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Moti Piin Plus: Vape More Before it's Over

Vaping360 Team
October 28, 2020

Product intro and specs

Motivape is back at it again with the Moti Piin Plus high-strength nic salt. Made for MTL vaping, the Moti Piin Plus has a greater liquid capacity and battery life than most other disposables on the market.

The Moti Piin Plus is a beefed-up version of the original Moti Piin, now with 4 mL capacity of nic salt and a 670 mAh battery. With 12 total flavors to choose from in 2% or 5% nic salt, early signs point to this being a great disposable.

But is it the best disposable vape?

Specifications Piin Plus

  • 20 mg and 50 mg
  • MTL
  • 4 mL liquid capacity
  • 670 mAh battery
  • 1.6-ohm resistance
  • Draw-activated (approx. 1000 puffs)
  • Internal 670 mAh non-rechargeable battery
  • 104.5 mm x 12 mm
  • 12 flavors

Size, weight, and feel

The size, weight, and feel of the Moit Piin Plus is more like a vape pen than a mere disposable. It weighs about 32 grams according to our jewelry scale. That’s heavy by disposable standards…but there’s always a tradeoff. What the

Piin Plus may lack in portability, which is not much, is made up for in run time and more puffs. This disposable has at least 2x the battery and liquid capacity of the first Moti Piin disposable. That’s noteworthy!

The Piin Plus feels balanced and made with integrity. Besides making these disposables nice to look at, the various flavors have corresponding color-coded gradations along the exteriors that suggest their taste.

Most of the colors have a rubberized coating. A few have a glossy coating. With a glossy black mouthpiece, they sometimes resemble make-up products. That may or may not matter to you. But they’re disposables after all! Not meant to have and hold forever. Luckily, the mouthpieces are a pleasure to use and their flattened and elongated form make them easy to get a good “pull.”

Getting started

The Moti Piin Plus is ready to be used right out of the pack.

There are 4 LEDs on the bottom of the device in a square formation that glow when you take a draw. They indicate the hit activation and battery status. They’re not annoyingly bright, but you’d be surprised how bright they can get in total darkness. Easy to cover, but definitely noticeable in the dark (in case you’re thinking about stealth vaping).

It’s a draw activated device requiring no button presses. Just take a hit.

How does it hit?

The Moti Piin Plus has an easy-to-activate MTL draw. The device fires quickly with no spitback, and the vapor is comfortably warm. Although it’s an MTL device, it produces a fairly dense volume of vapor.

We received the 2% and 5% salt option for the Piin Plus and find the throat hit satisfying and comfortable. We haven’t had any issues with overly harsh hits, nor dry or burnt hits. Of course, the 5% does hit harder than the 2%. But this is one device where the lower nicotine option doesn’t have much drop off in intensity.

One of the best parts about the draw, besides well saturated hits, is how well it works with the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece on the Moti Piin Plus has an elongated form for taking slow drags that produces a consistent, warm, and assertive hit.

Are the flavors any good?

The flavors are decent when you consider we’re talking about disposables. Most if not all of the flavors have a cooling sensation. Moti has one line of flavors for the Plus called the ice line, but all the flavors are mentholated. Presumably, the “ice” must really mean, most mentholated. It’s misleading at best.

A few of the standouts were grape, peach frost, banana, cola, and, oddly enough, red wine ice. Those were all the most discernible flavors and authentic tasting.

The only flavor we found repelling was the pineapple. Of course, this is just our subjective experience with flavors. But we strongly recommend staying away from the pineapple! As an aside, the Mango tastes rather green which was kind of disappointing.

The Moti Piin Plus still wins though. For quality of the hit and flavor production in almost all the flavors (save for the mango and pineapple).

Pros / Cons

  • Made and designed well
  • Rubberized coating feels good in hand
  • Mouthpiece works well for MTL
  • Various flavors to choose from
  • Good flavor production
  • Lasts at least 2x as long as disposable “bar” vapes
  • Pineapple flavor is bad to our tastes


All in all, the Moti Piin Plus is a very good disposable. The overall battery life and liquid capacity give long running times. We haven’t yet had a battery die out with liquid still inside. We’ve tried other disposables in the past with an increased capacity that didn’t make it nearly as long as these have, and they’re still going.

Anyone that’s ever used disposables knows that puff estimates are hardly going to be accurate. The Piin Plus is stated to have 1000 puffs. Although we can’t officially say if you can get that many, the Piin Plus has already lasted at least twice as long—for battery life and puffs—than virtually every other disposable we’ve tried. Not one dud, bad hit, or premature battery depletion. So if you’re looking for a really good disposable, we recommend you try the Moti Piin Plus.

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