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Aspire Nautilus X
March 26, 20160

Aspire Nautilus X Review

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Dave Kriegel
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Aspire Nautilus X Tank Atomizer

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The Aspire Nautilus X Tank Atomizer is an innovative design from a quality vape manufacturer and takes compact functionality to the next level. This atomizer is small in size but has a unique U cup-shape with custom U-Tech coils to create an optimal vapor and flavor experience that anyone can enjoy. With these specialized coils, air flows down one side of the coil before passing underneath it a...

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Nautilus X Intro

Chances are if you vape, you have heard of the Nautilus. Today I am very excited to be taking a look at the latest version of this tank. Last year, manufacturers were mostly focused on sub ohm tanks but perhaps we might see mouth-to-lung vaping make a comeback in 2016. The Nautilus was awesome, but there were still a few things that could have been improved. One, was the rubber insulator on the bottom of the tank, which was hard to clean. Next, was the airflow which made a whistling noise even on the highest setting. They seemed to have improved on the Mini. Last, was the fact that sometimes it was real hard to get it apart. Did they improve these things in the latest version? We will have to take a look and find out…

Nautilus X Specs and Features

Notable Remarks


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The first thing I noticed was how small it really is. The Nautilus X appears to be shorter than even some RDA’s! With its ultra-low-profile design you only get 2 mL capacity, fortunately meeting TPD requirements for UK vapers. I would love to see a bigger version in the future, but at least it still won’t burn through your liquid like a sub ohm tank will.

Aspire is using a new technology with these coils called U-tech. Essentially the air flows down one side of the coil until it passes though the other side in a U-formation before it reaches the mouthpiece. Each coil head comes out to approximately 1.5 ohms and performs up to 22W.

From the outside, they look very much like the original Nautilus coils except you screw them to the top, instead of the base. One of my favorite things about this tank is that filling it is stupid easy. It is like filling a cup, very much like the Cubis. Since the airflow is coming from two small holes on top, leakage is virtually impossible as long as you don’t ever overfill it.

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Of course the quality and packaging is mint. If you have ever bought an authentic Aspire product then you know exactly what I mean. They are one of my favorite manufacturers because they obviously have a very high standard for quality control. It comes in a tiny box with a spare coil and glass tank. Very minimalistic stylish and unique packaging and although that has nothing to do with the product itself, it speaks volumes about what Aspire is all about. Oh yea, and the bottom o-ring is removable which solves the original Nautilus/Atlantis issue with that rubber insulator that was essentially the browser history of every e-liquid you have ever vaped.

The airflow controller can be a little bit tricky to find. You have to turn the top part of the tank until you start to see tiny holes open up on the mouthpiece. Seeing these holes in low lighting is extremely difficult. I am using it wide open right now and still getting a mouth-to-lung hit that I am happy to say has a little bit more airflow than the Nautilus Mini. I just think after being spoiled with all these subtanks and rda’s, airflow becomes an addiction. Much props to Aspire for achieving the perfect amount of restrictiveness for a mouth-to-lung tank! One thing I do miss from the old Nautilus was how the airflow locked in place, that was great for us OCD vapers!


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I am definitely a direct-lung-inhale type of guy but that being said, this is the perfect little tank for me when I am on the go. I don’t like blowing huge clouds in public all the, time that attracts too much attention, which is something I usually don’t have to time deal with. I put the Nautilus X on my Mini Volt on 20W which was more than enough power for this little badboy. The 1.5 ohm coils should get me almost a full day of battery life on this little mod.

The flavor has been great so far. I think the low-profile design paired with new U-tech coils really lends itself to some bold, intense flavor. The clouds have been good for this type of tank also. Unlike the original Nautilus, this thing is completely cleanable so you don’t have to ever taste your last liquid. I have not had any issues changing flavors so far, so that is a big win!

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I have not had any leakage either, aside from when I overfilled it. I did have a bit of gurgling after filling once, but I think that was just because some juice had leaked into the coil while it was sitting. This subsided shortly and it was smooth sailing from that point on. One more thing worth mentioning is the mouthpiece can start to get a little hot at around 20W with long draws. If you’re taking regular sized puffs at 15W this is a non-issue.

I think the tank just looks awesome. They took a lot of design cues from the Cleito, and a few from the Cubis. I think at this point Aspire knows how to pump out high-quality gear. The Nautilus X is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap.

Last but not least, I tried this tank out with a bunch of 70-80% VG blends and not one dry hit as long as I am at 22W and below. The big wicking holes on the coil heads are probably one of the main reasons behind this.



  • TPD Compliant
  • Sleek Low-Profile Design
  • Handles high-VG liquid
  • Improved airflow
  • Great mouth-to-lung draw
  • Super easy to fill


  • 2mL capacity
  • Drip gets hot when taking big draws at 22W
  • Airflow control hard to find/see


Honestly, this was everything I could have hoped for in a new Nautilus. The cons for it are minor, however I still feel that it is our duty to mention them. The best part about this tank is the fact that it is a mouth-to-lunger with big flavor, something you expect from sub ohm tanks. They took MTL vaping to the next level with this one. I would highly recommend it to people who prefer that style of vape, or just smokers who are looking to purchase their first tank. The legacy of the Nautilus continues with this awesome new device, tell us your Nautilus story…

Aspire Nautilus X Tank Atomizer

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