

Joosie Vapes

2011 N Galloway Ave
Mesquite, TX 75149

With a cool industrial and rustic feel, Joosie Vapes is a decent sized shop with much more than simply juices. They also offer just the hardware you’re looking for and have a nice big tasting bar as well as a coffee shop. Beautiful display cases showcase their wide offerings. Guests have been very pleased with the atmosphere as it features a nice TV, a comfortable leather sectional, and just has a nice overall look. The shop also has custom t-shirts available.

Many vapers who are on the road have stopped by the shop and have been very pleased with the atmosphere, selection, and friendliness of the staff. One customer said, “As a road driver, I come across a lot of expensive places and leave disappointed. Hats off to these fellows. Keep up the good work, I’ll be back.” Another said, “Two thumbs up, I’ll make this a regular stop!”

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Joosie Vapes - Vape shops in Dallas

Green Vapor

3721 Beltline Rd
Addison, TX 75001

Located in Addison, Green Vapor is a great shop with cool ambience. The shop is generally kept darker while the bar and table light up nicely. It certainly stands out in the eyes of many vapers. One said, “I’ve gone to so many vape stores searching for the right place and I finally found it when I came to Green Vapor.” With great selections of house and premium juice, and also a diverse offering of all the hardware you’ll need, the shop is hard to pass up.

Word is getting out that this shop is one of the best near Dallas. “I would definitely recommend this gem of a vape store to anyone,” said one customer. The staff members are more than happy to help if you are struggling with your equipment, and they take time to help you find exactly the flavors you are looking for.

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Green Vapor - Dallas Vape Shops
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